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Reviewing retail e-commerce in 2020, the epidemic at the beginning of this year has not only affected the The development of e-commerce has changed the original e-commerce pattern. Mo Daiqing, director of the online retail department and senior analyst of the e-commerce research center of the Net Economics, said that the growth rate of online retail sales across the country has slowed down compared with the same period last year, which has a certain relationship with this year’s epidemic. However, the online retail sales of physical goods continue to increase as a proportion of the total retail sales of consumer goods. It can be seen that the importance of online retail is gradually becoming more prominent. At the same time, driven by the combination of online and offline retail systems, online retail still has potential. Net Economics (100EC.CN) has been tracking the retail e-commerce field for a long time. The following is our inventory of the top ten retail e-commerce keywords in 2020 from a third-party perspective.

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Retail Merchant:In a narrow sense, it refers to commodity trading activities through online channels, including physical commodity trading and virtual commodity trading. The Broad Internet Economic Society defines retail e-commerce as a business format, including platforms, merchants, brands, users, and service providers. According to the model, there are C2C, B2C, C2M, B2B2C, etc.; according to the category, there are integrated e-commerce, vertical e-commerce; according to the trading market, there are imported cross-border e-commerce, export cross-border e-commerce; new e-commerce has members System e-commerce, live e-commerce, boutique e-commerce, mini program e-commerce, etc.

Keyword 1:Community group buying

Community group buying began to explode in 2018 , After the previous thousand regiments battle, today, community group buying has completed the exploration road for more than two years, and it has also welcomed Ali, Duoduo,, Suning, Meituan, and Didi Internet giants entered the game. In 2020, catalyzed by the epidemic, a new situation of a thousand regiment battles seems to have taken shape.

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Keywords Two:Live streaming with goods

In the first half of 2020, live streaming with goods is frequently searched. Weiya, Li Jiaqi, and Simba’s records have been repeatedly broken. E-commerce tycoons, county and mayors, etc. have come out of the circle. Participate in this carnival. Live broadcast e-commerce is becoming a”second explosion” and becoming a new growth point. Live broadcast has become a”standard configuration” for e-commerce, brands, and merchants, and the live broadcast penetration rate is rapidly increasing. Affected by the epidemic, this year’s live broadcast of goods has reached a new height.

According to the”2020 (Part 1) China Live E-commerce Data Report” released by the E-Commerce Research Center of the Net Economics, the scale of live e-commerce transactions in the first half of 2020 will reach 456.12 billion yuan. The transaction scale reached 971.23 billion yuan, which is close to the trillion mark.

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Net Jing The agency defines live broadcast e-commerce as merchants/brands who use live broadcast platforms to sell their products, so that consumers can understand the functions of the products, and thus realize the transaction behavior of purchase.

The”Report” pointed out that currently live e-commerce includes six types of MCN agencies, anchors, retail e-commerce, short video platforms, social platforms, and service providers. The main platforms included in the industry chain are:1) MCN institutions:Ruhan, Qianxun, Meione, Fengqu Culture, Dayu Network, Netstar DreamWorks, etc.; 2) Anchor:Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi, Zhang Dayi, Sydney, Luo Yonghao, Simba, Sanda, etc.; 3) Retail e-commerce:Taobao, Pinduoduo, Jingdong,, Mogujie, Vipshop, Xiaohongshu, etc.; 4) Short video platforms:Douyin, Kuaishou, Volcano, Station B, Douyu Etc.; 5) Social platforms:WeChat, Weibo, MOMO; 6) Service providers:Youzan, Weimeng, etc.

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Keyword three:listing wave

In 2020, China Concept Stocks set off a collective”return home” wave. The surface factor that triggered the return of Chinese concept stocks and Hong Kong stocks stemmed from the continued fermentation of the Luckin Coffee incident. Since Ruixing’s explosion of fraud, crises of confidence in China’s concept stocks in the US stock market have appeared one after another. Good Future, GSX, and iQiyi have successively created short-selling institutions to sell short positions. China Concept Stocks have repeatedly been publicly questioned by short-selling institutions to varying degrees.

