Looking forward to the domestic science and technology field Development focus and construction direction, my country’s next stage of technological development will continue to focus on breakthroughs in core basic areas, maintain industrial advantages while improving the supporting hardware foundation, so as to achieve fundamental China’s technological shortcomings and economic supply chain security.

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Luxshare Precision:Luxshare Precision is the leader in consumer electronics and has attracted the attention of the market. The main reason is that the company has opened up the wireless headset market for Apple mobile phones. The company is the first in China Companies that work with Apple have in-depth cooperation with Apple. Has certain advantages. It can quickly cut into the foundry chain. Long term, Luxshare has already laid out In addition to the communications + automotive field, especially new energy vehicles have entered a new stage in the next 10 years, and they still have greater points to watch.

Weir shares:As the domestic leader in the CIS industry, currently Has surpassed Sony to become the world’s second leading company. The main product of Weir shares is the CMOS image sensor chip (CIS). An image sensor is a device that converts light signals into electrical signals, and is widely used in optical devices such as digital cameras, smart phones, and video surveillance. The CIS market is a growing market. Today’s semiconductor market has two major opportunities. One is AI artificial intelligence. The input is the perception ability led by image sensors. The company has extremely high development potential.

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BOEA:BOE A is an active veteran in the technology sector Stock is the pioneer and leader of China’s liquid crystal display industry, and the only domestic semiconductor display product company integrating independent research and development, production and manufacturing.

Lance Technology:Consumer Electronics’ segmentation One of the leaders, the company is one of the core stocks of Apple’s industrial chain. The company is a global leader in the two industries of electronic product protective panels and cover plates. The company’s products are mainly used in high-end smart phones, tablet computers, smart wearables, GPS navigator and automotive instruments And other consumer electronics fields. We have close cooperation with many domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

Pengding Holdings:FPC industry leader, the company is mainly engaged in The manufacturing of FPC and PCB for consumer electronics has ranked first in the global PCB industry in terms of output value for three consecutive years since 2017. The company has conducted 5G related product research and development in advance The reserve of technology already possesses the technical strength to produce key products such as 5G antennas. Pengding Holdings is also one of the few manufacturers in the industry that has mastered MINILED backlight circuit board technology.

IFLYTEK:HKUST iFLYTEK was established in 1999 and is the largest in China Intelligent voice technology manufacturer, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008,Xunfei has an absolute market share in the entire automotive voice control and information services, close to 70%. Absolute global leader.

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The following are the leading stocks in the industry segmentation organized by Ge Yu for everyone. It is not easy to organize, please likeFavorites

Semiconductor core design:Weir shares, Zhuo Shengwei , Zhaoyi Innovation, Hengxuan Technology, Shengbang, Xinpengwei, Jingfengmingyuan, Enripu, VeriSilicon

Military chip:Ziguang National Emblem, Jingjiawei

Power Semiconductor:China Resources Micro, Silan Micro, Star Peninsula, Yangjie Technology, New Clean Energy

IDM:Sanan Optoelectronics, Wingtech, Silan Micro

Foundry:SMIC, China Resources Micro

Closed and tested:Changjiang Electronics Technology, Fortis Microelectronics, Huatian Technology, Jingfang Technology

Semiconductor materials:Dinglong Co., Ltd., Jingrui Co., Ltd., Jacques Technology, Anji Technology, Xingsen Technology, Leon Micro, Walter Gas, Jinhong Gas, Nanda Optoelectronics, Shanghai Silicon Industry

Semiconductor equipment:North Huachuang, China Microelectronics, China Peak Measurement and Control, Changchuan Technology, Jingce Electronics, Zhichun Technology, Wanye Enterprise, Shengmei Semiconductor

Apple chain faucet:Luxshare Precision, Goertek, BOE, Leading intelligent manufacturing, Pengding Technology, BYD Electronics, Industrial Fulian, Xinwei Communication, Han’s Laser, Dongshan Precision, Changying Precision, Xinwangda

Optics :AAC Technology, Sunny Optics, Qiuti Technology, OFILM, Crystal Optoelectronics, Lianchuang Electronics, Su Daweige

Consumer electronics:Jingyan Technology, JPT, Keshen Technology, Saiteng, Smart Power, Changxin Technology

Panel:BOEA, TCL Technology, Jizhi Technology

Components:Torch Electronics, Sanhuan Group, Fenghua Hi-Tech, Hongda Electronics

PCB:Pengding Technology, Shengyi Technology, Jingwang Electronics, Shenghong Technology, Dongshan Precision, Horizon Electronics

Security:Hikvision, Dahua shares

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