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Report from (Reporter Ruan Haifeng, Correspondent Hu Yutong) from Sikeshu Daiping Village to Yaoshan Town Shilin Road in Dazhuang Village. On this 25-kilometer-long tourist road, set the four Keshu Township is connected with several well-known tourist attractions in Yaoshan Town to become the most beautiful road in Mount Lu.

During May 1st, tourists looking for beautiful scenery went all over the country. The Mozi Ancient Street Scenic Spot in Lushan County, Henan Province has a special feature. Mozi Ancient Street condenses the Mozi culture, farming culture, market culture, temple fair culture and catering culture into one garden, creating a grand bazaar with courtyards in houses, streets in courtyards, scenes in streets, and theaters in scenes.

At night, the bonfire party in Mozi Ancient Street makes tourists more memorable.”A bonfire can disperse the severe cold, and unity can drive away difficulties.”

The local people are very enthusiastic, and the interaction with tourists shows that the bonfire party is more exciting and interesting. When the bonfire faded away, on the rostrum, colorful fireworks lit up the night sky again. The more you dance, the more joyful you are, the colorful neon flashes in the night sky, all kinds of dance performance, various role-plays, and the stage will change accordinglyBrilliant colors.

At the moment the bonfire was burning, the host enthusiastically invited the visitors to put up each other’s shoulders and connect them into a long dragon, stepping on”Rabbit Dance” danced together to the beat of the music, and the scene was very spectacular.

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