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Two years ago today, on January 16, 2019, Yu Min, known as the”father of hydrogen bombs” in China, passed away…

With Qian Sanqiang and Deng Jiaxian The meritorious scientists such as Cheng Kaijia and others who”cast nuclear shields” for the country are different. He has never studied in a prestigious western school, and has never drunk a drop of”foreign ink”. This “domestic soil expert No. 1”, In the most difficult years of the Republic, it was written on a piece of white paper that the Chinese independently developed the hydrogen bomb at the fastest speed in the world.

Because of him, China has become one of the five countries in the world that have a hydrogen bomb. Because of him, China has the most advanced hydrogen bomb technology in the world.

Genius boyNice son, serving the country in one voiceLove

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In 1926, Yu Min was born Yu

Lutai Town, Ninghe County, Hebei Province (in Tianjin today)

An ordinary family

Parents are small employees

Relying on the meager income, the family can barely survive

In the war years when the people are in turmoil

The people do not live in the war era

The aggressor brutality

Leave a bitter memory of his childhood

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Yu Min took a photo with his parents


Yu Min was almost caught by a car


Rampage Japanese military vehicle crushed

At that moment

Only 12-year-old Yu Min was frightened and angry

I even felt the taste of subjugated national slaves.

From then on, Yu Min has worked harder to study

I hope one day

I can be like Yue Fei

Recover the mountains and rivers!

In 1944, 18-year-old Yu Min lived up to expectations

With excellent grades

I was admitted to the School of Engineering of Peking University

However, Suddenly his father was unemployed

No longer able to provide him for further studies

After hearing this from the parents of classmates

expressed their willingness to support him

Yu Min This is the entrance to Peking University!

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Yu Min (first from left) and his classmates

At Peking University, Yu Min studied eagerly

No travel expenses, and never go home during winter and summer vacations

He ran to the top of Jingshan Mountain

Bringing the textbooks and exercises to study with the wind

In winter, the students played cards and chatted in the dormitory

He put on an old coat and read a book quietly next to him

August 6, 1945

“Reaper” hit the heart of Hiroshima with one arrow

Atom A huge fission ball of fire

It rolls over Hiroshima like a devil

Where it spreads, it is gone!

I have seen it for the first time in the world

This kind of mass destruction can destroy a city in a very short time

The power of sex weapons

Hiroshima, Japan after the atomic bomb was dropped

Yu Min was shocked by nuclear weapons

On the other hand, he felt that his motherland was poor and weak!

In 1946, he decided to take the road of saving the country by science

From the School of Engineering to the Department of Physics of the School of Science

This is the transfer of departments

It paved the way for Yu Min to compete with the nuclear weapons known as the”devil” in the future!

Three years later, Yu Min got the first place in the Physics Department

I was admitted to the Dean of the Peking University College of Science

Zhang Zongsui’s graduate student

Zhang Zongsui is a famous physicist

The first Chinese to start a course at Cambridge University

He is extremely demanding of students

The lecture is used from beginning to end English

The content is even more profound and difficult to understand!

When other students are in awe

Yu Min is looking for extremely difficult subjects and challenges

His super memory

Superior The comprehension and comprehension ability of

has amazed the whole College of Science

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Yu Min (first from left in the back row) and his classmates in the lotus pond of Peking Dali University

In an algebra test

Because the test questions are extremely difficult

The average score of the mathematics department is less than 20 points.

There is a report card


Almost a sensation in the entire Peking University campus:

Yu Min, 100 points!

From then on, Yu Min’s name was on Peking University campus

Always linked with the word”genius”

Even Mr. Zhang Zongsui said with great satisfaction :

“I have been teaching for a lifetimeI have never seen such a good student as Yu Min!”

The atomic bomb Yes,Hydrogen bombs are also fast

In 1950, the Korean War broke out

The United States relied on its nuclear weapons to threaten China

This At that time, Yu Min at Peking University didn’t know that

His fate had begun to change with the war situation and the needs of the country’s development

One day in 1951

Yu Min, who had been a teaching assistant at Peking University for less than a year

was mysteriously brought into New China’s first nuclear science and technology research


Institute of Modern Physics

Receiving Yu Min

is the founder of China’s nuclear science industry

Mr. Peng Huanwu

Two bombs and one star meritorious scientist Peng Huanwu, the founder of China’s nuclear science business

At that time, all Chinese nuclear weapons were concentrated here.

