“Do not run for product sales, the Internet celebrity town sells goods directly to the whole country at low cost.””80 approval projects will be handled on the same day.””Prioritize arrangements for children to study and give priority to serving the elderly.”… , Yingkou City Old Border District’s”Building an Environment for Everyone’s Business Environment” promulgated 30 items, aroused heated discussions, many companies In particular, the person in charge of an Internet celebrity company stated that the”30 items” focus on”everyone is a business environment“, which will benefit investment and development, Many aspects of financing, sales, and living environment are grounded, warm, and high-quality.

In August 2019, the Old Border District planned to lay out the”net celebrity town” by revitalizing idle real estate, The factory area has built 28 internet celebrity economic development carriers, including live broadcast base, social e-commerce industrial park, internet celebrity e-commerce incubation base, and Yuncang base. It was selected as the national digital village pilot and approved as the first batch of e-commerce live broadcast demonstration bases in Liaoning. Become the first Internet celebrity economic demonstration base in Liaoning. By linking, integrating and innovating all elements of the Internet celebrity economy such as products, anchors, professional institutions, and supporting services, the Laobian Internet celebrity town has attracted more than 300 high-quality enterprises and 150,000 anchors, forming a huge population of over 350 million people Fan base.

The Internet celebrity economy is closely related to the market. To build a”net celebrity town”, economic and trade activities will be held in the old border area every three days, and the negotiators will be received non-stop. In the process of deeply perceiving the pulse of the market, the old border area has realized the importance of optimizing the business environment for the revitalization of the regional economy. It has continued to develop in the five aspects of”strong cost competitiveness, convenient work, good rule of law, ecological livability, courtesy and love”. To optimize the business environment.

Starting from December 16 last year, within one month, the old border district has successively held 6 symposiums on the construction of the”everyone is a business environment” pilot zone. The main leaders of the district committee attended the symposium and listened to the management department. According to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs, in response to the concerns of market entities and the masses, combined with regional realities, six specific measures have been formulated in terms of investment development environment, pro-clean service environment, safe business environment, comfortable living environment, and heart-warming social environment.

At the same time as the introduction of”30 items for building a business environment for everyone”, the Lao Border District also released”30 items for promoting the economic development of Internet celebrities”, which are aimed at anchors with more than 50,000 fans Provide free apartments and live broadcast studios, provide free product display and storage venues for enterprises in the supply chain, strive to improve the cost competitiveness of Internet celebrity companies, and drive business by cultivating and expanding the Internet celebrity economy, the”new name” of the modern service industry The environment is fully optimized.

(Source:Liaoning Daily)

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