Following national demonstration goals and building an inland open highlandEzhou Airport Economic Zone struggles Take the fulcrum mission

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Ezhou Huahu Airport Effect Figure

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Ezhou City Public Health Service Center starts construction in Linkong Economic Zone

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Ringkong Avenue, Airport Economic Zone, Ezhou City

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Ezhou Huahu Airport construction site aerial view

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This is China’s only airport economic zone relying on the construction of the air cargo hub;

Here is China’s only comprehensive bonded zone with a single park and water port and airport ;

Here will build a new highland in China’s inland opening to the outside world, and further make up for the strategic shortcomings of the city group in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River;

Here will create an important platform for Hubei’s high starting point to integrate into the domestic cycle and promote domestic and international double cycles;

Here will realize the old and new for Ezhou Kinetic energy conversion, industrial transformation and upgrading provide new engines;

Here will witness the revitalization of a city!

This is the Airport Economic Zone of Ezhou City, which is constructed simultaneously with the Hubei International Logistics Core Hub!

“Promote production with cities” and lay a solid foundation

In the era of globalized economy, speed is competitiveness. In this context, the role of the airport in driving the regional economy to integrate into high-end development has become increasingly prominent. As more and more airworthy industries gather around the airport, a new type of city has emerged:Aviation City. Relying on cargo hub airport, the provincial development zone, Ezhou Airport Economic Zone, which is approved for establishment, is exactly where the city is committed to building an aviation city. Pivot.

As early as June 2017, Ezhou City used the successful experience of Wuhan General Industrial Park and other large-scale integrated projects to entrust Wuhan Engineering Design Industry Alliance to plan and design the airport All municipal infrastructure projects within the surrounding area of ​​150 square kilometers are regarded as”one project”:through overall planning and comprehensive design,”one party, one platform, and one set of drawings” are realized from the design stage, effectively avoiding the long design cycle under the traditional model , Design changes more, project investment is falsely high, project coordination is difficult and other shortcomings, provide efficient technical support for the implementation of various supporting projects of the airport, and also laid the foundation for the development of the airport economic zone from a high starting point.

In March 2019, the overall plan of Ezhou Airport Economic Zone was approved by the People’s Government of Hubei Province, with a planned area of ​​178.7 square kilometers. The concept of “one port and five districts” is to build an overall spatial development pattern. “One port” refers to the construction of an international airport based on Ezhou Huahu Airport. “Five districts” refers to the creation of a pioneering zone for the development of industry-city integration, advanced manufacturing leading zone, and aviation logistics The agglomeration area, the comprehensive service innovation area and the ecological base protection area will eventually be built into an airport economic zone with distinctive air cargo characteristics, outstanding functional advantages, high-end industrial clusters, efficient public services, and green ecological livability.

On December 4 of the same year, Ezhou City held a meeting for the establishment of the Airport Economic Zone and the transfer of the system; on December 18, the party workers of the Ezhou Airport Economic Zone Commission and Management Committee are listed for operation. At the same time, Ezhou Airport Group Co., Ltd. was funded and established at the municipal and district levels. It is a market-oriented entity integrating investment, investment, financing, development, construction and operation. The Municipal Government has entrusted the management and operation of the Airport Economic Zone.

According to the fact that the starting foundation is poor and the foundation is weak, in order to maximize the location advantage close to the airport and make good use of the limited land resources, Ezhou City Airport Economic Zone Since February 2020, in accordance with the decisions and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, we have overcome problems such as shortage of manpower, shortage of funds, and insufficient element guarantees. While preventing epidemics, flood prevention, creative writing, and fighting poverty, while focusing on the implementation of the central government’s support for Hubei’s development package, Overall planning of infrastructure projects and supporting projects in the industrial park.

Be ahead of time and overcome difficulties. As early as July 2019 during the preparation period, the leadership team put forward the goal of serving the airport’s barrier-free construction. At present, the demolition of more than 6,000 houses and 22 enterprises in the core area has been completed, and more than 17,000 mu of land has been handed over in advance, saving nearly one year of construction period and more than 100 million yuan in demolition costs for the airport project. Now, when the earth and stone works are basically completed, the 3.75 million square meters of flight area road surface and main projects such as the terminal area, air traffic control, jet fuel terminal, and sorting center are being fully rolled out.

