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Not long ago, the ocean ranch underwater online monitoring workstation set up by Professor Li Peiliang of the Ocean School of Zhejiang University was included in 9 One of the national workstations of Ocean Ranch Technology Team.”We have set up two observation sites on the artificial reefs of Zhongjieshan Islands in Putuo District of Zhoushan, and the equipment has been installed.”Li Peiliang said that the observation site will carry out real-time online monitoring of water quality and hydrodynamic environment of marine ranches, real-time video monitoring of artificial reef status, and explore and practice the construction of”Internet + marine ranches”.

Deepening cooperation with marine universities and accelerating the entrepreneurship of marine talents and the transformation of marine achievements is one of Zhoushan’s high standards to build a new highland of marine economic talents. In recent years, Zhoushan has seized the characteristics of”sea” and has done a good job of”trade” articles. The talent work has reached a new level, providing strong talent support for the construction of the”important window” island landscape. During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, Zhoushan has introduced a total of 227″high-precision” marine innovative talents, with an average annual growth rate of over 38%.

The Ocean Race will attract the Phoenix. In recent years, Zhoushan has been branded and serialized to create the”Marine Economy” International Young Scholars Forum in Zhejiang Free Trade Zone, the Global Marine Economy Entrepreneurship Competition, and the Featured Industry Talent Summit Forum and other”two sessions and one competition” talent activities, accumulatively introducing more than 70 talent projects . The 4th consecutive Global Marine Economy Entrepreneurship Competition has become one of the largest and most well-known”Marine Economy” theme innovation brands in China. It is an important starting point for Zhoushan to gather entrepreneurial talents in the marine field.

Meticulously build a development platform for talents with marine characteristics. Focusing on marine electronic information, marine biology, green petrochemical and other marine characteristic industries and strategic emerging industries, Zhoushan has established 6″boats create the future” talent enclaves in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo with the”one body and multiple wings” model, with a total area of ​​9,200 square meters. Meters, the first in the province to achieve full coverage of talent enclaves in cities and counties (districts). At present, the talent enclave has settled in more than 60 enterprises and more than 300 talents, including 115 masters and doctors.”In addition to the talent enclave, we also focus on marine characteristic industries such as smart ocean, marine biology, new petrochemical materials, etc., to build high-standard talent entrepreneurship parks, leading talent characteristic industrial parks, engineer collaborative innovation centers and other industry-talent integration platforms to make The multi-talent project came to Zhoushan to be transformed.” said the relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of the Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee.

Focusing on talents”retainable”, Zhoushan also launched a series of service measures:high-quality construction of an international talent community, so that all kinds of talents can move in and live in peace of mind; launch the”Zhoushan Talent Code” and”Service Cloud””Platform”, to realize the”no running errands, yard work” in the life of talents in Zhou; carefully build a”talent home” to provide”one-stop” services for talent consulting, exchanges and networking, conference negotiations, entrepreneurial innovation, etc.”Grasping the unique advantages of the marine industry, we will concentrate resources, strength, and financial resources to build high ground, continue to upgrade the talent policy, and build a high-end marine science and technology talent port.” The relevant person in charge of the Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee Organization Department said.