After experiencing the”sloppy period” of disorderly expansion, the community group buying industry ushered in another round of”cooling”. Following May 27, the State Administration of Market Supervision imposed a 1.5 million yuan administrative penalty on Shihui Mission’s improper price behavior case. Recently, there has been news on the market that some platforms have been ordered to remove”0.01 yuan spike” products. In March of this year, community group buying platforms such as Meituan Optimal and Shihuituan were also punished. After multiple rounds of penalties and rectifications, the community group purchase discounts have been substantially”shrunk” and the market has gradually returned to rationality. However, at the same time, there are still shortcomings in the quality of community group buying commodities and service quality, and it is urgent to form industry norms and industry order, and embark on the path of standardized development.

Low-key expansion of community group buying

“Scan the code and enter the WeChat group? Daily specials will be issued in the group.” Ms. Ji said The package of fruits and vegetables is handed to the customers who come to pick up the goods, while inviting them to join the community. Ms. Ji is the owner of a community photo studio in Haidian District. A month ago, she became the leader of a community group buying. The self-pickup point is located in the photo studio. When she and her husband visit the store, she will take orders, tally goods, and receive customers to pick up goods.

1.4 yuan a catty of pureed carrots, 9 hairs and 9 portions of White jade mushrooms

span>, 1.6 yuan a catty of fine tomatoes, more than ten yuan of 30 pieces of eggs… in the shop In one corner, there are piles of special vegetables that many surrounding residents bought on the community group buying platform the day before.

In 2020, the epidemic has hit all walks of life. With the community as the center and the group leader as the distribution node, the community group buying business of community residents through WeChat groups, small programs and other tools to buy fruits and fresh products, daily cosmetics and cosmetics, etc. became popular overnight. In addition to the upstart entrepreneurs who bet by venture capital, Ali, Kuaishou, Tencent, Meituan, Pinduoduo,, Bytedance and Didi and other Internet giants have also entered the market.

At the beginning of this year, community group buying platforms under the giants such as Meituan Youyou and Orangexinyouyou started to compete in the second, third, and fourth tier cities and even counties, and they also began to compete in the Beijing low-key expansion.

However, in Ms. Ji’s view, community group buying has limited appeal in first-tier cities, and the number of orders is not large.”Anyway, the store is also open. It is unrealistic to make fruit money. It is unrealistic to expect it to make a lot of money.” Ms. Ji said that when there are many group purchase orders, the store can earn tens of yuan in commission income for the group leader a day. Just a few dollars in commission. For her, letting more residents know about her own photo studio by acting as a self-collection point for community group purchases is another motivation for her to be the group leader.

Jiangsu a group leader with two years of community group buying experience revealed that community group buying When the new platform was first launched, the commission was very high, reaching 10%. At present, the commission of several platforms has dropped to 1%to 5%.

On May 27, the State Administration of Market Supervision imposed a top fine of 1.5 million yuan on the Shihui Mission for less than cost price dumping and price fraud. Recently, it has been reported that some platforms have received rectification requests again, requesting continued tightening of subsidies.

There are many fresh food disruptors

As consumption continues to upgrade, price is no longer the only indicator for consumers to evaluate products and services, especially In Beijing, where fresh food e-commerce is highly developed, whether community group buying can continue to gain users’ favor requires a big question mark. Many users report that there are many problems in community group buying, such as difficulty in returning goods, kicking the ball after sales, and inducing new sales.

Reporter recently came to the community after placing an order on the Meituan Optimal Group Purchase Platform Pick up the goods from the grocery store.”Which platform did you buy? The group purchases are all in the car.” The reporter followed the group leader to a small truck and found that the group purchases were crowded in the trunk, and the fruits and vegetables were squeezed out for the whole afternoon. Peculiar smell. The head of the group said frankly that he often encounters group buying users who report that the fruit tastes bad. He started an advertisement by the way:”It’s not as good as the quality sold in the store. The ones sold in our store are also very cheap, and they can also be picked on the spot.”

In addition to the uneven quality of the goods, mom-and-pop supermarkets, side dishes The service quality of shop owners and other group leaders also affects the user experience. After placing the order on the Orange Heart Optimal Platform, the reporter went to the pick-up point to pick up the goods in the afternoon following the platform prompts. Although the platform showed that the goods had been delivered to the pick-up point, the door was closed and the delegation leader’s phone was not answered. An hour later, the phone was finally dialed, but the group leader said that he would not be able to return to the pick-up point until 7 pm.

The issue of returns has also been criticized by many users.”After I clicked to apply for a refund, I waited for a few hours and the leader did not review it. Finally, I still had to go to the platform for review.” Consumer Ms. Gu has only experienced community group buying once. In her opinion, community group buying costs The time cost is high, and it is not the best choice for office workers to buy fresh food.

Abandon the price war into a new stage

For a long time, competition for offline and sinking market traffic has been regarded as an important reason for giants to invest heavily in community group buying. Meng Huixin, an analyst at the Legal Equity Department of the E-Commerce Research Center of the Net Economics, believes that it is not a wise choice for community group buying to engage in a”price war”. It makes consumers rely on the platform and depends more on the integration of service quality, product quality, and after-sales service. ability.

Analysis of industry insiders, community group buying mainly adopts”pre-sale + centralized procurement + The “self-pickup” model, relying on technologies such as data management and online deployment, can not only open up the matching link between consumer demand and suppliers, but also reduce the price increase link of traditional agricultural sales, reduce costs in the supply chain, and improve efficiency.

For the next trend of community group buying competition, financial commentator Wang Chikun predicts that”the biggest may be Sex is like the taxi-hailing market. It is difficult to determine the victory or defeat by operating alone. A few companies may win miserably. The capital behind the scenes will sit together and truce through capital mergers.”

( The original title”Community group buying”reducing false fire”:discounts have shrunk sharply, quality shortcomings revealed”)

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