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Junction Point News, January 20 at 10 am, under the blue sky, YanchengThe Square of the New Fourth Army Memorial Hall is solemn. On this day 80 years ago, the military headquarters of the New Fourth Army was rebuilt in Yancheng, which opened a new scene of the development and regularization of the New Fourth Army. It is a major event of very important significance in the history of our country’s revolution. 80 years later, people came here to lay wreaths for the heroes, remember that period of history, and relive the spirit of the Iron Army of the New Fourth Army.

Looking back, years and years

“My ancestral homeXuzhou, was born in Tongshan, and grew up in Pizhou.” said Li Jianfeng, a veteran of the New Fourth Army and former deputy political commissar of the 28th Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He was born in 1926 and is 96 years old this year. Recalling the prosperous years of the New Fourth Army, Li Jianfeng would like to thank the people of Yanfu. He joined the army at the age of 15 and during those hard years, it was the plain and simple people of Yanfu who gave him selfless help.”The common people gave me clothes if I didn’t wear them, and gave me food if I didn’t eat them, never trying to return.” getUrls?link=0890cc5e2a2030cce08f7b995a29b925 - Commemorate the 80th anniversary of the reconstruction of the New Fourth Army, this prosperous world, as you wish

“We are all children of Subei common people’s milk.” Huang Nan said with a gentle smile The story of myself and the New Fourth Army. Huang Nan is the daughter of General Huang Kecheng, the commander of the Third Division of the New Fourth Army. In 1940, Huang Kecheng led his troops into northern Jiangsu. During the Anti-Japanese War, Huang Kecheng lived with the people of northern Jiangsu for five years. It was not until October 1945 that he led 35,000 people into the northeast.”Father and the people of northern Jiangsu are connected by flesh and blood. He spent the second half of the anti-Japanese struggle in northern Jiangsu. At the end of his life, he has never forgotten what he owed to the people of northern Jiangsu has not yet been paid.” This is the inscription on his father’s certificate of completion of the fifth branch of the North Jiangsu Anti-Country University.” Huang Nan took out a meticulously preserved red certificate of completion, on which it was written in big golden letters:Strive to the end for the interests of the people.”This is the purpose of my father’s life and work all his life.””Under the glorious northern expedition of Wuchang, our names are stained with blood, and we fought alone on Luoxiao Mountain, inheriting the honor of the martyrs…” Looking down at the book With the certificate of completion of infinite memory, Huang Nan once again hummed softly this military song familiar with the New Fourth Army.

Witness, sparks of sparks

New Fourth Army Memorial Hall is located Jianjun East Road, Yancheng City, is currently the largest, most comprehensive and representative venue of its kind in the country. The monument in the memorial square is inlaid with a blue”N4A” armband directly above it, and the back of it is engraved with”The Record of Meeting Masters in Yancheng”. They witness the epic past together with the old photos, glasses, and coarse cloth shoes and socks in the memorial.

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80 years ago, the Kuomintang reactionaries launched the South Anhui Incident, which shocked China and foreign countries, January 1941, the New Fourth Army Military Headquarters Rebuilt in Yancheng. Chen Yi said in his inauguration speech:“Holding a meeting to celebrate the establishment of the military headquarters is a major event in the history of China’s war of resistance, and in the future.” Facts have proved that the reconstruction of the military headquarters of the New Fourth Army has inspired the whole country. The people’s anti-Japanese fighting spirit played an important role in repelling the domestic anti-communist and surrendering countercurrents. It also became an important turning point for the rapid development and growth of the New Fourth Army from victory to victory. A single spark can start a prairie fire. Since then, the New Fourth Army has freely mobilized the masses, galloped north and south, and crossed the battlefield behind the enemy. It has fought more than 20,000 times against the Japanese and puppet troops, killed and wounded more than 400,000 Japanese and puppet troops, and established 8 across 5 provinces.The Anti-Japanese Democratic Base has restored 253,000 square kilometers of land. The New Fourth Army has grown from more than 10,000 people at the establishment of the army to 210,000 at the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. The first battle of Weigang, the decisive battle of Huangqiao, the reunion of Baiju, the victory of the bridge, and the battle of the Huaihe River achieved major victories, creating Southern Jiangsu and Central Jiangsu , North Jiangsu, Huainan, Huaibei and other anti-Japanese democratic base areas and the liberated areas of Jiangsu and Anhui built the”Great Wall of the People in Central China.” In Jiangsu, a land that has withstood the test and baptism of the anti-Japanese beacon fire, there have emerged such heroic deeds as Liu Laozhuang’s 82 martyrs, North Qinzhuang’s nine women thrown into the river, and Xu Jiabiao, the first person in our army to “sacrifice one’s body and block the bullet”. Supporting the invincible Anti-Japanese Iron Army under the command of the party has made immortal contributions to the victory of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War.

Inheritance, the song of life

“I have listened to the stories of the New Fourth Army from my elders since I was a child. The spirit of the Iron Army has been pouring the ideals and beliefs of teachers and students in the middle of the salt. As young people in the new era, we should pass on and carry forward the spirit of the Iron Army.” Zhou Shunzhe, a middle school student in Yancheng, expressed his own voice.

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New Fourth Army Memorial Hall, Taishan Temple, Central China Working Committee Memorial Hall…..a group of memorial facilities carrying red memories are located in Yancheng District. 248 red remains, 98 patriotic education bases above the municipal level, 128 martyrs named towns and villages, let the red blood of the New Fourth Army continue to be passed on in Jiangsu. At the most prosperous Jianjun intersection in the center of Yancheng, there is a statue of a soldier of the New Fourth Army standing straight with a sword and looking east. On September 21, 2018, the New Fourth Army’s rebuilt military memorial tower, which was cordially called the”Big Bronze Horse” by the people of Yancheng, was restored and returned. Tens of thousands of people in Yancheng voluntarily came to observe and take pictures together. The”Bronze Horse” has long become the spirit of Yancheng landmark.

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Today’s Yanfu land has undergone earth-shaking vicissitudes. A series of golden signs such as the World Natural Heritage, the National Civilized City, and the China-South Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park have made Yancheng a bright pearl of the Yellow Sea.”The spirit of the great iron army has injected red genes into Yancheng and shaped the spirit of the city. For 80 years, the children of Yanfu have used the spirit of the iron army to nourish their original aspirations, fulfill their mission, and strive unremittingly.” said Dai Yuan, secretary of the Yancheng Municipal Party Committee. An unrelenting fighting posture, an unimpeded mental state, inheriting fine traditions, carrying forward the spirit of the iron army, and resolutely shouldering the mission of”striving to be an example, to be a demonstration, and to be in the forefront”. 80 years have been like a song. On this red map of Jiangsu, the spirit of the Iron Army of the New Fourth Army is shining brightly, like a sea of ​​stars. The loyal bones are buried in the green mountains, and the heroic soul will live forever. Mountains and rivers are still there, and the country is peaceful. This flourishing age, as you wish! Meeting point reporter Zhang Wenjing