As the saying goes, people regard food as their heaven, even the emperor must rely on food to sustain his life. After all, not everyone can survive like the fairy gods in the legend, only by absorbing the dew on the flowers and trees. Food has a very important role for mankind. Without it, people cannot create a glorious history.

China’s long history has not only conceived a very rich culture, but also produced countless delicacies on the earth. There are many types of staple foods, and other side dishes are even more diverse. After satisfying the basic food and clothing, people can also use the excess food to make desserts and use them to make wine. That’s why so many delicious foods were born.

With the development of society, people have a deeper and deeper understanding of health. In addition to simple stomachs, food should also have the effect of meeting people’s health needs. This is the welfare of modern people. The ancients are not so lucky. They can’t even fill their stomachs in years with severe natural disasters. But there is one exception.

That is the so-called royal relatives. They can not only enjoy various privileges, but also have the opportunity to get in touch with delicacies from all over the world. And for these characters, food is not only the nutrition that meets the needs of the human body, but also a display of imperial power to express their own Status.

Regardless of the dynasty, the emperor’s food must be the best in the entire dynasty. Not only there are very diverse food ingredients, but also a national gathering of Culinary skills the most top Master chef span>. Even the ordinary ingredients will become very attractive through the preparation of these chefs, not to mention the very high standards of the food prepared for the emperor.

In ancient Chinese history, there was only one person who could challenge the emperor. This person was neither The minister with power in the ruling and opposition is not a prime minister who is above ten thousand people under one person, but the biological mother of the emperor.Queen Dowager. A mother is expensive with her son. As her son becomes the emperor of Empire, his rights and status follow Straight up.

So Luxury right if Failure to properly control it will bring very serious disasters to the entire country, but if used properly If you do, you can also do a lot of great things that benefit the country and the people. If you find the most mediocre person among the many empress dowagers, I believe many partners will definitely choose Empress Dowager Cixi.

The Empress Dowager Cixi was despised by the world because of her bad behavior. In the whole Qing DynastyIn the later period, it is really the emperor of running water, the Queen. No matter how the times change, she is always the queen dowager of listening to politics, and she has the greatest power in the entire empire. Enjoy the most luxurious life in the entire country.

As such a ruler , What is her food like. First of all, we must know that her oppression of the people is from beginning to end. Whether it is a relatively good time or a time of natural disasters, her oppression of the people has never been reduced. Because only in this way can she sustain her greedy desire for a long time.

In the previous years, the diet of the royal family of the Qing Dynasty was very special. It was not three meals a day now, but two meals a day. The earliest meal started around nine o’clock in the morning. Until about one o’clock in the afternoon, the second meal officially began. Of course it’s not that the emperor can’t eat anything from one o’clock to nine o’clock in the morning of the next day, but that there will be two extra meals, which can be regarded as the Supper.

Due to the digestive system of the Empress Dowager Cixi herself

Span> is very bad. If you eat midnight snacks for a long time, it will cause great harm to your body, not to mention that their midnight snacks must be Drinking, this caused a very serious challenge to the queen’s body. So she changed the rules of supper. Drinking has become porridge, and supper has become candied fruit and delicious sweet balls.

Because the Empress Dowager Cixi loves Tangshui very much. But the common fish soup, big bone soup, very greasy, put pressure on her intestines and stomach The injury is very serious. Until one day, she tasted a bowl of Royal Kitchen -word” data-gid=”6972688″ qid=”6538743796362925319″>Mutton soup, suddenly feel delicious Very, I drank all that bowl of soup. Not only that, in the years that followed, she would have to have a bowl every day to to go to bed contented .

Conclusion:It’s not that Empress Dowager Cixi has never had mutton soup before, but because this bowl of soup is indeed different from usual because of its The material is not authentic lamb, but some sheep’s offal. Although these objects are difficult to be elegant, but the taste is very delicious. So you can conquer the taste buds of Empress Dowager Cixi in one fell swoop.

Later, Empress Dowager Cixi learned about this and immediately ordered the killing of the chef who had cooked for herself for many years. The reason is that she believes that such ingredients are really detrimental to her image as a queen mother. It’s ridiculous, killing innocent people indiscriminately for their noble status. It is really disgusting to punish his subordinates in order to hold up his own face.