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On January 21, 2021, the tenth anniversary of WeChat’s launch, he also handed in his transcript:1.09 billion users open pages, 780 million users enter Moments, and 400 million users use mini programs.

Behind Guangxian, drifting bottles, flying planes, walkie-talkies… these once-familiar names have also been replaced and ended under the continuous changes of the Internet.

In ten years, what are the”WeChat memories” that are impressive but no longer exist?

“Shake and shake” to upload pictures

“Shake and shake” is a random social function launched by WeChat. After your friends, you can directly click to start chatting. However,”shaking and shaking” image transfer is not the same as the original”shaking and shaking” function positioning. The main purpose is to facilitate data transfer between different devices.

After installing the”Shake Shake” plug-in, a QR code will appear in the computer browser. After clicking”Scan” in the upper right corner, place the QR code in the viewfinder. Scan automatically.

Connect to a computer through a QR code, and the two devices can freely send pictures and text links. Just shake it, no matter what web page the PC is browsing, the pictures in the web page can be instantly uploaded to the mobile device.

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It seems that this kind of operation can not help but be a bit cumbersome and complicated, but it was also a”digital” transmission method at the time. However, after the official PC version of WeChat was launched, photos can be sent directly to mobile phones, which is more convenient than”shaking” to upload pictures.

At present, the”shaking” image uploading function has not completely disappeared. The”shaking” image uploading function and plug-in download link are still maintained on the official WeChat website, but I am afraid that this is still used There are not many users of nostalgic transmission.

WeChat walkie-talkie

In February 2013, WeChat released version 4.5. The sentence on the launch introduction page”This time, we redefine the walkie-talkie”Now it seems that it is still impressive.

When WeChat users want to use the walkie-talkie function, they need to choose a friend group or choose a friend to cooperate. When using, the user needs to find the real-time intercom button on the chat page, and touch the button to enter the WeChat real-time intercom function.

After entering the intercom interface, you need to wait for the other party to accept the intercom. During the waiting process, your avatar will appear. When two avatars appear, it means that the other party accepts the intercom. After the intercom is initiated, press and hold the round button in the middle to realize the intercom.

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At the time, it seemed that the walkie-talkie function introduced by WeChat was considered to directly impact the communications industry of major operators. In the era of high tariffs in the 3G network, the walkie-talkie function that does not require additional call charges has already achieved the purpose of real-time calls with only data consumption.

In addition, because the ipad and other terminals were also popular at the time, by connecting to wifi, ipad can realize the function of making a call, which also caused the trend of the time.

However, after the rise of 4G networks, voice and video calls have basically solved the needs of daily calls. Real-time intercom has become the”brand of the times”, and it has also lost WeChat’s original”redefinition of walkie-talkies”. significance.

Finally, in version 6.3.5 3 years later, the”real-time intercom” function was offline, and now it can only be found in”WeChat location sharing”.

Emoji Store

In August 2013, WeChat launched version 5.0 and the emoji store function was officially launched. For the first time, 5 sets of emoticons were announced, each priced at 6 yuan.

At that time, paid emojis were already a profit model for social software such as Line and Whatsapp. So when WeChat launched emoji stores, it was considered another attempt in the commercialization process.

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But when the emoji store was just launched, there were also some objections. Some users found that paid emoji stores only exist in mainland China, and WeChat emojis in Hong Kong and Taiwan remain free. In addition, there are also emoticons purchased or downloaded on iphone, which can only be used on iphone and Android phones. , Need to re-purchase or download.

In addition, during the development of the emoji store, WeChat has also invited celebrities such as Deng Chao, Lu Han, and Angelababy to make exclusive emoji packages, but it is still difficult to conceal the development of paid emojis.

Later, WeChat launched the emoticon development platform, and modified all emoticons to be downloaded for free, instead of charging fees and modified to a mode where users can reward authors, and the emoticon store was officially offline.

“Hit a plane”

In addition to the emoji store, another feature of WeChat version 5.0 that has to be mentioned is the”flying plane” in the game center.Small games.

When logging in to WeChat 5.0 for the first time, the user will be directly entered into a small game of”hitting a plane” by default. Users can click and move their own big airplanes, and when avoiding other oncoming airplanes, they can shoot down other small airplanes to win points.

Once you hit another aircraft, the game will end, and the player’s aircraft battle will be displayed on the interface. Score. After clicking Continue, you will see the”Aircraft War Rankings of the Week”, which is the score ranking of your friends in this game.

After exiting the game, in the WeChat game center, players can also see their game rankings and start again. For the first time, each player has ten chances to play airplane wars. After playing all the corresponding opportunities, players can ask for airplanes from friends, or wait 5 minutes before starting the game.

