During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the regional GDP of Simao District, Pu’er City increased from 13.59 billion yuan at the end of the”12th Five-Year Plan” period to 22 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 8.5%. In the past five years, Simao District has strengthened its innovation leadership. The industrial structure is increasingly optimized.

Improve the quality and efficiency of the agricultural industry. The output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery increased from 2.2 billion yuan at the end of the”Twelfth Five-Year Plan” to 3.32 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 5.2%. Grain production remained stable. The transformation of low- and medium-yield fields and the construction of high- and stable-yield farmland were completed at 31,100 mu, and the total grain output reached 64,000 tons. The plateau characteristic agriculture continued to develop, with 120,000 acres of green and organic tea garden certification, 8,321 acres of organic coffee garden certification, 70,000 acres of biological medicine planted, and 13 agricultural manors built. The level of agricultural industrialization has been significantly improved. The National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park of Simao District was recognized as the first batch of national modern agricultural industrial parks in the country. The establishment of”One County, One Industry” Demonstration County in Yunnan Province accelerated and successfully created the public brand of”Si Mao Organic Tea”. Won the title of”Top 100 Tea Counties in China in 2018″.

The transformation and upgrading of industrial industries. The industrial output value increased from 6.22 billion yuan at the end of the”12th Five-Year Plan” to 11 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 11.5%. The industrial foundation continues to be consolidated. More than 30 projects including China Everbright Paper’s corrugated paper and packaging box production line, and Zhicheng water treatment equipment production line have been completed and put into production. There are 43 industrial enterprises. The momentum of scientific and technological innovation is highlighted, with 23 national high-tech enterprises recognized, 141 national and provincial scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises recognized, and the provincial sustainable development experimental zone successfully passed the acceptance.

The tertiary industry is booming. The output value of the tertiary industry increased from 7.8 billion yuan at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan to 13.68 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 8.8%. The commerce and trade industry has continued to grow, with 63 new enterprises above designated size, 10 newly built and upgraded markets, and 9 commercial districts including Yayouzhixing opened and operated, and the radiation effect has been significantly enhanced. The rapid development of e-commerce has built 34 e-commerce service sites, achieved 15 million orders of 703 million yuan in agricultural product sales, and was selected as a pilot county for the national”Internet +” agricultural product export from village to city project. The tourism market continued to be active, with 3 newly added 4A-level national tourist attractions, and 3 half-mountain hotels in Pu’er Yixiangshan completed and operated, achieving a total tourism revenue of 42.7 billion yuan. Gaojiazhai was listed as one of the first national key rural tourism villages and was successfully established The third batch of National Tourism Standardization Demonstration Zones and Yunnan Province’s Global Tourism Demonstration Zones.

Yunnan Net reporter Shen Hao