Lanzhou Railway Bureau’s”Round West Train Tour” 4 spring outings and 1 long line special train products will be launched”12306“APP”Railway Tour” section. Passengers can book train tickets online and book travel products at the same time without leaving their homes and using their fingers.

The four special trains for”Round West Train Tour” launched this time are”Round West Train Tour·Spring Tour” Dongcha /span>””The most beautiful rapeseed flower sea·Hanzhong poetry and painting tour””Western train tour·Longnan through train” (two-day tour, three-day tour), a long-line special train product is”Round Southwest”Travel train.

It is understood that the Lanzhou Railway Bureau’s”Round West Train Tour” in the Spring Tour Qin’an Peach Blossom Festival, Spring Tour to Jiulongshan Hot Spring, Qingyang Roots and Ancestors, Qingyang Red Tour, Qingyang Intangible Cultural Experience, Carbon Charcoal Railway tourism new products and”train tickets + hotels” such as the well number industrial tour, railway industrial study tour, Ganqing and Qinghai two provinces tour, classic silk road tour, travel all over the Southwest, Haoyou Dadongbei, Ganqing and Ningxin 4 provinces tour, etc. Free travel products will also be launched one after another. Passengers can follow the”Rail Tour” section of the”12306″ APP to book related travel products of the”Round West Train Tour”.

Correspondent Jin Shuaiqun Huang Guibin Kang Na All-media reporter Tan Anli of Lanzhou Daily