01. Crayfish plummeted by 60%

It’s summer now, crayfish They started to be active everywhere, even in the wild pond. Many naughty children came to catch lobsters around the fish pond on the weekends, and it would take a long time to get a full harvest.

Actually, crayfish were already on the market as early as the end of March. At that time, the price was relatively higher, and it could be sold for about 50 yuan per catty. By April, the overall listing volume was still not too much, and the price could still be sold for more than 30 yuan.

However, even if the price is high, the sales in the market are still hot. Many people are buying and tasting. There is a strong demand for”retaliatory” consumption in the market. Lobsters cost two to three hundred yuan at every turn, and they still have to line up to buy them.

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However, starting from May, with the large number of crayfish on the market, its price has also continued to slump. I remember that in the supermarket in our hometown in mid-May, the promotional price was 12 yuan a catty, and in the latter half of the year it was even 10 yuan a catty. Now when you go to the market to buy it, you can buy a catty for 7-8 yuan.

A netizen said that the crayfish in their supermarket was 39.95 yuan/jin when they first went on the market, but it has now fallen to 12.45 yuan/jin, a drop of 60%. Indeed, the price of crayfish has fallen sharply. It is reported that the current price in Tangkou has fallen to about 4-6 yuan, mainly depending on the size of the crayfish. However, in those big cities, the price of crayfish is still not too cheap, and the price of crayfish in restaurants has not dropped much.

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Of course, the decline in the crayfish market is actually due to the concentration of the market in June. At this time, the rice field lobster just entered the market period, so farmers will also speed up the sale of shrimp. The cost of breeding crayfish is low, and there is no need to feed too much food. Even 4 yuan per catty can be profitable.

In general, the decline in the crayfish market is caused by seasonal declines. You don’t need to panic, let alone crayfish in cities are still not cheap.

02. Big cherry rotten city was cut down

As early as At the beginning of the year, the greenhouse cherries sold for more than 200 yuan a catty, but in March the price fell to 80 yuan a catty, and the market for big cherries in April returned to about 30 yuan. The sluggish market for large cherries in the greenhouse has also given a bad start to large cherries in the open air.

In mid-to-late May, the red-light cherry was on the market, but the price was not too high when it first entered the market. The retail price is only 15 yuan per catty, and the local Yantai is 10 yuan per catty. , This kind of price does not seem to be cheap, but it is still a lot lower than in previous years, after all, it used to be more than 20 yuan.

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In June, the prices of big cherries in various places have been reduced successively. According to the feedback from netizens, Dalian cherries at Shenyang morning market are as low as 4 yuan, and 10 yuan is very sweet; netizens in Yantai said that the red light is 6 yuan a catty, and the yellow ones are yellow. Honey 15 yuan 2 catty; Wenchuan cherry 10 yuan a catty.

But in the south, big cherries are still not cheap, 20-40 yuan per catty. In the final analysis, it is caused by too expensive transportation and the big cherries are not kept fresh, so It’s normal for the Southern Market to be expensive.

For the old farmers in the producing areas, the market for big cherries this year is too bad. The purchase price is 2-3 yuan per catty, and there is no profit at all. The sluggish market for big cherries has not been a year or two. It has been the same since 2018. Many old farmers are so angry that they cut the trees directly, and there is no profit if they continue to plant them. It is better to free up land to grow corn.

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Indeed, today’s Overproduction of cherries, low consumer demand in the market, and continued price declines, but in the past few years, many farmers blindly followed suit and did not pay attention to their management. As a result, the quality of large cherries was not very good, and it was naturally difficult to sell at high prices.

03. Vegetables are on the rise

The prices of crayfish and fruits are At the same time as the decline, the price of vegetables has risen uncharacteristically, and the market for many leafy vegetables is quite impressive.

In the case of cabbage, the market continued to fall in May, but the recent price has ushered in a positive rebound. The wholesale price is 0.65-0.75 yuan/kg. The price is enviable. The lettuce market is also very good, Tianjin lettuce 1.5-1.6 yuan per catty, the quality is not very good; Shandong lettuce 1.6-1.7 yuan per catty; Lanzhou lettuce quality is slightly better, the sale is good, so the wholesale price is 1.6-1.8 yuan per catty.

Nowadays, the price of celery is also considerable. Zhangjiakou’s celery enters the market, and the wholesale price is 3.4-3.6 yuan/jin. The price of Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum rebounds by 100%, and the kale seedlings also rise sharply. 53%. As for why the vegetable market has soared so sharply, it is also normal for the price of vegetables to rise at the same time as the increase in sales due to the warming weather and the increasing demand for vegetables in the market.

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What’s more, every June is also a time when the production areas of many types of vegetables are changed, and the market supply is somewhat tight, which will also drive the rise in the market.

But the biggest increase is garlic. At the beginning of May, the land price was only 0.8 yuan per catty, but the market started to rise to 1.5 yuan per catty in the middle of this month. The purchase price is even 1.8-2 yuan per catty. This price allows garlic farmers to make a fortune, earning 3,000 yuan per mu.

Many garlic farmers said that the purchase price was 0.5-0.7 yuan in the same period last year, and an acre of land would cost a few hundred yuan. Now the price of garlic is rising, and everyone has filled it. Later losses.

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It can be seen that the agricultural and sideline product market can be described as changing. If you want to sell at higher prices, you need to develop more sales channels and improve product quality. What do you think?