Source:People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Bi Lei) On June 11, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a message, according to the recent international Changes in market oil prices, according to the current refined oil price formation mechanism, starting from 24:00 on June 11, 2021, domestic gasoline and diesel prices (standard products, the same below) will be increased by 175 yuan and 170 yuan per ton respectively.

It is understood that this round is the eleventh price adjustment in 2021, and will usher in the eighth price increase in 2021. After this price adjustment, the price adjustment of refined oil products in 2021 will show a pattern of”eight ups, one down and two strands”. As of this price adjustment, gasoline prices this year have increased by 1,180 yuan per ton, and diesel prices have increased by 1,140 yuan per ton. The next price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on June 28, 2021.

According to the reporter’s calculations, after this oil price adjustment, 92 gasoline was increased by 0.14 yuan per liter, 95 gasoline was increased by 0.14 yuan per liter, and the average price of 92 gasoline was very close to 7 yuan per liter. Calculated based on an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L, after the price adjustment, car owners will spend about 7 yuan more to fill a tank of fuel; according to the model that consumes 7L-8L fuel per 100 kilometers in the urban area, the cost will increase on average for every 100 kilometers. Around 0.98 yuan. For a large-scale logistics transportation vehicle with a full load of 50 tons, the fuel cost increases by about 5.6 yuan for every 100 kilometers on average.

Longzhong Information analyst Li Chunyan said that during the price adjustment cycle, domestic refined oil products Market price mainly increases. On the one hand, thanks to the continued rise of international crude oil, the price of diesel and diesel vessels in the northern refinery continued to rise. The cost of off-campus mining is”rising.” On the other hand, due to policy influences, such as the National Development and Reform Commission’s inspection of crude oil quotas for traditional refineries and Chinese-style enterprises, some refineries have tight duty-paid resources, which further supports the high prices of gasoline and diesel. Consumption tax will be levied on imported gasoline and diesel raw materials such as Hunfang and Qingxun, and domestic resources will fill the gap in the market. In addition, temperature rises, air-conditioning oil increases, and gasoline demand steadily rises. Diesel diverges between North and South. Summer harvest and summer seeds support diesel demand, but the coastal fishing season, southern region is gradually entering During the rainy season, diesel demand is suppressed. Multiple news are intertwined, and domestic gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise at a high level.

For the market outlook, Jinlianchuang analyst Xi Jiarui believes that the second quarter of each year is the peak season for global crude oil consumption in the traditional sense. As the epidemic is brought under control and The global economy is recovering, and the demand for crude oil will also show a growth trend, which will drive oil prices higher. It is expected that domestic gasoline and dieselRetail price The next round of price adjustments will be slightly raised or stranded.