Not only ordinary people hate high housing prices, but experts also directly complain about high housing prices.

Financial experts bluntly said:”Now that housing prices fall by 27%is a reasonable level, the national average housing prices should be reasonable at 8,000 yuan/㎡.” But in fact, national housing prices have entered the 10,000 yuan era in February this year. Even certain groups of people have the mentality that housing prices will only rise but not fall, and they will go around if they are not satisfied. For example, recently in a community in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, the owners filed a joint complaint because a house of 40,000 per square meter was sold for only 28,000 per square meter, and the transaction price was too low.

As Guo Shuqing said bluntly, it is difficult for people who speculate on foreign exchange to get rich, just as people who bet that house prices will never fall will eventually pay a heavy price.

In fact, the crowd targeted by this sentence is those fanatical speculators who only hope that the mentality of only rising and not falling will not pay off in the end. So, will house prices fall in the future? 2 signals, the property market trend is obvious.

Second-hand housing regulation gradually takes effect

From January to May, the country’s property market has been regulated more than 200 times Secondly, in May alone, 21 property market control policies were issued. Among so many controls, second-hand housing is the highlight. Take Shenzhen as an example, as the first city to release a guide price. After Shenzhen introduced the”Guide Price for Second-hand Housing”, the second-hand housing market in Shenzhen has started a continuous decline model, and in May it fell to a new high. In May, the number of online signings fell below the 4000 threshold, only 3781 online signings, a decrease of 14.0%from the previous month.

Following Shenzhen, there are also some hot spots in different cities. The fall. The average price of second-hand housing in Tianjin in May was 25,000 per square meter, a decrease of 0.16%from the previous month. fell 2.36%year-on-year . Chongqing, Wuhan‘s housing price growth rate narrowed sharply, with a year-on-year increase of only about 1%.

Although the regulated cities have certain economic strength, high housing prices will seriously inhibit people’s consumption. Without consumption to stimulate production, they will not be able to drive economic growth. For a healthier development of the city, it is foreseeable that stricter property market regulation is on the way, and it will be sooner or later that the rate of housing price increases will narrow.

The mortgage interest rate may rise

Under the regulation, various places have tightened mortgage interest rates.

According to the latest data, in May 2021, the average interest rate of first home loans nationwide was 5.33%, a month-on-month increase of 2bp; the average interest rate of second home loans was 5.61%, a month-on-month increase of 2BP. In 2021, the national first home loan interest rate has risen for four consecutive times, and the second set has also risen for three consecutive times.

For a long time, interest rates have been an important reference indicator reflecting the direction of our property market. If interest rates are raised, we will reduce the cost in consideration of the cost.Liquidity will also suppress housing prices.

In fact, the lending interest rate rises, just This shows that my country’s policies are tightening, which is a means to suppress the excessively rapid rise in housing prices. In addition, it is also a measure to allow the rapid development of the real economy. Housing loans are raised, business loans are strictly prohibited, and more Money flows into the physical industry and balanced development with real estate. Industry can only be upgraded, and industrial parks can also drive employment.

Under the two major signals, do you think the price increase will be the same as 5 years ago?