On the morning of June 23, the mobilization and deployment meeting for the special rectification of outstanding problems in the real estate sector in Hefei was held. Deputy Mayor Ge Bin presided over the meeting.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to resolutely implement the positioning of”housing to live without speculation”, and carry out in-depth special rectification actions for outstanding problems in the real estate field, so as to test the effect of”learning party history and doing practical things” for the benefit of the people.

First, we must conduct a comprehensive investigation. According to the principle of territorial responsibility, we will classify and sort out the real estate-related enterprises and online platforms in the jurisdiction, and focus on the enterprises and commercial housing projects that are highly reflected by the public and widely concerned by the society and deal with them in a timely manner .

Second, it is necessary to implement joint law enforcement, implement departmental linkage, and achieve unified, efficient, and powerful coordination.

Third, we must strictly rectify, and deal with enterprises and individuals involved in the creation of chaos in the real estate market. Those suspected of illegal crimes shall be dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the law. We will resolutely investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations that commit crimes against the wind and refuse to rectify.

It is reported that from June 25 to the end of December, Hefei will carry out a special rectification action on outstanding problems in the real estate sector throughout the city, focusing on rectifying the development and operation of real estate enterprises, real estate intermediary business services, and housing leasing business business services , Outstanding problems in housing-related network communication and other aspects. In the special rectification action, a report box will be set up, the telephone number of the report will be announced, and the 12345 mayor hotline and other complaint and report channels will be unblocked.

Hefei Newspaper All media reporter:Source:Hefei Evening News

Source:Hefei Evening News