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After the Party’s Second National Congress, the party established leadersworkers Movement‘s China Labor Union Secretariat. From January 1922 to February 1923, it set off the first climax of the Chinese labor movement. During the 13-month period, more than 100 strikes occurred nationwide, and the number of participants reached more than 300,000. Among them, the Beijing-Han Railway Workers’ strike staged the most spectacular scene.

The Beijing-Han Railway Workers’ strike was the culmination of the first labor movement led by the Communist Party of China. It further demonstrated the strength of the Chinese working class and expanded the party’s influence among the people throughout the country. Although the strike failed, the lives and blood of the workers further awakened the Chinese people and made them more aware of imperialism and feudalismwarlords It is the enemy of the Chinese people and must fight to the end in order to gain true freedom and liberation.

Zhengzhou Erqi Memorial Tower is a memorial building built to commemorate the Beijing-Han Railway workers’ strike. It is a unique antique conjoined twin tower in my country’s architecture and is the youngest national cultural relic in my country. Protect the unit. There are a large number of cultural relics, pictures and text materials of the February 7th strike in the museum. (Text source/Xinhua News Agency editor/Wang Ying design/Yang Kuan)

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