Boston Consulting has predicted that in the next 10 years, China’s”Millennium and Gen Z&34; may use 53%of revenue Consumption, even driving 65%of the country’s annual consumption growth. The growth environment of China’s rapid economic growth has allowed Millennials and Generation Z to show consumption views and values ​​that are completely different from those of their parents. Such consumption values ​​are driving the reform of China’s consumption structure and consumption market.

There is no doubt that studying the consumption habits of millennials and Generation Z and creating a shopping center that truly belongs to them is crucial to leading the consumer market. On January 20, 2021, a Colliers commercial brand launch and annual networking event with the theme of”Born x Power” arrived at W Hotel Shanghai as scheduled.

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Mr. Gao Wenshuo, Vice Chairman of Colliers Group, Colliers Group Mr. Zhou Lin, Vice President, Ms. Xu Rong, Assistant President and General Manager of Commercial Management of Colliers Group, Mr. Yuqiang Wang, Director of Shangjia, Mr. Yanbin Zhou, President of, Mr. Stephen of Chaobian Life and 3 special guests, as well as many from the trend field Brand representatives, strategic partners and representatives of a number of industry media gathered together to discuss the innovation of consumer trends and the industry changes brought about by the Generation Z customer group, and witnessed the initial strength and infinite vitality of Colliers.

For Generation Z

Colliers opens a new chapter in business

As China is extremely influential Colliers Group was established in Jiangsu in 1995 and has 25 years of diversified industrial operation experience. It has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the top 100 private enterprises in China, and the top 100 service companies in China for many years.

Colliers takes strategy as the forerunner and precisely cultivates the Yangtze River Delta. Up to now, Colliers has developed 6 commercial projects, with a commercial management area of ​​1.3 million square meters and a project preparation of 1 million square meters. Commercial development and reserve volume. The move to the shopping mall field this time is a strategic transformation of Colliers on the basis of insisting on”creating a better life”.

As a”newborn” force in the stock era, how to create a business model with its own characteristics, stand out from many established commercial entities, and actively build a new business ecosystem, becoming the primary solution goal of Colliers Group .

With the rise of generation Z consumer groups and the influence of subcultures,”chao play” has become a business format that attracts traffic, and it is also a key word for Colliers to break the city’s commercial development.

From the collection of social behaviors to the construction of a common value system, the social relationship generates tremendous stickiness and communication power to promote consumption growth. The Nanjing G-ONE Gaoli Vitality City launched at the press conference fully embodies the in-depth understanding and pursuit of Gaoli Commercial for &34;Fashion Play&34;.

Learning about Generation Z

Create a new space for urban fun and play

The rise of generation Z consumer groups , So that the main customer group of social consumption tends to be younger, and the positioning and creation of commercial space has become the key to attracting customer groups and affecting the consumer experience. Only a more distinctive commercial atmosphere and commercial space can be worthy of the new generation of consumers. soul.

With the rise of young local consumer groups in Nanjing, the surrounding stock businesses have been unable to meet the growing consumer demand of consumers. After years of intensive cultivation, the Colliers Group has targeted the consumer demand of young customers & 34; night economy & 34;, & 34; tide era & 34;, & 34; play school & 34;, combined with first-line new Internet celebrity brands to create & 34; urban settlements Field space, social interaction field, fashion magnetic field, trendy play field, gourmet energy field, fresh life field, art creation field&34; field space, to create Colliers’ first brand-new model business benchmark product to help urban trendy business New changes.

Nanjing G-ONE Gaoli Vigor City is located in the new center of Nanjing Xuanwu, adjacent to the Xinzhuang interchange hub, Metro Line 3 and Line 9, and direct access to more than 30 bus lines around the city. Three-dimensional traffic can reach the whole city. ; The total population of colleges, residences and apartments around the project is about 450,000, with huge consumption potential.

