Every reporter:Shu Dongni, every editor:Tang Hui

On June 16, the reporter of”Daily Economic News” learned that cross-border e-commerce WOOK has completed C round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. This round of investment was led by Yilian Capital, followed by Hong Kong-listed company Tiange Interactive, and Gaohu Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor.

WOOK targeted the Southeast Asian market in 2011. WOOK revealed that this round of financing will be mainly used in four aspects, including local infrastructure construction, category expansion, accelerating the deployment of new countries and markets, and exploring new models in new scenarios.

Wang Shumin, managing partner of Yilian Capital, believes that the current cross-border overseas market has entered an in-depth stage, and higher requirements are placed on the operation and management of cross-border enterprises. Yilian invests in WOOK because it is optimistic about the company’s solid foundation in the domestic supply chain and its efficient operation and management capabilities overseas.

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