Don’t talk nonsense, people who borrow money to buy a house should not repay the loan in advance if they have money.
1. Inflation will make your monthly payment less and less valuable.

You can ask friends who bought a house ten years ago. They looked at the high monthly payment, how do they look now? Inflation grows in the form of compound interest growth, which is terrible. However, a bank loan, even if you borrow for 30 years, it is nothing more than double the principal of your loan .

2. Loans will become more and more difficult in the future.

Now that you pay back the money in advance, it will be very difficult to borrow it later. Now our country’s financial policy is working to reduce residentsDebt ratio, to put it plainly, it means to compress loans in the futureAmount.

3. The bank does not want you to repay in advance .

Your loan bank is checked at various levels. He lends you the money and does not want you to repay it in advance. He looks up to you and gives you a loan, just to make you affordable to live in a house, and at the same time not to live too embarrassingly.

4, Mortgage loan is a very important benefit.

Think about it, besides your parents, who would spend so much money with so muchInterest to lend you? Take a look at the business loan how much higher the interest rate? Being able to borrow money is a very important benefit in itself, and paying it back in advance is a waste of this benefit.

5. The money to be repaid in advance can be Use it to invest and improve yourself.

6, If there is really no place to invest, then buy a bank for financial management.

Not only can hedging /span>Loan interest, you can use it whenever you want. Let me ask, if you return all the money to the bank, and you need a loan to open a company, can you get the loan? Can you borrow so much?