This year’s 6.18 kicked off on June 1, and the pre-sale turnover of major e-commerce platforms reached a new high.

Tmall data shows that only one hour after the opening, the volume of self-broadcasting from brand stores increased by more than 100%over the same period last year. Taobao live broadcast The turnover in one hour exceeds that of the whole day last year. In addition to traditional e-commerce platforms, short videos such as Douyin and Kuaishou have also joined this year, hoping to get a share of the pie. In the context of changes in the market structure, brands have ushered in new opportunities in all channels, but they also face many challenges.

On June 9, the Southern Finance All-Media Group held the”Different 6.18-E-commerce Channel Opportunities and Challenges” online seminar, inviting multiple brand e-commerce and experts to discuss how to achieve a win-win situation for consumers, brands, and platforms under the omni-channel e-commerce? What are the opportunities for brands under the omni-channel layout of e-commerce? What measures are taken to deal with the challenges of e-commerce omni-channels?

Pan Tao, Deputy General Manager of CDI:Live broadcast is normalized, head Anchor /span>Significant diversion effect

As a smart door lock As the leading brand in the industry, Cathay Pacific received a round of financing with an amount close to US$100 million. The lead investor is Lanxin Asia Investment Group, and the investors include Tongchuangweiye and Qianhai Huxing. The performance of 618 this year has been paid more attention by capital and industry.

According to our understanding, since the end of April, Capdis has been preparing for 618, and it will be available on Tmall, JD, Suning, Douyin and other platform channels have all tried and officially opened on June 1st After-sales, the results of 618 far exceeded Pan Tao’s expectations, especially in terms of new sales and transactions, the Tmall platform performed significantly. Among them, a”Kaidishi×Weiya Co-branded Customization”, the monthly sales of its flagship store on Tmall has reached 7,460 pieces, and it has become an explosive product for smart door locks.

Pan Tao, the deputy general manager of Cathy, said frankly that consumer acceptance not only depends on the expression of the brand’s information, but also on the consumer’s understanding and acceptance. Compared with the past, consumers are only reached through pictures and texts on the detail page. Live broadcast is a more efficient way of interaction, real-time two-way interactive communication, and at the same time can play a role in brand exposure and brand promotion.

This is also the most important source of growth for 618, increasing market penetration. In the past few years, smart door lock brands have jointly carried out consumer reach and publicity, and consumer awareness has been gradually established. Under such a large environment, the penetration rate of smart door locks in the domestic market is gradually increasing. In terms of multi-channel layout, Cathy has covered four mainstream e-commerce channels, including Tmall,, Suning, and Douyin. Looking at the entire e-commerce sector, Tmall still dominates, and Tmall channels account for The ratio is as high as 70%.

At the same time, from 2020 to the present, we can see that live broadcast has brought more increments. Especially the cooperation with the top anchor, in just 3-5 minutes, not only tens of millions of sales, but more importantly, reaching hundreds of thousands, even millions of consumption in this way. By. These consumers may not be reached by the brand’s original channels.

On the other hand, the increase also comes from more precipitation and research on consumer groups, paying attention to their own consumer assets, analyzing consumer portraits, seeking consumer demand and pain points, and then pushing back to supply Chain, and finally launch new products.

Among them, relying on the intelligent linkage of Tmall, the traffic introduced through live broadcast will eventually settle into the brand dataIn the consumer assets of banks, this is the empowerment of Tmall to the brand.

Bijie YamengShanghai Business Manager Fan Yaxin:Branding is a phased improvement process

Yameng is a domesticBeauty instrument is the first brand in the industry to carry out clinical trials in tertiary hospitals in key regions across the country. During the 618 period this year, according to Tmall’s 618 [Big Brand Electronic Beauty Apparatus Plus Purchase List], Yameng MAX flagship version Radio frequency instrument, Yameng ACE radio frequency instrument, and the new product Gong Jun launched this year, the same”Water Light Diamond” three products have all entered the Top 5 list.

Fan Yaxin, person in charge of Bijieyamen’s Shanghai business, was at the meeting as a beauty equipmentCategory, the live broadcast room of Daren is an important link in the entire consumer decision-making chain.

Many users have been exposed to brand advertisements through different channels, and have also seen them Liked bloggers recommended, through omni-channel diversion, and finally sold on the e-commerce platform. Especially in the live broadcast room, with the endorsement of the expert and the better discount, the transaction becomes natural.