Benchmarking research and system planning. The district has initially formed the development pattern of”one port, two districts, three parks, four points, five horizontal, six vertical, seven strong functional projects, eight industrial clusters, and nine work innovations” during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. The total investment in these projects started last year exceeded 17 billion yuan.

In June 2020, 6 units of Huamahu No. 2 Electric Rowing Station were successfully operated, which played an important role in fighting major flood conditions and ensuring the safety of the airport during the flood season. ; At the beginning of July, as an important passage connecting the main urban area of ​​Ezhou and the airport economic zone-nearly 5.2 kilometers in length Wu Chu Avenue ( Geshan Avenue-Yansha Road) expansion project opened to traffic; In September, the Ezhou Public Health Clinical Center with a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan was selected in the Airport Economic Zone and the People’s Hospital of the Airport Economic Zone started construction at the same time; December 22, The Airport Investment Promotion Exhibition Center, which started construction at the beginning of the year, was officially opened to the public; the two resettlement communities of Yanji and Yangye mainly solve the resettlement of the demolished people at the airport and surrounding industrial parks. At present, more than 8,000 households have been allocated houses in the first phase; Water, electricity, gas and other other projects are in accordance with the requirements of”synchronous design, simultaneous construction, and simultaneous commissioning”, and will be completed and put into use in 2021.

Based on the long-term, industrial planning is a high starting point

Ezhou Huahu Airport must have two prerequisites to become an air cargo hub:one is to develop a sustainable and stable airworthiness industry; the other is to have good external conditions for the gathering of suitable airlines and freight forwarders. Based on these requirements, Ezhou Huahu Airport first emphasized the capacity and opening function, and the capacity of the airport comes from the supply of cargo from the airport’s radiating hinterland.

Considering the acute shortage of all-cargo aircraft and imported anti-epidemic materials due to the epidemic, as well as functions such as passenger-to-cargo, customs bonded, etc. For the needs of large-scale development, Ezhou City’s Airport Economic Zone chooses Airport Preference Leading Industries to focus on intelligent manufacturing, medical health, and aviation logistics. Big industry sector:

——The intelligent manufacturing industry (Western Industrial Park) is mainly an airport-dependent industry, focusing on the aviation industry, including aircraft modification and maintenance , Aviation materials, aircraft parts.

——The medical and health industry (North Industrial Park) focuses on bonded enterprises, including genes, vaccines, blood, medical devices, organ transplants, etc.

——The aviation logistics industry focuses on airport-based industries, focusing on freight, freight forwarding companies and warehousing functions.

Reconsidering comprehensive bonded functional airport dependent industries, the whole district will also develop cross-border e-commerce, cold Chain logistics, bonded warehousing and other projects. At present, focusing on the leading industry sector, it is tracking and negotiating 28 projects to be settled in, including STEA, Weilan Aviation School, BGI, Japan Post Logistics, and Dadao Zhongcai, with a total planned investment of about 40 billion yuan.

Through the above-mentioned layout, the”eight major industrial clusters” will eventually be formed, mainly including:

Aircraft modification and maintenance and parts manufacturing (MRO)-Introduce Shinco Aerospace, Swire Group and other industries that are closely related to the airport; /p>

Comprehensive warehousing logistics and distribution—traditional retail, pharmaceutical, express and other logistics distribution centers + sorting centers + transshipment centers;

High-value fresh agricultural products trading and processing-flower trading + high value-added agricultural products processing + cold chain logistics and distribution;

Central China Medical Supply Chain Center-Biopharmaceutical + medical equipment + life and health (living organ transplantation);

High-end intelligent manufacturing-optoelectronics + integrated circuits + smart terminals Products (such as mobile phones, tablet computers, offline interactive devices) + high-end equipment manufacturing (AGV logistics equipment);

Big Data and Supply Chain Management-Big Data Application + Cloud Computing Analysis + Logistics Supply Chain Management;

Fast fashion retail and cross-border e-commerce-the entire fast fashion retail industry chain (Zara, h&m, ur) + cross-border e-commerce; /p>

Airline productive service industry-headquarters economy + high-end intermediary service + call center + financial settlement center.