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in In the case of further tensions in US relations, many Chinese concept stocks including, NetEase and Baozun E-commerce have chosen to return to Hong Kong. Sub-listing to avoid corresponding risks. In addition, Dada Group, Liren Lizhuang, Ruoyuchen, Boqi Pet, 55 Haitao, etc. plan to be listed or have been listed.

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Keyword 4:sinking market

Meeting consumers’ purchasing needs, exploring new consumption scenarios and sinking consumption has become a major trend in the new market.

Consumption scenarios in third- to sixth-tier cities and county-level rural areas have become important consumption growth points. How to better seize the sinking market area has also become an important breakthrough for profit maximization. Now the three giants of, Pinduoduo, and Ali e-commerce have completed their sinking market layout. The third to sixth tier cities and county-level rural markets have huge potential. For e-commerce platforms, it is necessary to keep a good stock, while continuing to explore growth points, increase the number of new users, and finally achieve conversion.

The number of active buyers of the three major e-commerce giants, Alibaba,, and Pinduoduo, is collectively increasing. It can be seen that the low-line sinking market has become an important engine for the acceleration of new users, and the market will sink in 2020. It is still the main battlefield where Pinduoduo,, and Ali e-commerce giants play against each other.

JD’s third-quarter financial report showed that JD’s monthly active users reached 441.6 million, an increase of 24.2 million in a single quarter. 80%of new users come from sinking emerging markets. Jingxi has played a very good role in the sinking of JD’s retail business to lower-tier cities, helping to attract more traffic.

As of the end of September, the number of active buyers on the platform reached 731.3 million, an increase of 36%year-on-year, and an increase of 195 million active buyers in a year. Among them, the third quarter increased by 48.1 million in a single quarter. In the third quarter, the average monthly active users of Pinduoduo App reached 643.4 million, an increase of 50%over the same period last year, and a single quarter increase of 74.6 million. The sinking market has always been the main position of Pinduoduo, surrounding the third- and fifth-tier cities and lower levels. The use of rural areas to encircle the city is contrary to the top-down approach of other e-commerce companies.

As of the end of September, the monthly active data of the Taobao special edition has reached 70 million, and the annual active user has exceeded 1 100 million people. Taobao Special Edition is committed to user sinking, so that people with a monthly disposable income of 1,000 yuan can also buy affordable and low-priced goods.

Keyword 5:intra-city retail

What is the most important firepower intersection between physical retail and Internet e-commerce? The answer given in 2020 is:same-city retail. Since the beginning of this year, these Internet giants have invested heavily in intra-city retail.

In mid-April this year, the Tmall Supermarket business group was upgraded to the same-city retail business group, which originally belonged to local life services The company’s Eleme new retail business is integrated into the business group. In July, announced a comprehensive upgrade, starting with food delivery.

Also in April this year, JD Retail issued an announcement, announcing the establishment of the Dashang Super omni-channel business group, integrating the original JD Supermarket, Consumer Goods Division, New Channel Division, 7FRESH and Yihaodian. What’s more noteworthy is the JD’s “Natural Selection” project, which has already competed with Walmart, Yonghui, Watsons and other 300 well-known retail Business, launched the online and offline linkage”last mile 30 minutes consumption” solution.

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In addition, in the intra-city retail sector, Meituan is also an important participant that cannot be ignored, that is, Meituan . Meituan’s intra-city retail battle was handed over to Meituan’s Flash Sale and Preferred Business Departments. Meituan Flash Sale features”30-minute home delivery” and is led by Wang Puzhong, the youngest senior vice president of Meituan. In March, Wang Puzhong stated at an internal meeting that Ali is now facing dual siege and suppression by Pinduoduo and, and hopes that it will also be siege by Meituan’s flash sale in the future. The next stage of Meituan’s flash sale business is to achieve an annual turnover of 100 billion yuan, and the current annual turnover is tens of billions of dollars.

Keyword 6:Organizational Structure Adjustment

In 2020, Internet giants will make frequent moves in the tuyere business, and organizational structure adjustments will also occur within the enterprise.