Top talents in the field

Yu Min, together with Deng Jiaxian, Huang Zuqia, Jin Xingnan and other 8 people

joined the nuclear theory group together

During the years

Yu Min not only mastered the essence of international nuclear physics

also wrote many heavyweight papers

These papers

Directly let China’s nuclear research

rise to a whole new level

In 1957, the Nobel Prize winner in Physics

Japanese expert Shinichiro Asanaga visited China


When he learned that Yu Min had never gone abroad

He had never received any guidance from a famous foreign teacher

He could only study it alone

After obtaining such a huge research result

I am surprised that he is China’s “domestic soil expert No. 1”!

At the time when Yu Min was on the road of nuclear theory research

When he made his mark

November 1, 1952

In the world developed by the United States The first hydrogen bomb

exploded on a small island in the Pacific Marshall Islands

Mao Zedong instructed:There must be an atomic bomb,Hydrogen bombs must also be fast.

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In 1961, the Soviet Union tried to explode the hydrogen bomb”Tsar Bomb”

The power is equivalent to 3846 times that of the atomic bomb that the United States dropped in Japan!

Shocked the world for a while and public opinion was in an uproar!

At that time, Sino-Soviet relations broke down

Hanging over China’s head

It was not only US-Soviet hegemonism

and atomic bombs. Two big black clouds with the hydrogen bomb!

One day in the winter of 1961, heavy snow flew.

Yu Min was notified to Qian Sanqiang’s office

Qian Sanqiang was outspoken:

“Research and decision in the hospitalPlease participate in the pre-research of hydrogen bomb theoryWhat do you think? p>

At the age of 34, Yu Min

has been in the field of nuclear theory research in China

Ten years of hard work

Seeing to find something , Achieving achievements

The critical moment

Organization made him change career

The sudden decision

He didn’t expect it

Qian Sanqiang patted Yu Min on the shoulder

He said solemnly:”We must hurry up before France

Develop the hydrogen bomb!”


Yu Min whose brain was short-circuited in an instant

He soon came back to his senses

The country is to entrust the development of hydrogen bomb to itself!

China’s”Yu Min Plan”shocked the world with a loud noise

Although atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs are both nuclear weapons p>

But one belongs to nuclear fission

One belongs to nuclear fusion

They are two different research fields

getUrls?link=d09e7e02c40dee43dc66a694fa100dc8 - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

Yu Min and his wife Sun Yuqin

For the highest interest of the country

In 1951, Yu Min from the study of quantum field theory

turned to study the nucleus;

In 1961, he resolutely Resolutely shift from studying the nucleus

to studying the principle of the hydrogen bomb!

This means that he not only has to

leave the academic field that he has studied for many years

but also needs to stay anonymous

for many years!

I will not sue my parents

I will not sue my wife and children

Starting from accepting this task

Yu Min’s name and his work

Become the country’s top secret together

“Domestic Soil Expert No. 1” has been hidden since then

He like It is generally gone.Never published a paper in public again!

getUrls?link=fe590d1a03e62139b433fe4791b4a165 - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

At that time, the only three countries in the world were Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union.

Successfully developed hydrogen bombs

Truman and Eisenhower both stated nakedly:


We must not let China engage in a hydrogen bomb!

Yu Min said:Whether it is tolerable or unbearable

Everything I learned in the past can be thrown away

We must go all out to develop a hydrogen bomb!

Development of hydrogen bomb

China is completely

Starting from a blank sheet of paper

Yu Minhe and the researchers only Knowing the equivalent of the hydrogen bomb

is dozens of times or hundreds of times larger than the atomic bomb

As for how to make a hydrogen bomb

What is the core issue?

No one can tell

Even Peng Huanwu said:

Yu Min’s work is entirely on her ownHe has no teacher!

October 16, 1964

my country’s first atomic bomb exploded successfully

Zhou Enlai deployed immediately:

Definitely Explosion test of hydrogen bomb device before 1968!

Time is tight

Hydrogen bomb research has not yet made a key breakthrough

Yu Minhe team researchers

Almost always immersed in

In the calculation of piles of data

It was not until 1965

The hydrogen bomb development plan finally had some eyebrows

In order to verify whether the plan works It works

Yu Min led dozens of researchers

rushed to Shanghai for the”Hundred Days Battle”

Shanghai has the only computer in China that can perform 50,000 operations


However, 95%of the time must be guaranteed.

The calculation of the atomic bomb design

Yu Min and his team

%Of computing time

Even the abacus, slide rule

These primitive tools are used

Yu Min buried himself in

In tens of thousands of calculation papers and calculation paper tapes

From a large number of dense,

disorganized data

He has extraordinary physical intuition

Gradually figure out the clues and find the key!