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As a nostalgic little game that has set off a national craze,”Hit a plane” is undoubtedly very successful in topic marketing or in supporting games. But now,”fighting a plane” has also fulfilled the mission given to it by WeChat. It has lost a huge user base and remains in the memory of hundreds of millions of users.

Official account”Friends’ Message”

In April 2018, some netizens broke the news that WeChat was testing the”Friends’ Message” function. In the internal beta version, in addition to selected messages, users can also see the messages of friends who have not been selected. But after a short gray test, this feature was withdrawn.

On April 9th ​​of the same year, the”Friend Message” function of the official account was officially launched. On the official account user message interface, WeChat will prompt”messages are visible to friends and will be visible to everyone after being screened by the official account”. On the backend of the WeChat official account, the words”messages are visible to the user’s friends, and the reply content is also” will also be displayed.

This means that as long as friends leave a message under the official account article, regardless of whether the message is set as a selected message, you can see the friend’s message in the first column under the article, and after the previous message The word”friend” is also reserved.

WeChat officials once stated that the update is intended to further enhance the social attributes of the official account’s messages and enhance the enthusiasm and interaction of users’ messages.

However, users do not buy it. A survey has shown that 60%of WeChat users do not like this feature, and many users have expressed that they are more concerned that unreviewed messages will be released and their every move will be seen by all their friends.

In June 2018, the”Friend Message” function was officially offline. WeChat stated that it will continue to optimize related functions so that both official account authors and readers can have a better experience on the WeChat official platform.

“Drifting Bottle”

In May 2019, in the official version of WeChat 7.0.4, the WeChat”Drifting Bottle” function was officially offline.

The drifting bottle function first appeared in the QQ mailbox. The user can write a paragraph and put it in the drifting bottle, and then throw it into the”sea” to give it to strangers anonymously. If you receive it, you can click to pick it up. See the message, if you don’t want to respond, you can throw it into the “sea” again.

In the early days of the domestic Internet development, the drift bottle function was very popular among users. According to reports, after three days of launching Drift Bottle, the number of users exceeded 1 million, and reached 10 million after half a year, allowing QQ mailbox to exceed 100 million active users, surpassing NetEase mailbox to become the number one.

So, when WeChat was launched in 2011, Drifting Bottle also came to WeChat as an original function.

However, with the increase of the user base and the intrusion of some harmful information, the development of the”drift bottle” has also encountered problems. Someone has done a test, and 7 out of 25 drifting bottles found in 4 days contained pornographic information.

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In November 2018, WeChat’s official WeChat account”WeChat Pie” issued a statement stating that WeChat found that users still use Drift Bottle and other functions to post pornographic content or promote pornographic advertisements. In response, the WeChat team carried out a special cleanup and temporarily offline related services of WeChat Drift Bottle and QQ Mail Drift Bottle. However, it was not completely offline at that time, the relevant entrances were still there, and users could only get”starfish”.

As one of the most popular features of WeChat,”Drifting Bottle” has not withstood the test of time. This WeChat function, which wanders between pornography and anonymous social networking, did not enter the normal track in the end.

Moment Video

Moment Video is not a feature of WeChat that has been offline, but it can be counted as a representative feature of WeChat’s least satisfactory update effect one.

In December 2018, WeChat released version 7.0.0, adding the moment video function. For this feature, the WeChat update page of the App Store introduces the use of”Moment Video” to record the world in front of you. You can also”bub a bubble” with your friend’s video and tell him you have been.

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When the moment video is released, there will be an extra bubble in the upper right corner of the avatar, and the video will be played by a drop-down action on the personal homepage. After clicking the bubble in the lower left corner, you can comment on the video.

However, this new feature did not cause waves as expected, but went to a forgotten state. Therefore, in version 7.0.3, WeChat has launched”New Friends’ Updates” again. After clicking to enter, three friends of the latest video will be displayed, and you can directly browse the video content.

Some people in the industry once believed that the launch of Moment Video is an important exploration of short video at the product level after WeChat missed the short video bonus. But nowadays, the significance of Moment Video for WeChat short video services has long been replaced by video accounts.

Moments comment emoji package

This feature was suspended less than two days after it went live.

In December 2019, the WeChat ios terminal was updated to version 7.0.9. One of the highlights of the update was to support users to post love packs in the Moments comments. For a while, the WeChat Moments became”Dou Tu”on site.

But only two days later, this feature was cancelled by WeChat, and Moments comments only support WeChat native emoticons.

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In this regard, the WeChat team said, “Previously, we conducted a grayscale test of the emoji package function for Moments comments, and some users can use it after updating version 7.0.9. Currently, this function has been suspended.”At the same time, WeChat did not reply when the feature will be back online.

Some people in the industry have said that the source of emoticons is different. In a semi-public scene like Moments, it is difficult to control the quality of the picture. And this can be regarded as one of the shortest online functions in WeChat history.