In mid-April, the Tmall Supermarket business group was upgraded to the same-city retail business group, and I was hungry from the local life service company. The new retail business is integrated into this business group. During the 618 period, many senior business executives of Alibaba Group, such as RT-Mart, Flying Pig, Cainiao, and Alibaba Entertainment, experienced changes in senior management levels above vice president. On December 11, Alibaba Group released a new round of organizational structure adjustment information. This adjustment is mainly aimed at core e-commerce business and involves multiple high-level P executives.

On May 26, Kuaishou issued an internal letter announcing the adjustment of the organizational structure. This adjustment mainly involves multiple core departments such as commercialization, operation, and products. The former head of operations, Ma Hongbin, will be responsible for the original commercialization. Yanqiang transfers posts to each other; Xu Xin, one of the original product leaders, will be transferred to the user experience center; Wang Jianwei, one of the original product leaders, will gather the product and live broadcast business reporting lines and become the top product leader.

On June 16, Meituan issued an organizational adjustment announcement saying that it will replace the power bank business department under the original LBS platform , Two-round business department, bus business department, and map service department are adjusted to the Meituan platform, and the relevant person in charge is to the head of the Meituan platform Li Shubin Reporting, Li Shubin continued to report to co-founder Wang Huiwen. The original LBS platform/transportation division was adjusted to the transportation division, and the person in charge was Wang Huiwen unchanged.

On December 14, JD Retail Group completed a new round of organizational restructuring. Yao Yanzhong, the former head of JD Retail-Life Services Group, was appointed as the head of JD Retail 3C Home Appliances Retail Business Group, Miao Qin He was appointed as the person in charge of the JD retail life service business group, and both reported to JD Retail CEO Xu Lei.

Keyword Seven:Small shopsEconomy

On June 1, the Premier was in Shandong During the inspection in Yantai, it was stated that the stall economy and the small shop economy are important sources of employment, and are the fireworks of the world. Like the”high and big”, it is China’s vitality. Many cities in China have successively proposed to liberalize the stall economy and the small shop economy to stimulate the recovery of local consumption. Even e-commerce giants have begun to”enter” this market., Suning, Meituan, Ali, WeChat, etc. have all proposed relevant support policies.

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On June 2, released”Single Fire” The economic support plan for street stalls starts from three aspects:guaranteeing supply, helping operations, and promoting employment. It organizes a quality supply of more than 50 billion yuan, and provides up to 100,000 yuan for interest-free credit purchases for each shop to fully support the economy of street stalls and small shops.

In May this year, Suning Store launched a pilot franchise model. On May 6, the first Suning store franchise store in the country officially opened in Nanjing Jubaoshanzhuang Community.

On June 2, Tencent’s WeChat Pay announced the launch of the “National Small Store Fireworks Program”, exporting four new digital policies in terms of online and offline integration, welfare subsidies, business education guides, and business security support to help small and micro businesses.

On May 26, Meituan announced the launch of the”Spring Breeze Action” Million Stores Program, which will take six major initiatives including online operations, preferential loans, safe consumption, supply chain services, and targeted training. Help the shop to survive and live better.

On May 29th, Ali 1688 released the”Fall Economy” assistance plan, which will provide more than 70 billion yuan of interest-free credit purchases through four dimensions:good source goods, data intelligence, financial support, and customer protection Empowerment, to provide a full range of purchasing and operating support for over 30 million”staff owners”.

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Keyword eight:bankruptcy reshuffle

The epidemic that broke out at the beginning of the year has had an impact on all walks of life. In 2020, There are too many companies that”have a hard time”. Some have succeeded in helping themselves, but some have fallen into the cold winter.

On March 11, the Hefei Intermediate People’s Court issued the”Bankruptcy Announcement” stating that it had accepted”Still Carrot” ( The reorganization case of Anhui Caicai E-commerce Co., Ltd. will be declared by creditors of the start-up case with immediate effect.

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In fact, as early as November 22 last year, I stayed Radish’s official WeChat issued a statement saying that due to poor management, the company’s daily operations have been significantly affected by the shortage of funds. Within a day, the wages and social security were cut off and the authority was restricted. Then, the research and operation of Dairadish Hangzhou products went on strike, and many places in Hangzhou and Nanjing were shut down, and Dairadish was on the verge of desperation.