In the first quarter of 2021, through PPP cooperation with SF Group, a total investment of 3.8 billion yuan, an industrial park project covering an area of ​​10 square kilometers and a total investment of 4 billion Jinlong Electromechanical Intelligent Manufacturing Project will be started successively. Shinco Aerospace, the world’s largest commercial aircraft maintenance service provider, has signed a cooperation agreement with SF Corporation to invest 2.182 billion yuan in Ezhou Airport Economic Zone Yuanjian Aircraft Maintenance Project. There are also a number of projects such as China Mobile’s 5G Smart Application Project and Phalanx Human Resources Big Data Industrial Park that have been signed or are in progress.

At the same time, assist the Provincial Department of Commerce in striving for the extension of Hubei Free Trade Zone to Ezhou, and has completed the”Feasibility Study Report on Ezhou Huahu Airport Area Joining the Free Trade Zone” And Implementation Plan”, it is planned to integrate bonded zone, intelligent manufacturing and aviation logistics industrial park, medical and health industrial park, The Optoelectronics Industrial Park and SF Industrial Park are included in the expansion plan.

In order to attract more high-quality industrial projects to settle down, the district will do a good job in four aspects for investment promotion in the next step:

Research and promulgate the”Implementation Measures for Ezhou Airport Economic Zone to Promote Investment Promotion and Accelerate Industrial Landing (Trial)”, forming a series of investment promotion in land supply, tax reduction and exemption, industrial funds, talent services, etc. Preferential policies for investment attraction;

Expand the special class of investment promotion, strengthen the construction of investment promotion team, strengthen the study of industrial policies and investment knowledge of personnel, through centralized training, theoretical study, and case studies Continuously improve the business ability and level of the special class for investment promotion by means of analysis and outing inspections;

Using online platforms, investment promotion activities, outing inspections and other channels to fully publicize Show location advantages, policy advantages, transportation advantages and environmental advantages, attracting more businessmen to invest and start business;

Innovative investment promotion model, proposed to establish Ezhou with partners The Airport Industry Development Fund, with a fund size of 2 billion yuan, achieves a leverage effect through the method of”funds of funds + direct investment + special funds”, attracts projects with a total scale of no less than 10 billion yuan, and uses funds as the starting point to promote the focus Industrial system investment promotion.

Development goals

By 2025, it is expected to achieve regional The total production value is 90 billion yuan; the total investment in fixed assets of the society is 152.79 billion yuan, and the industrial output value above designated size is 18.62 billion yuan; the public budget revenue is 5.6 billion yuan, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents is 30,357 yuan; through industrial development and introduction , Providing jobs for 100,000 people, and the population size of the district has reached 230,000.

Strategic positioning

Explore the industrial development of innovative airport cities Model, strive to create a national airport economic demonstration zone.

Relying on logistics and aviation big data, build a global logistics supply chain management center.

Relying on the cargo airport, build the”China Blood Bank”, the Central China Medical Supply Chain Center, and the Domestic Living Organ Transplant Center.

With the ultimate goal of building an inland free trade port, through forward-looking port facilities and open platform construction and systematic customs supervision system innovation, create””The best in China, benchmarking against the international” trade facilitation reform demonstration zone.

Create a national-level demonstration zone for multimodal transportation of”air, water, highway, and rail”.

Seamlessly connected three-dimensional transportation, convenient investment and trade, efficient and considerate business environment, green and smart city life, and an open spirit to embrace all rivers…

Relying on large hubs, large passages, and large platforms, a new aviation city is just like a sprout emerging from the ground and growing vigorously.

East longitude 114°, north latitude 30°, here is the airport economic zone of Ezhou City, here is the airport new city that ignites the passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, here is the pursuit of livability The idyllic city of industry dreams, here is a new starting point for China’s”airborne silk road” to the world!

Depart from Ezhou and reach the world.

(graphic planning:Ezhou Airport Economic Zone, Hubei Daily January 25, 2021)