The U.S. economy will experience a thunderstorm this year. The reason is that 5 trillion banknotes have been printed, which is equivalent to 32 trillion yuan. Americans think that turning paper into money can create productivity, and think that they can be bought and bought all over the world. Under the global epidemic, the United States suppressed China, and India and Vietnam, which are highly anticipated by the United States, have no products that can satisfy the extravagance and waste of the Americans. At present, cpl>5%in the United States has appeared three times in the history of the United States, and all three times. A major economic crisis broke out! This crisis includes the credibility of the U.S. dollar. The U.S. has tempted Iran not to de-dollarize, but if it fails, it will continue to do Iran. In order to persuade Russia not to de-dollarize, Sleepy Joe disregards Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Anxiously seeking an interview with Putin, it is estimated that it is also for nothing.

Judging from the successive calls of the US Trade Representative, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of State to China, the United States is almost unable to withstand it, and a thunderstorm is in sight.

Seeing it rise up, see it collapse.”It’s up to you (the united states)” we will wait and see.