Finally formed a set ofFrom hydrogen bomb principle to configurationBasic and complete plan

After making a breakthrough

Yu Min excitedly called Deng Jiaxian in Beijing

a famous”hidden language” call:

Yu:some of us go Had a hunt,

I hit a squirrel.

(Found an effective hydrogen bomb configuration!)

Deng:Did you have a good meal of game?

(Are you sure?)

Yu:No, he can’t be cooked yet,

We have to keep it as a specimen, we have a novel discovery…

(Basically sure, but further research is needed!)

Deng:OK, I will rush to you immediately.

It took less than five years.

Yu Min from a hydrogen bomb completely ignorant

“Domestic soil expert No. 1”

Relying on independence.

Break through the nuclear power’s blockade of hydrogen bomb theory and technology

Use the sensational “Yu Min Plan”


Developing a hydrogen bomb for China

Opened a door

A breakthrough in the principle of the hydrogen bomb

Everyone is high-spirited

Want to build a hydrogen bomb immediately


The principle of the hydrogen bomb still needs to be verified by nuclear tests

The nuclear test site is far in the northwest.

The living conditions are quite difficult

I eat steamed buns mixed with sand

Drink bitter alkali water

Flying sand in the vast Gobi

The wind is like a knife.

The temperature in winter is minus 30℃

The road is frozen like a washboard…

The bitterness of life can be overcome

The bitterness that keeps pressing on people’s hearts all the time

is the most unspeakable!

At a discussion meeting before the nuclear test

Pressure and tension filled the room

At this time, I only heard——

“On the day the minister was ordered, he could not sleep well at the table, and he couldn’t eat anything…The minister did his best and died…”

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Yu Min and Chen Nengkuan The scientist suddenly

You will recite Zhuge Liang’s”List of Masters” to the end

At that moment, everyone in the room

I was moved to tears…

At that time, France was also rushing to develop a hydrogen bomb

Yu Min kept suffocating in his heart:

If China can catch up In front of France

If you break through the hydrogen bomb

not only grow the ambition of the Chinese people

but also make China in the world Straighten up!

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June 17, 1967

A fighter plane dropped a parachute over Lop Nur, Xinjiang

The hydrogen bomb test officially began

With thunderous noises

Two suns rose at the same time over the desert

Mushroom clouds rose from the ground

China’s first hydrogen bomb

Successful air-drop explosion test

getUrls?link=f56371f20decdfbee9426754ca8b68ec - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

“Shockwave handle is nearly three kilometers away from the burst center projection point

It is nearly three kilometers and weighs about 54 A ton of train

18 meters blown out

The semi-underground warehouse nearly four kilometers away was removed half of it

The brick house at fourteen kilometers away was blown away ……”

On the same day, Xinhua News Agency released to the world

The Press Bulletin solemnly declared:

“Today, China’s number one The hydrogen bombexploded successfully over the western region of China!”

getUrls?link=27b3bad9223dd53a29682257d1fef768 - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

Yu Min said:The original design was about one million tons

The actual explosive equivalent is 3.3 million tons.

What shocks the world is that

The hydrogen bomb designed by”Yu Min Program”is more suitable Actual combat

China’s hydrogen bomb has been close since its birthIt even completed miniaturized applications

The American military says:

This guy can be worth ten armies!

getUrls?link=63077ad24ac792e590cd0fdd74fec20f - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

China’s first hydrogen bomb

From the first atomic bomb to the hydrogen bomb

It took the United States seven years and three months

The Soviet Union took six years and three months

The United Kingdom took four years and seven months

France took eight years and six months

and China only It took two years and eight months.

China was ahead of France

becoming the fourth country in the world to have a hydrogen bomb!

China’s hydrogen bomb was born from scratchIt is completely independent productIt is the most authentic Chinese made!

Shocking careerSilent life

Yu Min at Pingdong Proving Ground

In Mianyang, Sichuan

There is a mysterious forbidden area passed down by word of mouth

The local people said:

This is the place where China’s nuclear weapons are developed!

After the successful hydrogen bomb test

In 1969, Yu Min led the team

to the deep mountains of Mianyang

started nuclear weapons research New journey for China

There are already atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs.

Why continue to develop nuclear weapons incognito?

Yu Lao said:

Our weapons are underground and they are fixed

Look at you from other satellites I know the location.Nuclear weapons have entered a new stage

If deterrence is lost

We are about to face nuclear blackmail again

The”Father of China’s Hydrogen Bomb” has not stopped his footsteps

In order to develop second-generation nuclear weapons

Yu Minshen Tibet Dashan

Day and night scientific research

In addition to the damage of radioactive materials in the experiment

His body is becoming weaker and weaker

I passed the god of death three times.

