The original title of this article:”Another”National Brand” in the Broadcasting and Television Industry of Our Province-“China (Zhijiang) Audiovisual Innovation and Entrepreneurship The base”approved”

At 11:04 on January 5, 2021, the editor of Fusion Network & Humai Network saw one in the”Home>News Channel>Department News” column on the official website of Zhejiang Radio and Television Bureau. The headline is”Another”National Brand” in the Broadcasting and Television Fields of Our Province-“China (Zhijiang) Audiovisual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base” Approved”. The following is the full text of the news——

December 2020 On the 23rd, the State Administration of Radio and Television approved the establishment of the”China (Zhijiang) Audiovisual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base” in Hangzhou West Lake Yichuang Town This is the first national-level network audio-visual industry base (park) approved in our province, which will add new momentum to our province’s digital cultural industry.

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The picture shows:the beauty of the Hulunbuir prairie (Pang Mingying, a special photographer of Fusion & Humai)

China (Zhijiang) Audiovisual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base will be based in the Yangtze River Delta, based on the integrated development of production, teaching and research, focusing on the integration of audiovisual art and digital technology, and is committed to creating integrated audiovisual production, film and television technology The audio-visual innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that integrates the development of multiple industries such as digital cultural and creative industries will create a national model base for the cultivation of audio-visual small and medium-sized enterprises and the construction of innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

Our province has successfully been approved as a national audio-visual innovation and entrepreneurship base, which has gathered the concern and support of leaders at all levels of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the State Administration of Radio and Television. Zhu Guoxian, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, and Cheng Yuechong, the deputy governor, have visited Hangzhou Yichuang Town for many times and expressed strong support for the development and application of the town’s audio-visual industry. The General Office of the Provincial Government included the declaration work in the”Task Assignment Form.” In September, with the approval of the Provincial Government and the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, our province formally applied to the State Administration of Radio and Television. In November, Meng Dong, a member of the party group and deputy director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, conducted a special survey of Hangzhou West Lake Art and Innovation Town, and expressed support for Zhejiang’s declaration of the construction of China (Zhijiang) Audiovisual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. The General Administration will focus on talent, technology, content, creativity, and creation. In terms of providing more help to the small town, it will help the small town Phoenix take off and enter the international stage. The heads of the Planning and Finance Department and the Network Audiovisual Program Department of the General Administration of China have come to Zhejiang several times to guide the application and creation work.

With the support of all levels, the Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television has effectively played its role, focusing on industry cultivation on the one hand, and application for creation on the other, creating favorable conditions for Hangzhou West Lake Art and Innovation Town to declare a national audio-visual industry base.

First, increase policy support. In line with relevant national and provincial policy documents, the”Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of the Broadcasting and Television Network Audiovisual Industry in Our Province” and the”Zhejiang Radio, Television and Network Audiovisual Industry Base (Park) Cultivation Work Plan” were formulated and issued. Twelve units including towns have been included in the list of the first batch of provincial bases (parks) in our province, promoting the layout of our province’s audiovisual industry to be more perfect. For eligible bases (parks), key support will be given in terms of financial support, policy support, business guidance, information services, publicity and promotion, and platform construction.

The second is to strengthen project support. In the application of the State Administration, the provincial key industrial projects, and fine art creation projects, the West Lake Art Creation Town and other audio-visual industry clusters will be given key attention, and important projects will be supported in the towns. Carry out a pilot project for the record management of key online film and television dramas in small towns, set up an online film and television drama review room, and improve the development environment of online film and television dramas.

The third is to guide the development of characteristics. In the application process, earnestly implement the requirements of the provincial leadership, and work with Hangzhou City and the Xihu District to do a systematic review, comprehensive research and judgment and characteristics Positioning and other work. Guide Xihu Yichuang Town and other film and television bases (parks) in the province to achieve dislocation development, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation, and build a new era audio-visual industry base with high-tech support, high-value addition, and strong international competitiveness. Thanks to the public efforts of all parties, China (Zhijiang) Audiovisual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base was officially approved.

In the next step, the Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television will adhere to the digital reform as its leadership, deepen the construction of radio and television and network audio-visual industry bases (parks), and focus on the production, distribution and dissemination of radio and television network audio-visual content, user services, and technical support , Ecological construction and operation management, promote technological innovation, high-tech audiovisual and other superior resources to gather in the base, promote the base’s concept, technology, service, format, and model innovation, and then drive market development and social investment, and promote radio and television network audiovisual The high-quality development of the industry has made new contributions to Zhejiang’s creation of a cultural highland in the new era and a national film and television cultural innovation center.

Information source:Zhejiang Radio and Television Bureau