As 618 is approaching, hello, Wei Jianfang, owner of the flagship store on Jinhe Street, Hangzhou, is taking orders for mobile phones 24 hours a day;

Ha Wang Hong, the owner of the Jiqi Road store in Nanan, found that among the users who recently visited the store to buy the new Haro A80 smart electric car, the proportion of young white-collar workers is increasing, and the browsing users of online stores are all over the city;

Hello Zhang Hongli of the Zhengzhou Jingguang Road store was very pleasantly surprised. The marketing tool”Place an order and cut a knife” provided to the store by Hello 618 has been well received by users;


Recently, Haro electric car announced that it will participate in the 618 e-commerce promotion for the first time, linking thousands of stores on the platform to create festivals, and at the same time driving the stores to touch the Internet with pure online marketing activities. , To promote the use of Internet marketing and store operation products in stores to carry out digital transformation.

From the northwest of Xi’an to the southernmost Hainan and the northernmost Harbin, Heilongjiang, the traditional electric car husband and wife stores all over the world are busy with Hello…

Store digitization is beginning to show results

Early June is a hot season for the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry. The first and second-level agents of traditional channels are pushing the stores, and store normality will be high since June.Inventory cycle.

As a representative of the transformation of traditional electric car stores, Hello, Wei Jianfang, the owner of the flagship store on Jinhe Street in Hangzhou, is deeply impressed. It has been operating electric vehicle products for more than ten years. Under the traditional sales model, it sits in stores and waits for customers to come to the door every day. At the same time, under the pressure of upstream channels, it needs to carry out a large amount of stocking, which brings great operating pressure and Storage cost.

“The biggest change that Hello has brought to us is that we have changed from a”businessman” who used to sit at home and wait for customers to come to a”businessman”, achieving low inventory, or even zero inventory sales. We can Relying on Haro’s huge platform traffic import, it is also possible to serve intended users around the store through mobile marketing tools,” said Wei Jianfang.

Hello, foreign investment information shows that reducing customer acquisition transaction costs and terminal digital management systems have become major contents of store upgrades. On the one hand, Haro’s electric vehicle builds its own + external online platform to attract traffic, and reach physical stores through traffic distribution; on the other hand, it provides a terminal digital management backstage for stores to achieve the goal of Invoice, sales and inventory, finance, order and customer service response and other one-stop management to achieve agile sales and reduce store operating pressure.

And the new A80 product of Haro’s electric car recently launched is also very popular among users. Taking the flagship store on Jinhe Street in Hangzhou as an example, there are nearly 20 customers who have a test drive experience every day. Taiwan has become commonplace, and many customers place orders online and pick up their goods offline,” Wei Jianfang said.

We have been cooperating with Haro for almost a year. Wei Jianfang has opened the second new store this year. Since the cooperation last year, the average daily sales of the store has doubled compared to before the cooperation. Compared with the traditional store model, her Income growth is at least 50%.

Speed ​​up the layout of online and offline channels

According to Hello Travel The prospectus shows that as of March 31, Haro electric vehicles have 1,400 franchised stores in 100 cities that exclusively sell Haro electric vehicles

However, industry sources close to Haro’s electric vehicle revealed that Haro maintained a very high rate of store expansion in the second quarter, in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other places low-key Investing and accelerating the expansion of the store network, the cumulative number of Haro electric car stores”has far exceeded 2,000″, only in terms of the number of stores, it has entered the first camp in the industry.

In addition to the layout of offline channels, Reporters searched and found that hello recently Jingdong and Pinduoduo have newly opened branded stores, including the Tmall platform that has been open for a long time, ha The electric car has completed the full coverage of external e-commerce channels.

Compared with external e-commerce channels, the commissioning level is low. The reporter browsed the Haro Travel APP and found that on Haro Electric Vehicles page, more than a dozen SKUs have been launched; according to the consumption characteristics of electric vehicle products that emphasize experience and service , The store adopts the O2O model. After the user chooses to place an order to purchase, the platform will dispatch the order to the store with the nearest geographic location.

Xieqiandian participated in the e-commerce 618 for the first time

According to Haro insiders, before buying an electric car, more than 55%of users will check product details online or in the Haro APP, and then choose the purchase method. This 618 is the first time that thousands of stores on the Haro platform have participated.

In the traditional offline store promotion system, the store’s ability to acquire customers, supply of goods, and services is very limited.”On the other hand, platform-led online e-commerce festivals are easier Striving for attention and traffic, store sales can increase several times or even dozens of times; on the other hand, based on the digital management system, store product supply, online sampling, financial settlement, user orders, and service response can all be achieved. Efficient and convenient completion, with marketing activities and sales growth pulse, it will help make the store management system run more smoothly”, the above-mentioned Haro related person in charge said.

The upcoming 618 e-commerce festival has become a symbol of the new retail industry. Wei Jianfang said frankly that he was envious of those who can participate in e-commerce promotions to buy clothes and daily necessities.”This 618 is also our first time to participate in e-commerce promotional festivals.”

Jinan Jiqi Road store owner Wang Hong said, “We and Hello started preparations a month ago. Hello, through the data, gave us an early analysis and even gave us the sales of the 618 event. It is predicted that the sales on the same day can reach 15 times the usual; we carry out targeted stocking and after-sales service estimates, and prepare manpower in advance to ensure logistics installation.”

The person in charge of the Haro electric car said that the platform establishes data analysis and sales according to the average daily order growth and historical sales of the store.Forecast model, superimposed on marketing activities, June time cycle characteristics and main sales models and other factors, can achieve accurate forecasts of the 618 sales growth of each store,”to guide the store to prepare well , Turning the store into a new digital retail terminal”.

This article is derived from Gelonghui