Source:Original draft from People’s Daily Online

Consumers who won the contract experience in the Yuanmingyuan Digital RMB payment. Photo by People’s Daily Online by Li Tong

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Li Tong)”Have you signed the digital RMB red envelope?” Today, the result of the new round of digital RMB red envelope activity in Beijing After the release, many citizens greeted with new topics.

It is understood that in order to accelerate the construction of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games digital RMB acceptance environment, combined with the arrangements for the 2021 Beijing consumption season , Beijing launched the”Jingcai Struggle Digital Carnival” digital renminbi pilot activity on June 5. The event distributed 200,000 digital RMB red envelopes to the winning consumers, each with an amount of 200 yuan. This is a four-fold increase in the number of red envelopes compared to the digital RMB pilot activity of the”Digital Wangfujing Ice and Snow Shopping Festival” launched in February this year.

Digital renminbi is a digital legal currency issued by the people’s bank. It is Operated by designated operating agencies and exchanged to the public, they are equivalent to banknotes and coins. Different from Bitcoin, my country’s digital renminbi is a legal currency in digital form, with value characteristics and legal compensation. Digital renminbi is more convenient and can realize dual offline payment without relying on the Internet; it is more secure, supports anonymous payment, and protects personal privacy; it can reduce cross-border transaction costs, reduce handling fees, and increase the speed of settlement.

The reporter saw in the Yuanmingyuan scenic spot that as the first 5A-level scenic spots in Beijing and the first in Haidian District to support the acceptance of digital renminbi, the winning consumers can use digital renminbi to buy tickets, cultural and creative in the Yuanmingyuan scenic spot. Supplies, specialty goods, etc.

“After presenting the digital RMB payment code, the payment can be completed with a single swipe, and dual offline payment can be realized without the restriction of the network environment.” The winning consumer told People’s Daily reporter.

Qiu Wenzhong, director of the Yuanmingyuan Management Office, introduced that the acceptance environment for digital RMB payments in the park is determined by La Kala was jointly built with Postal Savings Bank. Visitors can also learn about the digital renminbi through interactive game quiz and other methods.

Liu Jianmin, director of the Haidian District Financial Services Office, said that in this “Jingcai Struggle Digital Carnival” digital renminbi pilot activity, Haidian District united six major banks to promote the establishment of the B-side digital renminbi acceptance environment . At present, there are more than 600 merchants in Haidian that can accept digital RMB red packets, including parks, theaters and other tourist and leisure places, covering Wukesong Huaxi, Zhongguancun, Princess Tomb and other key business districts, can meet the different needs of the general public Demand for use.

“The biggest difficulty in the preparatory stage comes from the training of merchants and the promotion of user habits, so that everyone can understand the digital renminbi, accept the digital renminbi and use the digital renminbi. I believe that the follow-up will become more and more smooth.” Lakala Senior Vice President Tang Ling said that Lakala is already using digital renminbi to pay part of the salary to employees, which is also convenient for everyone to experience digital renminbi.

It is understood that this round of digital renminbi red envelopes can be used in nearly 2,000 designated merchants in Beijing without threshold consumption.