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1丨India announced that it will vaccinate people over 45 years of age with the new crown vaccine from April 1st

Every time AI Express news, on March 23, local time, the Indian government announced that it would start from April 1 to vaccinate people over 45 years of age in the country with the new crown vaccine. Indian government officials also urged that all eligible people should immediately register and get vaccinated. (CCTV News)

2丨Hourly Investment | Pre-market US stocks:The three major US futures indexes fluctuate, and the pre-market decline of ideal cars narrowed to 4%

Market dynamics

Before the market on Tuesday, the three major U.S. stock futures index oscillated, and the market waited for the chairman of the Federal Reserve.Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen’s speech at the hearing. As of press time, the Dow futures fell 0.39%, the S&P 500 index futures fell 0.3%, and the Nasdaq index futures rose 0.17%;

The well-known Chinese concept stocks fell pre-market on Tuesday. As of press time:Alibaba is down 0.27%, JD.com is down 1.73%, Pinduoduo is down 1.83%, NIO is down 1.07%, Ideal Auto is down 3.39%, and Xiaopeng Motors is down 2.38%.

As of press time, WTI crude oil fell 3.98%to US$59.13 per barrel, Brent crude oil fell 4.1%to US$61.96 per barrel, spot gold rose 0.07%to US$1740.4 per ounce, and the U.S. dollar index rose 0.34%Report 92.1.

Company news

Tesla fell 0.43%before the market. The upcoming Semi electric truck does not comply with current Australian regulations and may not be legal in the future On the road;

Biotechnology company Benitec Biopharma Limited rose 160%before the market. It is reported that Morgan Stanley’s shareholding in the company has increased by approximately 5.2%;

Biotechnology company Satori Medical Plus Therapeutics rose nearly 50%before the market, and the company reached a total service agreement with Piramal Pharma Solutions. ;

The pre-market decline of Ideal Auto narrowed to 4%. Ideal responded that the sales of the cancelled models have been suspended, and the commercial tax-free models will not be affected.

3丨Berkshire is required to strengthen disclosure of climate risks, but stock gods do not buy it

Every AI newsletter, on May 1, Buffett‘s Berkshire Hathaway Company will hold a general meeting of shareholders. The latest information from the US Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) shows that Berkshire has received comments from some institutional shareholders, requesting to strengthen the company and its holding company’s information disclosure on climate risks. Proposers include the largest public pension in the United States (CalPERS) and so on. Shareholders of these institutions requested a vote on this matter at the upcoming 2021 general meeting of shareholders. However, the stock god does not buy it. Berkshire responded:You can vote, but we call on everyone to vote against it. (China Securities Journal)

4丨The court trial of a family of four drowning due to a water discharge from a hydropower station in Gansu:whether self-willing risk becomes the focus

Dingxi City, Gansu Province A hydroelectric power station in Lintao County suddenly released water without warning, and a family of four who was playing by the downstream river was unable to avoid being washed away Go and drown. After the incident, a family member of Wu sued the Xinmintan Hydropower Station involved in the incident, demanding compensation of more than 3.45 million yuan.

In addition, the plaintiff also believed that the Qijiaping Power Station upstream of Xinmintan Hydropower Station was indirectly and jointly responsible for the occurrence of the accident.

The case was heard in the Lintao County People’s Court on March 22, but the verdict was not pronounced on the spot. The content of the live broadcast of the China Trial Public Network shows that whether the plaintiff’s entry into the river course and the consequences of its damage constituted a “self-willing risk” (referring to already know that there is a risk, but he voluntarily took the risk) is one of the focal points of the dispute. The prosecution and the defense debated whether warning signs were set up in the river section where the incident occurred, and whether early warning was required before the hydropower station released water.

(The Paper)

5丨A 2400㎡ glass house was illegally built on the roof of a twin tower in Nanjing? Demolition!

Recently, a citizen of Nanjing, Jiangsu reported that they lived on the roof of a 30-storey twin building with a two-story glass house with a total area of ​​over 2000 square meters. , One of the buildings also has a balcony garden on the roof.

It is understood that the illegal building was reported as early as two years ago, but due to various reasons, it has not been able to be demolished.”

Yesterday (March 22), Nanjing City Administration Bureau of Xuanwu District issued a document stating that the Nanjing City Administration Bureau of Xuanwu District has been actively dealing with the illegal construction of the roof, and urged the company to conduct self-reliance. Demolition. However, due to poor management, since 2015, the company has entered the bankruptcy liquidation process and has not conducted self-demolition.

Because the demolition of the glass curtain wall is complicated and the risk of demolition at a height of 100 meters is high, a professional team will be organized , In accordance with the prescribed procedures, to be demolished in accordance with the law. (CCTV News)

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