A few days ago, Mr. Wu, a citizen of Shandong, reported to the police that he had received a text message from the official customer service phone of an e-commerce platform, informing him that he could redeem his points for 618 to promote a high deposit reduction. Mr. Wu clicked on the link and entered his payment account number, password and other information according to the web page requirements. As a result, all the balance in the payment account was transferred.

After the incident, Mr. Wu immediately found the e-commerce platform for verification. The e-commerce platform said that the official SMS will not add a prefix such as the area code. The SMS is not sent by the e-commerce platform, and the point redemption activities provided by the platform can only be exchanged for platform coupons or physical gifts, not for cash.

In fact, in the past few years, there have always been cases of fraudulent use of fake official text messages during peak consumption seasons. Taobao, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Meituan and other major e-commerce platforms have been replaced by”Li Gui”. Shanxi Taiyuan Anti-Fraud Center and Meituan have jointly warned and reminded merchants to prevent links to phishing websites Official copy of SMS.

The complaint case library of the e-commerce consumer dispute mediation platform shows that”618″,”818″,”Double 11″,”Double 12” and other major e-commerce promotions are the peak period of e-commerce complaints. Refund fraud and fake official SMS fraud are the fastest-growing complaints. One of the items.

Internet police reminded that as the e-commerce promotion is approaching, many citizens will receive high-frequency promotional text messages sent by merchants. It is very likely that there are fakes sent by fraudsters through number-changing software or pseudo base stations. Official SMS. Citizens should be vigilant when receiving similar short messages. Don’t blindly believe it when they see an official number, click on it at will, and don’t fill in personal information, payment account numbers and passwords on the links provided by the other party. (Jin Yan)

Source:Guangming Net