Every reporter:Zhu Chengxiang, every editor:Zhang Haini

On the evening of June 14, some media reported that the”Yang million million” passed away in the early morning of June 13. It is understood that”Yang Baiwan” whose real name is Yang Huaiding, the reporter of”Daily Economic News” called Shanghai Yang Huaiding Software Co., Ltd. on the evening of June 14 to verify the above news. After the reporter expressed his intention, the staff of the company said:”I have already received the person I should receive, and I will not receive it today, and I don’t want to answer related questions.”

Qixinbao data show that Yang Huaiding holds 40%of Shanghai Yanghuaiding Software Co., Ltd., and Ye Li and Yang Jueqi each hold 30%of the shares.

Daily Economic News