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A corner of a blind box franchise store in a shopping mall in our city.

How hot is the blind box economy? Since the”first year of blind boxes” in 2019, various series of blind boxes represented by Bubble Mart Molly in China have gradually exploded, and the blind box economy has been booming. CITIC Securities issued a research report on the leading brand of domestic trendy play industry on January 15 and gave it a “buy” rating for the first time, believing that the company is expected to grow into a high-end trendy brand for the young age, and is optimistic about its role as a leading trendy player. Continuous evolution ability.

As the domestic”blind box first stock”, Bubble Mart was established in 2010, mainly focusing on the IP that integrates fashion product retail, artist brokerage, new media entertainment platform and large-scale exhibitions. Comprehensive operation service area. In April 2019, when Pao Mart was delisted from the New OTC Market, its market value was only 2 billion yuan. When Pao Mart was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2020, its total market value had reached 106.5 billion Hong Kong dollars. Total of 88.8 billion yuan. In less than two years, the market value of Bubble Mart has increased by dozens of times, and its growth rate is staggering.

At present, the trendy play industry is still a primary industry. Many brands have launched blind boxes, lucky bags and other products, and even the catering industry is involved. Behind the phenomenon of many brands flocking, it also reflects the crazy growth of the blind box market size and demand. During the interview, the reporter found that the buyers of blind boxes are mostly young women with higher incomes. These people focus on spiritual life, are more inclined to please themselves, and are willing to pay for their favorite IP image.

Ms. Tan, who has purchased 50 or 60 blind boxes since 2019, explained to reporters her original intention of buying blind boxes,”I like blind boxes because looking at these cute little dolls will feel healing. , To treat anxiety.” In addition, she also told reporters, “Now that I see a series I like, I really want to’whole box end’. Many friends who collect blind boxes often buy the whole box, but the price It’s really not cheap, so I will consider it carefully before deciding to start.” Another Ms. Yao who bought blind boxes told reporters that she would not buy in large quantities. The price of 59 yuan for a blind box is still not available to most working-class people. Consumers will only buy one or two to reward themselves when they encounter a favorite series. There are also a large number of netizens who play blind boxes that they have spent too much money on blind boxes because they enjoy the pleasure of unpacking the boxes and the pleasure of collecting a series. According to Tmall’s”Post-95 Player Chopping List”, nearly 200,000 people spend 20,000 yuan a year to collect blind boxes, and some consumers even spend millions of yuan a year to buy blind boxes. On the second-hand trading platform, many hidden models and special models of blind boxes are also marked with prices several or even dozens of times higher than the original price. Many blind box enthusiasts choose to buy these rare blind boxes from second-hand platforms. To achieve the purpose of gathering.

At 13:3 on January 18, the blind box economic sector index reported 859.753 points, an increase of 2%. Although the popularity of blind boxes remains unabated and many brands have enjoyed market dividends, behind the explosion of the blind box economy are brand plagiarism, lack of innovation, low customer loyalty, and the use of consumers”gambler psychology” and other negative characteristics. Therefore, the reporter believes that the blind box economy market needs to be regulated, and its development trend needs to be further waited and seen.

(text/Chart reporter Rui red intern Sun Xiaoqing)

Author:Rui red

Source:Jinan Daily