At the same time, compared to content platforms, the entire purchase experience of e-commerce platforms is the smoothest and most comfortable. From the purchase to the after-sale service to its entire experience process, consumers are still on the Tmall platform, and their experience is of the highest quality and evaluation. Compared with other platforms, Tmall has obvious advantages overall, and it is currently the most important sales platform. In terms of team building and professional ability training, Tmall is also the largest investment, so at the level of the entire service team, Tmall is also the highest quality.

At present, the Yameng brand is in the form of a group in deep cooperation with leading anchors, such as Via. At present, in terms of pit fees and commissions, the two parties are still a relatively benign cooperation.

Not only does it work with Daren, the brand is also stepping up and accelerating the pace of self-broadcasting in stores. Store self-broadcasting actually has very high requirements for the entire operation, including the layout of the live broadcast room, the emotional mobilization of the anchor, user communication, shelf time, preferential strength and off-book balance, which requires a professional team to continue to build.

On the other hand, in the branding of international beauty brands landing in China, it is often to plant grass from outside the station to stimulate the people’s interest in new products, from Kol to medical experts, and then To the celebrity spokesperson, gradually enhance the brand power of the brand. In terms of channel selection, insights into traffic dividends are needed.

The ultimate goal of global planting is to introduce traffic to the Tmall flagship store centralized transactionclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="4952495" qid="6625953085627831565"> span>, improve the efficiency of team operations. Under the omni-channel pattern of e-commerce, Tmall is still the main position of brand management, and secondly, it is considering the layout of JD channels.

In the future layout of e-commerce channels, Tmall will still be the mainstay, but in terms of content sowing, it is still necessary to choose to walk with the platform that young people like, and constantly change the form.

After precipitation and accumulation, it is necessary to increase the brand’s reputation and favorability, and even extend to the enterprise’s Social responsibility level. In fact, the entire brand will follow from the initial flow to multi-dimensional endorsements at different levels, and then to have his values , is a phased improvement process.

It is worth noting that the trend of domestic products is clearly on the rise, all supply chains respond more quickly, and the positioning of brand product design concepts will also pay more attention to the minds of young users.

And Liu Jingyi, the head of the first e-commerce company:Call on the e-commerce platform to open a new track for the new domestic products

At the time, the new domestic products are starting to clean. Starting from demand to create a cutting-edge personal care brand. Under the wave of new domestic brands, KIMTRUE has achieved annual sales of 100 million in 2020 in just over a year. During the 618 period, the results were also remarkable. On the first day, the Tmall official flagship store broke the overall sales of last year’s 618 in 3 minutes.

Liu Jingyi, head of the first e-commerce company, said that relying on the general environment, the rise of domestic brands in recent years has given birth to many new domestic products. In the process of rising, it is necessary to step on the track according to consumer demand and even open up new ones. Category track.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have marketing team operations and network experts to work together to be able to speak for new brands in order to obtain brand cold-start growth.

It can be seen that the current emerging brands in the market are constantly exploring new opportunities and potential needs in the industry, and developing a new market segment through user education. With the help of Tmall’s own advantages, brands are more willing to concentrate their potential energy on Tmall, and traffic on other platforms will follow up accordingly. One aspect of this is inseparable from Tmall’s support for cutting-edge brands and the exploration of potential users. On the other hand, it is difficult for content platforms to bring brand awareness and consumer loyalty to new brands, and more is just sales. Compared with the rebate provided by Tmall to brands including search and recommendation sites, the rebate of other e-commerce platforms is limited to the account of the brand, and the deep cultivation of users requires long-term investment. Some platforms, such as the epidemic, may have a short-term growth after a special period, but then the traffic has slowly returned to a relatively stable growth state. As a result, it is still necessary to weigh again and again in consideration of the production ratio and later effects.

It is worth noting that while cutting-edge brands continue to explore new markets, many big names are sitting on their own. After seeing such market segment opportunities, they will use huge funds, resources and brand influence to follow up, instantly squeezing the development space of the new domestic brand.

Faced with this predicament, domestic brands are also calling on e-commerce platforms such as Tmall to develop separate tracks for emerging domestic brands to help brands go further.

Lu Xun, vice president of Bicheng Digital:What brand omni-channel needs is high-quality customer acquisition

Bicheng Digital is a leading digital Internet brand management in China One of the group, it has completed its layout in the five major consumer industries of home appliances, consumer electronics, health, maternal and child, personal care, beauty, food and beverage, and is a strategic partner of many world-renowned brands. Bicheng’s business has covered many integrated e-commerce and social e-commerce platforms, and has exclusive new retail experience stores.

