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10%ultra-low occupancy rate

As an Android fan (can’t afford to buy Apple Smile) and a supporter of domestic mobile phones (qiong), my pursuit of extreme simplification made me tune miui12. (Because I don’t streamline it, I’ll give it to Ollie) ^O ^

This method is suitable for MIUI system, but the effect may be different, but it can make your mobile phone smoother and run more proudly

In fact, it is not difficult to maintain the standby memory which only occupies the terrible 0.3G ultra-low occupancy, as shown below

getUrls?link=e887ec2edfa53ee934bc17fd239ce7e2 - High occupancy rate of Xiaomi mobile phone system? My phone is only 10%

You read that right, but 2.7G is left for us to use, do you feel that Yuanshen can fight?

First, it’s better to delete Mi Family Bucket can be deleted applications. Yes, delete all of them. You can download it again later if necessary.

I re-downloaded Picking Nose, but the built-in version seems to be a bit different from the next one (metaphysics)

Secondly, turn off the push of all system applications And notice, besides increasing advertising revenue, these are nothing to us. Believe me, all of them are useless, and turning off will not affect your experience at all.

Thirdly, it is best not to turn on the bells and whistles, such as super wallpaper, voice wake-up for Xiao Ai and so on. Classmate Xiao Ai, after a long time, I have become more and more mentally retarded. Believe me, these things are really meaningless, and that’s what happened after the freshness passed.

Fourth, set all infrequently used applications to be prohibited in the background, which not only saves power but also improves the system fluency, and the dead person’s pesticides do not have any pressure after 60 frames.^O ^!

All applications are set to prohibit self-starting, and all application notifications except text messages and downloads are turned off.

As the owners of mobile phones, we should master the initiative of mobile phones and be led by the nose (that’s Wangcai). So anyone wants to card my phone? It is absolutely impossible to drop!

The configuration of this broken phone is there, but there is nothing to say about the startup application speed after optimization. Even if WeChat qq is re-opened, it will only take 2-3 seconds, so go to the bells and whistles of TM and let all apps get down.

Only we need to wake up (this is actually imitating the startup mode of the Apple IOS system)

According to the above settings, the old machine hasn’t been on for 11 hours. problem. Play games are not counted. According to the actual test, the dead person had more than 30 electricity left in 6 hours with pesticides.

getUrls?link=1bbe35b94539625dda2cfd48e08b797f - High occupancy rate of Xiaomi mobile phone system? My phone is only 10%

MIUI12 challenges the Android system, so if you refuse to accept it, come and fight

To sum up, this mobile phone is indeed the system leader in the domestic Android camp after more than a month of experience after it was upgraded to MIUI12. Don’t say the full-screen gesture of throwing a whistle. In other words, the application management mechanism represented by flares has been ahead of everyone in the Android camp. Turn off the drag on redundant system components. The stable version of miui12 flies up to six times.
There are Xiaobai who complains about lag, I can only say that the card is not the mobile phone that can update miui12, but your brain.