Since then, Daluo has carried out a series of self-rescue measures. Under the coordination of the government, Diradish restarted 70 stores in December last year. However, in the end, there was no way to return to the sky, and the radish”died” in spring 2020.

Another company that encountered bankruptcy and reorganization also came from the fresh food e-commerce field. On October 15, Yiguo Fresh CEO Zhang Ye said in an interview with the media that Yiguo had entered bankruptcy and reorganization.

Established in 2005, Yiguo Fresh is the first fresh food e-commerce company in China. From 2013 to 2017, Yiguo received four rounds of investment from Alibaba. During this period, Yiguo also expressed its high dependence on Alibaba in terms of orders. According to 2017 data, 90%of Yiguo Fresh orders came from Tmall Supermarket. In addition, Alibaba’s orders also cover Yiguo’s omnichannels in wholesale, distribution, retail, online and offline catering. According to media reports, as of 2018, Alibaba’s orders accounted for half of Yiguo’s omni-channel orders.

In order to optimize and adjust the business line, on December 24, 2018, Ali announced the transfer of Tmall supermarket fresh food operation rights to Hema. The C-end business of Yiguo Fresh was cut off and moved from the front stage to behind the scenes, and had to transform to the B-end business to try to save itself. However, it turned out to be counterproductive, and Yi Guo still went to the point of bankruptcy and reorganization.

Keyword 9:Antitrust

At the end of 2020,”antitrust” has become the latest hotly discussed vocabulary, and it will also become one of the keywords of economic work in 2021.

On December 28, Meituan suffered an anti-monopoly lawsuit due to its cancellation of the Alipay channel. It has been filed and heard by the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. Four days ago, the State Administration of Market Supervision released the”Investigation of Alibaba Group’s Suspected Monopolistic Conduct” on its official website. news.

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And this is the second time Alibaba has been marketed recently Investigation by the General Administration of Supervision. On December 14, the State Administration for Market Regulation disclosed that in accordance with the provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Law, Alibaba Investment Co., Ltd. acquired the equity of Yintai Commercial (Group) Co., Ltd., China Reading Group acquired the equity of Xinli Media Holdings Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Fengchao Network Technology Co., Ltd.’s acquisition of the equity of China Post Smart Delivery Technology Co., Ltd. and other three cases of failure to declare illegal implementation of the concentration of undertakings in accordance with the law were investigated and made on December 14, 2020 in accordance with Articles 48 and 49 of the Anti-Monopoly Law The penalty decision was to impose administrative penalties of RMB 500,000 on Alibaba Investment Co., Ltd., China Reading Group and Shenzhen Fengchao Network Technology Co., Ltd. respectively.

In addition to the Internet giants that have been punished, the Internet giants that have not yet been investigated also urgently need to re-examine their own expansion and conduct self-examination and self-improvement before administrative supervision is issued.

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Keyword ten:giant alliances

In 2020, giant alliances will also become a hot spot.

On April 19, the e-commerce giant Pinduoduo announced a cooperation with Gome Retail. While subscribing for Gome Retail’s US$200 million convertible bonds, Pinduoduo will also put all of Gome’s products on the shelves. And connect the brand’s major home appliances to Pinduoduo’s”10 billion subsidy” program.

On May 28th, Jingdong Group announced a strategic investment in Gome Retail, subscribing to overseas convertible bonds issued by Gome Retail for US$100 million.

On July 30, and Douyin e-commerce officially reached a cooperation. According to the agreement, all products of will enter the Douyin store and open it to all anchors on the Douyin e-commerce platform. Users can complete the purchase without jumping.

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And Suning Jingdong, its rival, reached a cooperation with Kuaishou on May 27 this year. This cooperation took place during the 618 period. Kuaishou users can directly purchase JD’s self-operated goods in the Kuaishou store, and logistics and after-sales can be completed in the store without jumping to the JD platform. During the 618 period, some of the merchandise that Kuaishou Daren carried on live broadcast were also self-operated by and were sold by Kuaishou anchors.

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