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Nanjing G-ONE with a total construction area of ​​about 110,000 square meters Colliers Vitality City is a trendy young business integrating shopping malls, 5A office buildings and boutique hotels; the project’s forward-looking situational architectural planning builds a commercial scene of space, people and brands; in terms of format, it focuses on Generation Z Customers’ trendy retail, online celebrity catering, creative life, entertainment experience and other business formats and brands; through the platform-based intelligent service-based modern business management model, it explores more consumer needs, creates multiple social scenes, and creates real business value.

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Nanjing G-ONE Gaoli Vigor City will pass the rich Scene installations and theme blocks create an immersive experience environment and atmosphere for consumers; carry out theme marketing and cross-border linkage activities around the trendy culture of the Z generation young people’s attention to convey multicultural and new lifestyle concepts; in addition, it will also With landscape check-in, social sharing, fashion fun, multiple interaction, and smart operation as its core values, it will bring consumers a new landmark of trendy culture and business full of vitality and unique personality.


Clear market positioning and an immersive consumer experience built around the core target customer group will provide Nanjing G-ONE Gaoli Vigor City for its later opening and successfully seizing consumers Necessary conditions.

Dialogue with Generation Z

Explore the new retail power

At the press conference, many industry leaders It also shared and discussed the new power of the trend with the Z generation, through the collision and fusion of thinking, injecting new vitality into the business, and providing new ideas for the trendy lifestyle.

In the section of”Fashion Culture x Generation Business-Summit Forum”, business leaders from the fields of fashion, trend, and sports, Mr. Stephen, vice president of LAM TOYS/partner of TC life, founder of ESEE Heroic Culture Group Ren & CEO Mr. Zheng Yi, founder of DP Fitness Mr. Luo Sijie, trend culture curator/trend brand investor/founder of Chaoqi culture Mr. Andy Dee shared with the guests from different industries and different angles, topics and cases of this year’s capital market competition hotspots, fashion events, and fashion brand clothing extending to the fields of lifestyle and cultural connotation, looking forward to business and trend culture in the new era A bright future.

Regarding the characteristics of Generation Z consumer groups, the four big coffees agree:openness, liveliness, individuality, pursuit of fashion and beauty, love of social interaction, and the supremacy of entertainment. The Z era of &34;lazy houseism&34; is both keen on online&34;cloud shopping&34;, but also loves offline online celebrity check-in locations, and emphasizes immersive consumer experience; pursues cost-effectiveness, favors domestic products, and focuses on the charm of brand stories. The”personal design” that values ​​the brand has given domestic brands more room for development; cross-border and IP are the favorite emotional connection methods of the Z generation…

Use past experience and vision to look at it. Shopping malls need to”cater” the preferences of Generation Z on the basis of understanding, and reach to Generation Z with consumer places that have both appearance and content. Unique commercial design with memory points, brand format combining creativity and art, IP marketing with strong appeal, and circle activities aimed at”niche” fans are all effective means to capture the Z generation.

The in-depth interpretation of the generation Z customer group by industry leaders coincides with Colliers Business, which further enhances everyone’s expectations for Colliers Business&34;Newborn&34;.

As Colliers’ first brand-new model business benchmark product, Nanjing G-ONE Gaoli Vigor City is not only the first work of Colliers’ “Native” power, it also contains “unique”. Meaning. This shows that Colliers does not only stop at creating a consumer place, but also build a super IP that allows consumers to have unique memory points. Through G-one, the Colliers Group explained the unlimited potential and expectations of a business group with the Z generation structure.


In the era of commercial real estate stock, only a more distinctive business model can find a suitable track in the fierce market competition.

Colliers is well versed in this rule of survival:research and judge current consumer trends, grasp the main consumer groups, and in addition to precise business positioning, it will also meet consumer needs from the format and brand level. With unique setting and theme marketing, consumers are immersed in it…

These highlights and features also give us reason to believe that Nanjing G-ONE Gaoli Vigor City will lead the vibrant and prosperous north of the city The new business climate has brought new vitality to Nanjing’s commercial real estate industry.