Source:Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The Danish Parliament passed a bill in December last year, stipulating that sexual acts without the other party’s explicit consent are rape. According to a report by ITAR on the 21st, shortly after the passage of the bill, a mobile app called”I agree (iConsent)” entered the Danish market, causing huge controversy.

The principle of this app is that the user can enter the phone number of the person who wants to have sex and send a request, and the other party can choose to agree or decline the request. The app developer Nielsen said:”The purpose of this app is to ensure that both parties agree to have sex.” However, this statement immediately drew criticism from all sides. Some experts said:”Sexual relationship is not a contract. This is completely wrong.” Danish lawyer Morten said that this”consent” is not established at all, because one party may change his mind at any time, and the original intention of designing this app may be in good faith. But it is not reliable evidence in law. (Xishan)