January 22

A 22-year-old girl in Changsha

The incident of losing contact after she got off the online taxi

Aroused social attention

getUrls?link=7724bd36ce1df2f156d069cdfb7ba774 - Distressed! The body of the lost girl who took the online taxi was found

But I didn’t expect the tragedy to be staged!

The body of the girl was salvaged ashore last night.

At 10 pm on the 24th, the Changsha Blue Sky Rescue Team responsible for the rescue work introduced, at 7 pm At 20 minutes, they salvaged a female body in the waters near the incident. It has been confirmed that this body is a girl who lost contact. The person in charge said that the underwater situation in the waters involved was complicated. Many stones were left when the bridge was built before, which caused some troubles to rescue. They sent a total of more than 20 team members and used the sonar equipment to finally salvage the girl’s body ashore.

On the evening of January 23, a friend of Zhou Moumou, a girl who lost contact, told reporters that after the incident, the girl’s relatives and friends were all looking for someone.”She lost contact very suddenly. What is the reason? I don’t know.”

As for netizens’ speculation that Zhou Moumou’s loss was related to the ride-hailing driver, this is not the case.”After Zhou Moumou got off the car, the online car-hailing system continued to operate according to the trajectory. The relevant departments also talked to the driver. It has nothing to do with the online car-hailing system. Zhou Moumou’s last activity track was on the riverside, which does not rule out suicidal tendency.”

Source:Chutian Metropolis Daily

Source:International Tourism Island Business Daily