UnusedFixed assets refers to newly-added fixed assets that have not been used, fixed assets that are yet to be installed, and handed over to infrastructure Fixed assets that are rebuilt and expanded by the department, and fixed assets that have been reported to the relevant department for approval to stop using them. Fixed assets that are out of service due to seasonal construction and production, major repairs, etc., and mechanical equipment replaced on construction sites or workshops shall be regarded as in-use fixed assets.

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Introduction to Fixed asset managementKnowledge

Expense management manages the loan-expense reimbursement business. Support report query on loan and expense reimbursement, and support detailed query by employee. Fixed fixed uses the card management of fixed assets as the basic method to establish computer management of fixed assets to realize the dynamic management of the increase, decrease and depreciation of fixed assets, and to ensure that the accounts, cards, and objects of fixed assets are consistent. It can be used in integration with accounting processing, and transfer fixed asset information to the accounting processing module in the form of vouchers.

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