The pre-emptive version of the”True Happiness” APP created by Gome Retail was officially launched on January 21, marking the start of Gome’s entertainment retail strategy. The”True Happiness” APP will explore the promotion of entertainment retail in terms of platform, scene, content, events, gameplay, etc., release the potential of Gome’s online platform, and at the same time empower offline, activate the development of entertainment retail in stores, and truly enable businesses to”entertain””Sell”, users”Entertainment buy” and”Share music”.

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Nowadays, social and entertainment consumption trends and trends are prominent. Gome is closely following this change, taking advantage of the trend, and innovating itself. Xiang Hailong, executive vice president of Gome Retail Holdings and CEO of Gome Online, said that the core of Gome’s retail entertainment strategy is to achieve entertainment for businesses and platforms Sell ​​+ entertainment for consumers and users to buy and share fun. The focus of Gome’s entertainment strategy is to comprehensively improve and realize Gome’s retail scene experience, vivid content, fun marketing, and social sharing.

It is reported that the first version of”True Happiness” APP has been in trial operation for two weeks before. DAU/GMV have achieved a significant leap. The DAU of the online platform quickly exceeded 10 million, and the GMV of the platform doubled geometrically. On January 23, the”True Happiness” APP will also open the”Happy ZAO Collection” Super New Year Festival. From now on, every January 23 will be Gome Retail’s”True Happy” Super Shopping Festival. Gome will work with manufacturers to provide consumers with happiness Hi buy opportunity.

Wang Wei, CFO of Gome Retail, said that the”True Happiness” APP is an entertaining and socialized new retail species. It is committed to allowing users to enjoy a lot of interesting and affordable interactive gameplay, and ultra-low prices for all categories. Choose good things and fully experience the shopping process full of beauty and joy. Through real selection of low prices, entertaining gameplay and activities, the”True Happiness” APP allows users to enjoy entertainment, buying, and sharing music all the way Happy shoppingExperience. The”True Happiness” APP created the”grab-fight-ZAO” entertainment game combination box that young consumer groups love, and pioneered the full-process live-action video shopping guide service in the industry, enabling users to have fun, buy freely, and experience a one-stop shop Heart-warming service, truly enjoy shopping.