The reason why wild fishing makes fishermen the most intoxicated is that wild fishing itself is an outdoor activity. In addition to trekking and wading, there are also elements of exploration and adventure.

For example, the following Guangxi fisherman dived into the dark underground cave to explore and fish all kinds of rare fish, which can be called”fishing with life”…….

Yangtze River Jun’s Note:Because of the peculiar karst landform in Guangxi Eroded by water, cavities are created. Therefore, there are many karst caves and hollow structures beneath the ground in many places in Guangxi, and there are often underground rivers span> flowing.

This Guangxi fisherman actually went underground, looking for an underground river to fish…

The entrance is only one person’s size

“. ……As a Guangxi native, this is my first time to fish (karst cave). I used to hear people say (karst cave fishing). I am very yearning and excited. I have travelled a long way to see it.”

This fisherman (T) said that although he has been longing for fishing in mysterious caves for a long time, travels I am also very excited to come, but I walked to the entrance of the cave with the local fishermen, and looked at the entrance of the cave where only one person can pass, and the cave entrance is dark and dark, and I still feel a little embarrassed…

Mr. Yangtze River:These underground karst caves are mostly formed by water erosion and underground movement. Their internal structure is complex and easy to collapse. In addition, the underground river water flow is unpredictable and the mountain can happen at any time. Heavy rain, in Guangxi, Guizhou and other places, there are instances of underground river fishing in distress every year.

So in the view of Mr. Changjiang, this kind of fishing method really can be called”what is used to find the pleasure of fishing”. Probably only true fishing enthusiasts will persevere…. ..

There is a cave underneath, and there is a dark river flowing

“As soon as I came in, I felt that the temperature dropped by several degrees, and I felt like Shadyshady, very humid…”

This fisherman You exclaimed that he did not expect the underground world to be so mysterious and colorful, and this dark underground world actually has a”river”—the underground river, and the aquarium is prosperous. It didn’t take long for them to lay their nests, and they would frequently catch fish. …..

The shape of underground river fish is magnificent, as well as the rare triangle carp

In fact, the Yangtze Introduced wild fish and various aquariums living in underground rivers, such as crucian carp, Carp There are also”conventional fish species” outside, and there are also many underground rivers.

However, compared with the crucian carp and carp in the outside river, the underground river Most of these fishes are body“very thin”, and the color is mainly earthy yellow and light yellow—— In the words of this fisherman,”Crucian carp is still crucian, but it is strange at first sight”…….

And it is even more interesting for this fisherman Excitedly, after catching a few crucian carp, the nest they laid attracted a group of extremely rare”strange carp”-similar in size to crucian carp and carp, and presented a peculiar”triangle”.

It turns out that this is an extremely rare”triangular carp”, originally in Yongjiang, Liujiang and other Guangxi rivers are also distributed, but due to the degradation of the river’s ecology, it has almost disappeared from the outside world. ……

Yangtze River Jun’s Note:Triangular carp commonly known as Jiang crucian carp, Fu carp, yellow carp, Yellow crucian carp, belonging to Cyprinids, Cyprinidae, subfamily Cyprinus, Cyprinus, subgenus Cyprinus, mainly distributed in the upper reaches of the Pearl River, Therefore, it is also known as the famous fish in Guangxi.

This fisherman is also very excited to be able to catch this peculiar fish species in the underground river-but what is commendable is that the fisherman finally It also put all the dozens of horned carps caught back into the underground river…

Several anglers who were traveling together, finally brought back only one”underground river carp” for fresh taste.

The scenery is more intoxicating than the catch

According to Mr. Yangtze River’s understanding,”karst cave fishing” has a long history in Guangxi because of its mystery. And rich fishing fun is loved by local fishing enthusiasts, and even attracts a large number of fishing enthusiasts from other regions to travel long distances to”adventure” every year.

However, in the eyes of Mr. Yangtze River, the scenery inside and outside the cave world may be more intoxicating than the magical and rich fishing experience in the process…

——Looking out from the cave to the outside world, a piece of greenery conceals the mountains in the distant dim light, like a dream kingdom in a fairy tale.

Finally, I will also release all the rare fish to this angler Like the behavior, the concept of entertaining not for fish is OK!