You don’t need to pay, just take out the house as a guarantee, it will not affect the housing, nor will it affect the rental, and you can get a monthly interest on time…This way”lay down and make money” Do you believe it? Because of the pie drawn by these criminals, many consumers have fallen into the scam of”retirement by housing” and”investment for retirement”.

Recently, the Consumer Rights Protection Bureau of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the third issue of risk warnings for 2021 to remind consumers to raise their awareness of risk prevention. Some criminals made false propaganda in the name of investing in pensions, housing pensions, etc. The essence is to illegally absorb social funds and disrupt the financial order. We must stay away from such illegal financial activities and protect our own rights and interests.

“Retirement by house” was originally a new endowment insurance attempt, but it was scammed by criminals under the guise of scams

“They told me that borrowing by house mortgage can get an annual interest rate of 6%Mr. Sun, a retired worker in Beijing, said that in 2018, he signed a financial management project “Stable Loan Bao” with an investment company called Puban Financial Services, which he wanted to earn some income. , I did not expect that interest payments stopped shortly afterwards, and I received a debt collection call from a microfinance company, and at the same time faced the danger of losing the property. Not only Mr. Sun, but after the bombing of Puban Company in 2018, the owners of more than 100 properties were caught in the dilemma of”money and house emptiness”. Some were taken to court by small loan companies and applied for enforcement.

The scam of”Puban Financial Services” is not a case. In February of this year, the Supreme Law issued Elderly ten typical cases of protecting the rights and interests of the”household pension” scam Also among them, this type of scam has become a typical method of defrauding the elderly.

“Retirement with housing” is a new attempt to actively respond to the aging of the population. In 2013, the State Council issued the”Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Elderly Service Industry”, proposing to carry out a pilot project of reverse mortgage pension insurance for the elderly, which is colloquially referred to as”house for the elderly”. The model of”Retirement by Housing” provides a new idea for the elderly who”have real estate under their name but no cash in their hands”.

According to the introduction of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the formal housing pension refers to the reverse mortgage pension insurance for the elderly, namely housing mortgage and lifetime pension.An innovative commercial pension insurance combining annuity insurance. The elderly who have the full legal property rights of the house mortgage the real estate to insurance company, and continue to own the house, use, Income and the right of disposal agreed by the mortgagee (insurance company), and receive pensions in accordance with the agreed conditions until death; after the death of the elderly, the insurance company obtains the right to dispose of the mortgaged property and dispose of Income will be used first to reimburse pension insurance related expenses.

This kind of insurance is still in the pilot phase in my country and is relatively small. Its entry barriers are high, legal relations are complex, and risk factors are numerous. It is very strict on institutional business development and sales management. The”house-based pension” claimed by criminals has nothing to do with the country’s trial-run housing reverse mortgage pension insurance, but it is illegal under the guise of national policyFundraising activities to create momentum and publicity, do not have the corresponding qualifications and capabilities at all.

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission stated that this”mortgage-borrow-financial management” approach to deceive the elderly involves many operating procedures, chaotic participants, and The investment risk is high, which does not meet the risk tolerance of most elderly people. Moreover, the so-called”financial management products” are likely to be false, and the borrowed money eventually reaches the pockets of illegal institutions.

The”investment in pension” scam is actually an illegal fundraising, which targets the weakness of the elderly and has many tricks.

In addition to the”house-based pension” scam, fraudulent pension under the name of”investment in pension” Money is also a typical method of criminals. This method generally promises a high interest rate return and provides services such as reserving beds for the elderly and booking rooms for the elderly. In fact, it is illegally raising funds from elderly consumers. There are many tricks to cheat. Most of them have the following routines:

For example, seize the characteristics of the elderly who are eager to seek old-age security and design a scam. Under the banner of investing in old-age care and selling products for the elderly, lawbreakers often appear in places where the elderly gather, constantly”brainwashing” the elderly.

Also, take advantage of small favors and small benefits to reduce the vigilance of the elderly. The lawbreakers deliberately gain the trust and favor of the elderly by organizing tours, visits, lectures, giving gifts and other means. After the elderly have reduced their vigilance, they will take the opportunity to do soEthics kidnapping and false propaganda, the ultimate goal is to defraud the elderly of money.

Another example, offer high return promises to attract the elderly. Criminals often use the promise of high dividends, high interest rates, and pre-determined elderly care services to trick the elderly into investing in so-called”elderly care services” projects, with various fees, such as”VIP cards,””membership fees,” and”prepayments.” These institutions are unable to provide the promised elderly care services. They operate after obtaining funds, and the flow is not transparent. There is a high risk of raising funds to run away. Some elderly pension funds are defrauded by criminals in this way.

“Capital preservation and high return” is financial fraud. Anti-fraud strategies include”two remember and two attention”

What should I do if I encounter this kind of scam? The best way is to report the case to the judiciary to handle it. However, many scams have sophisticated designs and complete procedures. Once the fraud facts are formed, it is difficult to trace them back, and it is not always possible to recover the losses in a lawsuit. Therefore, the most important thing is prevention.

“Give you money again, the house is still yours, there is no such good thing in the world!” Many lawyers warned of the”house for the elderly” scam, saying that the good thing of”pie in the sky” is often a scam. .

In order to enhance consumers’ awareness of risk prevention and stay away from illegal financial activities, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has sorted out”two things to remember and two things” as an anti-fraud strategy.

Remember that investment is risky.”Capital preservation and high yield” is financial fraud! If the promised rate of return of wealth management products exceeds 6%, it will be a question mark. If it exceeds 8%, it will be very dangerous. If it exceeds 10%, it will be prepared to lose allPrincipal. Do not easily believe in the so-called”stable profit without loss” and”risk-free, high-yield” propaganda, do not invest in projects with unclear business and unclear risks, and do not be tempted to invest impulsively by the temptation of high returns.

Remember to choose a formal organization. Consumers, especially the elderly, should consult professionals from formal financial institutions and discuss with their families before purchasing investment and financial products. The authenticity and legality of investment activities shall be judged and understood to prevent fraud by criminals, and be alert to the crazy marketing and soliciting behavior of informal institutions.

Beware of fundraising fraud. Fund-raising scams often have the characteristics of”beating the drum and spreading flowers” and”Ponzi scheme“. Lack of actual business support and profit sources, and no projects matching its promised returns, are prone to risks such as running out of cash and breaking the capital chain. Don’t be confused by rhetoric such as”guaranteed capital and high interest rates” and”guaranteed returns”.

Pay attention to protecting personal information. Enhance personal information security awareness in daily life, treat the contract signing process with care, and not sign blank contracts. Do not provide important information such as ID card, bank card number, password, verification code, etc., to prevent fraudulent use, abuse or illegal use. If you find suspected illegal financial activities, you can promptly report the case to the public security organ or report the situation to the relevant financial regulatory authority.

At the same time, insurance industry insiders believe that insurance While the growing demand for elderly care flows to illegal channels, we must accelerate the development and cultivation of endowment insurance on a legal and healthy track Elderly care industry, such as expanding the pilot housing reverse mortgage pension insurance for the elderly, perfecting the relevant top-level system design as soon as possible, and increasing the publicity of formal”house-based pensions”.

Source:People’s Daily Online