In early 1969, during the first underground nuclear test

and the large-scale air-burst thermal test

You have to lift your legs to go up slowly

Colleagues advised him to rest

He insisted on going to the small hill to observe the fireball

Due to overwork and exhaustion


At the work site

Yu Min was almost in shock

getUrls?link=e9247796a192ce5dc2740dfeeb8b88af - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

In the late 1980s, I was discussing work beside the Shanghai Shenguang installation

All in extreme fatigue

Late night in October 1971

Yu Min once again suffered shock from overwork

The doctor rescued the crisis and turned to peace

In 1973, Yu Min began to have blood in his stool on the train returning to Beijing.

When he was sent to the hospital, he had another shock…

Yu Min, the Chinese physic genius

I almost killed my own life to build a nuclear shield for the country!

Especially in the development of second-generation nuclear weapons

He has not only made breakthroughs in key technologies time and time again

More keenly aware of the development of nuclear weapons

To a certain extent

The United States and the Soviet Union will definitely take measures

Restrict other countries from conducting nuclear tests

China must accelerate nuclear tests p>

In 1986, in a general ward of 301 Hospital

You can always see Yu Min visiting patients

His old friend Deng Jiaxian

I was exposed to radiation during an experimental mission

It has entered the advanced stage of rectal cancer

In addition to visiting the disease

Yu Min and Deng Jia first talk about more


It is still China’s nuclear test development

He asked Deng Jiaxian:”Are we at the end?”

Deng Jiaxian is also very worried

but two Everyone is aware of China’s nuclear test.

We must never”do nothing for Shan Jiuren!”

At that time, Deng Jiaxian had entered the countdown to his life.

He was determined to be bleeding from his body. The ground said to Min:

We are now on the book center!

During the final deadline of Deng Jiaxian’s life

He and Yu Min wrote together carefully

“Proposal on the Development of China’s Nuclear Weapons”

It is recommended that before the world completes a ban on nuclear testing

Accelerate the pace of China’s nuclear testing

July 29, 1986

After Deng Jiaxian’s death


Yu Min is like a day for ten years

The last plan of the two people’s cooperation

Step by step into reality

90 in the last century Shi Yumin in the office

July 29, 1996

On the 10th anniversary of Deng Jiaxian’s death

China solemnly announces to the world:China suspends nuclear tests from July 30, 1996

September 10, 1996

The UN General Assembly passed by an overwhelming majority.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

It is precisely because of the strategic vision of Deng Jiaxian and Yu Min

Years of precious nuclear test time

Allow China to catch up with the world’s total ban on nuclear testing

reach the laboratory simulation level

getUrls?link=7333a69743e586199c70baca7643c1c2 - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

September 18, 1999 Day

Yu Min received the”Two Bombs and One Star” in the Great Hall of the People

Memorial Scientist Medal

There, he replaced his old friend Deng Jiaxian

Witness the whole process of awarding the”Two Bombs and One Star” by the central leadership

It is also on this day

Yu Min, Cheng Kaijia, Wang Ganchang and other meritorious scientistsHid the identity of 30 years before the real decryption!

15 years later, 89-year-old Yu Min

Won the 2014 National Highest Technology Award

Yu Min in a wheelchair


Hua hair is sparse, slightly humpback

His face is humble and kind

Reviewing his own scientific research process

Yu Min said calmly:

Everything is for national needs!

Dancing with”nuclear” for nearly half a century

Yu Min has his own opinion:

I believe in my heart that nuclear weapons are the best Completely prohibited

However, we cannot be without nuclear weapons

The Chinese nation does not bully othersBut we must never be bullied by others!

getUrls?link=4c6e45cf5ebe50052bbe5bf37400ac2c - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

A word of exhortation made a loud noise in a lifetime

I was surprised by a name in the world

Cleared people’s hearts

Yu Min,From high-spirited to gray-haired

A top secret 30-year name

A legend of forging a nuclear defense and a shield

Willingly serve the country for a lifetimeThe national backbone to escort the people!

“I am willing to devote my life to grand plans!”

Yu Min, fulfilled his promise to the motherland!

getUrls?link=cea2c1e54a7a47a7640bfaf23b129c97 - His name was once top secret. Today, let’s cherish the memory of this"domestic soil expert No. 1".

Editor:Shen Qiusha