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Tourists are in Fanjing Mountain

span>Visit in front of Mushroom Rock. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Wenbin

Since I have seen the photos, videos and related introductions of Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou, the golden dome that has plunged into the sky has been deeply in my mind. Such a city in the sky, there is no reason not to be a place of yearning.

Leaving Zhenyuan Ancient City, after driving for about three hours, we will enter the Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area. Although the sky is not beautiful, it is drizzling, and the weather is cold, it still can’t stop people’s enthusiasm for sightseeing. There is a long queue in front of the mountain gate, and tourists are wearing colorful raincoats, forming a unique scenery. Looking up, the clouds and mist in the valley add a mysterious atmosphere to Fanjing Mountain. The wooden signs on both sides of the gate tell us that this is the”UNESCO China Fanjingshan World Biosphere Reserve” and the”Guizhou Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve”.

Fanjing Mountain is named after”Fantian Pure Land“. The main peak is located in Jiangkou County, Tongren City, Guizhou Province Since 2018, Fanjing Mountain was recognized as a”World Natural Heritage” at the 42nd World Heritage Conference, and it has gained a reputation and has become a popular attraction in Guizhou Province.

Enter the gate of the mountain, take the scenic shuttle bus, go along the winding road next to the creek towards the ropeway station, take the cable car, and reach the mountainside in just ten minutes. Here the rain is heavier and the sky is colder. Climbing up the stairs built with antiseptic wood, there are densely dense trees on both sides. The forest coverage rate of Fanjing Mountain is as high as 95%, and there are more than 2000 species of plants, including national protected plantsclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="10071929" qid="6573996266244543752"> There are 31 kinds of span>. Due to the rain all year round, the tree trunks and branches are covered with a layer of green moss. Along the way, I saw large stones, which are also covered with thick moss, and the more amazing thing is the stone. So many small trees grew out of the way, the roots of which were long entangled and hugged the stones. While I was concentrating on climbing, I saw a group of people in front of me gathered under a tree beside the steps, stretching out their arms to approach the branches. I walked closer and found that there were three or two birds jumping back and forth between the branches, sometimes the birds just In the palm of the tourist. It seems that the birds of Fanjing Mountain have become good friends with humans. Speaking of birds, there are as many as 801 species of animals in Fanjing Mountain, of which 19 are protected by the state. It is no wonder that Fanjing Mountain is known as”animal and plant gene bank”.

In the wind and rain, I climbed all the way up and finally reached a boulder-lined hill. Tourists gathered here to take pictures, ignoring the wind and rain. These pinnacles have different shapes, and the tallest and most distinctive one is called”mushroom stone” , It’s bigger and smaller, mushroom head sideways, looking from the best viewing point, like A”7″, mushroom stone is one of the symbols of Fanjing Mountain. Opposite the Mushroom Rock is a huge pinnacle. There is a rock on the top of the flat peak, which looks like the head of an old man wearing a peaked cap. A valley is formed between the mushroom stone and the head pinnacle. At this time, it is more stormy and dense. I hurriedly hid under the pinnacle Nine Emperors in the cave.

Stop for a while, I descended from the Jiuhuangdong, and walked west along a path. Not far from the Buddha Terrace, it was also stormy. Turning back and down the hill along the popular science promenade is the Pudu Plaza. This is the starting point for climbing Hongyun Golden Summit. I plucked up the courage to start climbing, but the danger of the road and the difficulty of climbing to the top were completely unexpected. It is not so much a road as it is a ladder. There are several sections of completely vertical stone steps, which are narrow and slippery. You must be very careful when stepping on each step on the soles of your feet, and you must firmly grasp the iron chains or iron rods on both sides with your hands. I thought to myself that the ancient people who climbed to the top may have the power of flying to the sky, and the ancestors who built the climbing ladder must have more power of the gods.

Finally approaching the Golden Summit, the mountain split into two, looking up and seeing The narrow a line of sky is connected by a short arch bridge. Passing through the line of sky, up the steps is the golden dome. A small sky city is built on the top with a wall. In front of the mountain on the right, there is a small and exquisite Shakyamuni Buddha Temple. There is a Buddha Shakyamuni statue in the hall, and a red blessing ribbon is hung in front of the Buddha statue. . After untold hardships, I finally reached the Golden Summit, where people invited a piece of red silk to pray for the safety and health of the whole family. Behind the temple is a huge rock, layered on top of each other, as if it were cut from a block. A pillar stands next to the boulder, which is engraved with”Red Cloud Golden Roof, here at an altitude of 2336, Fanjing Mountain is a lofty The words”the highest peak of the Wuling Mountains” add pride to those who climb the summit. Across the short stone arch bridge, the top of the mountain on the left is almost exactly the same as on the right. The building here is called Maitreya Hall, which enshrines the future Buddha Maitreya Bodhisattva. The two peaks of Hongyun Jinding face each other, connected by a bridge, stone and stone are facing each other, and the temple and the temple coexist, forming a unified sky city, which is awe-inspiring of human wisdom and creativity. Standing next to the golden roof railing and looking out, there was a vast expanse of whiteness, and it was difficult to overlook or overlook. But it’s okay, adding a bit of color like Wonderland in the obscurity, which also left us Room for imagination.

Life is always like this, it’s hard to be perfect. There are regrets in luck, and there are gains in regrets. I think that if you can climb the Golden Summit of Red Clouds when the sky is very clear, you will surely have the feeling of seeing the small mountains and the high mountains. If you are lucky, you might still encounter the sight of red clouds around the top. And this time I climbed the Golden Summit in the rain. Although I looked at the mountain without ridges and no peaks, the distance and height were the same, but I was immersed in it, as if I was in a fairyland, and merged with this mysterious Brahma Pure Land. Just like the stone carving”The Universe Enters the Fishing Rod” that I saw in Zhenyuan Ancient City a few days ago, standing on the top of the misty Fanjing Mountain, in my eyes, I still feel that the mountains are small. And in my heart, it seems as if the whole Fanjing Mountain is integrated.