Lu Xun, vice president of Bicheng Digital, shared his wonderful views at the meeting. He said that the cooperation between brand owners is still based on major e-commerce, and social e-commerce is the supplementary pattern. There are still e-commerce platforms. Its irreplaceable advantages. At present, the main cooperation position is still on Tmall. Basically, more than 90%of them will be on Tmall. Most of the cooperating brands are also on Tmall, followed by There have only been brands on Tmall since last year. Douyin and some strategic channels have done some layout, and the current proportion is still relatively small.

With the rise of short videos, the sinking market dividend has been released repeatedly, whether it is high-end or parity brands are all very interested in the expansion of the sinking market, and plan to obtain sinking market traffic through product layering. The essential core is the advantage of the supply chain. Tmall is the main position of brand operation. The core is actually consumers, and consumers’ minds are still abundant It will be on Tmall. The content sharing platform of Douyin is more about content sowing or drainage.

Brand owners’ anxiety about omni-channel growth comes from customer acquisition. In terms of 618 sub-sectors this year, fast-moving consumer goods of necessities and durable goods have grown faster. At the same time, brands will be more rational and strategic in live broadcasts.

At the same time, store self-broadcasting will be more valued now. The live broadcast of the master anchors brings more customers to the brand, especially high-quality new customers. But in the past 2019-2020 years, many brands will use the live broadcast room of Daren anchors as the core part of sales supplement.

In addition, for durable goods with high customer unit prices, in addition to online cooperation with various e-commerce platforms, offline construction of consumer scenes is also an important component of consumer experience. The construction of the offline experience store can also be used as a live broadcast room to help the online platform attract traffic, and keep up with it from pre-sales to after-sales service.

In addition, in the maternal and infant category, under the general environment of insufficient and declining newborn population, the refined operation of existing customers is an inevitable choice.

Hu Qimu, chief researcher of the digital economy think tank:digital economy enters the second half

Social e-commerce is not strictly an e-commerce. The complete e-commerce link should include production, settlement, and supporting financial services, completefinancial services, completefinancial services span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”15750720″ qid=”6543309295209977096″>Invoicing, sales and inventory and other links. Among them, in social e-commerce, after-sales is a very big blank. If there is a problem, fans and consumers do not know who to find to solve the problem.

These problems that arise in the process of transforming this kind of platform to e-commerce will seriously hinder the speed of its transformation and the chance of success. Whether the platform can be transformed into a thorough e-commerce, this model remains to be verified. Because there are many modules in e-commerce that cannot be solved by market mechanism, such as social responsibility, after-sales is a society Responsibility cannot be solved by a pure market mechanism.

Currently, short video platforms are growing rapidly, but there are reasons behind this kind of data. It is now in the dividend period, and capital is investing behind it. It is certain that the cost of flow is low, but as time goes by, the cost is higher. And whether the fast-growing traffic can be transformed into stable consumption, this still needs to be verified.

The existing traditional e-commerce companies have built a complete ecological chain, and the entry of live broadcast is just adding one more function to the chain. However, some social e-commerce companies, such as Douyin, have to rebuild a set of marketing and functional modules, which may require two teams. This way the marginal cost will become higher.

However, in the post-epidemic era, consumers’ tolerance for e-commerce has repeatedly increased. Under this opportunity, e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce will usher in greater development. In this window period, the platform And brand owners should focus on supporting after-sales work.

In the process of brand management, there are R&D, design, production, supply chain, and marketing channels behind it. It should not be limited to traffic contention. The digital economy is about to enter the second half. Under the explosive growth of the first half, many problems can be covered up due to the rapid increase, but it is tapped in the sinking market, When consumption upgrade encounters a bottleneck, brands should pay more attention to the construction and improvement of the supply chain.

The bottom layer of the brand is the manufacturing industry, which is driven by production. Relying on e-commerce to follow the flow of consumption measurement, the intelligence of the manufacturing industry can quickly respond to market signals and rely on market response to support logistics and warehousing. Service, polishing after-sales service. Under economies of scale, with consideration of economies of scope, focus on brand peripheral products, and expand the scope of brand radiation. A good platform is needed to support a larger range of data to help better understand market changes and consumer needs, and then how to let this signal reach the manufacturing link.

At present, the market is still hot, and brand owners should keep a clear head. The omni-channel layout of e-commerce is not a simple flow expansion. Under the maintenance of high-quality development, perfecting the supply chain is the kingly way.

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