China Economic Herald, China Development Network Ruliwei, Nie Jinxiu, and reporter Luo Mian reported on a special 2020, due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many domestic Small and micro enterprises are in a difficult situation in their production and operation. The state and regulatory agencies continue to promulgate a series of financial support policies to promote the “incremental expansion of credit supply for small and micro enterprises, improving quality and reducing costs”. The stable operation of micro-enterprises provides guarantee. As an important force in the Chaoshan area to serve small and micro enterprises, Minsheng Bank Shantou Branch responded positively by continuously increasing financial service support and accelerating innovation and response , Insisting on overcoming difficulties with large, small and micro enterprises, in 2020, 3,742 million yuan of loans will be issued to 2,463 small and micro customers. It has been in Chaoshan for 23 years and has served more than 130,000 small and micro customers and accumulated loans of more than 38 billion yuan, contributing to “stabilizing enterprises and ensuring employment”.

To do a good job in financial services to provide high-quality and efficient financial solutions

Based on the strategic positioning of”Science and Technology Finance Bank”, Minsheng Bank’s Shantou Branch is under the premise of operating in compliance with laws and regulations, and in business innovation. With sufficient effort, we have continuously improved the service quality and efficiency of Small and Micro Finance, comprehensively improved customer service experience, and won unanimous praise from customers.

Since 2020, China Minsheng Bank’s Shantou Branch has launched a”real estate over-value loan”, which has increased the mortgage rate of small and micro customers’ real estate from 70%to 85%. Conduct publicity visits to allow more small and micro merchants to access information about financial benefits and enjoy the support of people’s livelihood credit. Relying on technology and finance, Minsheng Bank has launched products such as micro loans and tax online music loans, greatly improving the convenience of small and micro enterprises in applying for loans . Small and micro enterprises only need to submit basic business information online through the WeChat official account of the”Small and Micro Home” of Minsheng Bank, and the loan can be approved and credited within seconds.

Do a good job in financing continuation to help small and micro enterprises overcome difficulties

Funding is the bloodline of the development and growth of enterprises. In 2020, large, small and micro enterprises will be affected by the epidemic and will have a tight capital chain. To this end, the Shantou branch of Minsheng Bank introduced a policy of renewing loans without repayment, and issued operational guidelines for self-service rollover and self-service use during the epidemic period to provide enterprises with financing renewal services. The renewal time for small and micro customers was shortened from 2 days to 2 hours, which greatly reduced the time and cost of customers’ loan repayment. In addition, Minsheng Bank has also opened up a green channel for financial services for small and micro enterprises, strengthened financial support for epidemic prevention and control, and spared no effort to provide efficient, convenient and safe financial services for small and micro enterprises to protect market players and help them overcome difficulties.

In 2020, the bank issued a total of 576 million yuan of non-repayment renewal small and micro loans and 372 self-service rollover loans, totaling 404 million yuan.

To reduce the cost of funds for small and micro enterprises through actual fee reduction and profit reduction

In order to support the sustainable development of small and micro enterprises, China Minsheng Bank’s Shantou Branch lowered the guidance and minimum pricing standards for small and micro loans, and introduced The preferential policies for the opening of micro-enterprise accounts and the transfer of corporate network fees, and the development of the preferential program of acquisition fees for small and micro merchants have really reduced Micro-enterprise financing and operating costs. In 2020, the average interest rate of the bank’s new inclusive loans to small and micro enterprises will drop by 240 Bp from 2019. At the same time, it proactively bears various expenses such as evaluation fee, mortgage registration fee, and notarization fee, and insists that there are no other charging items except loan interest. Clients who apply for real estate appraisal through the Shantou branch of Minsheng Bank do not need to pay the relevant appraisal fees. Minsheng Bank pays the appraisal agency fees. Save customer financing costs.

To be connected to each other, and small and micro enterprises work together to achieve a win-win situation

In the face of the impact of the epidemic, Minsheng Bank, while continuing to normalize the epidemic prevention and control, has also initiated the”mutual The”Connecting” special service year for small and micro financial activities, with the Mobius ring as the main vision of the event, implies that China Minsheng Bank is a”community of shared future” that supports each other with small and micro enterprises and is boundlessly cohesive. In this special year of service, Minsheng Bank continued to provide new products and services to help small and micro businesses to develop sustainably, and strengthen resilience and The ability to withstand risks.

“Live for the people, live in symbiosis with the people”, the special service year of small and micro finance, is an innovative practice by Minsheng Bank to fulfill its social responsibilities and practice inclusive finance under the epidemic. Special products, special services, and special care are delivered to tens of millions of small and micro businesses. With a more urgent sense of social responsibility and greater development efforts, we will make every effort to increase coverage, improve quality and reduce costs, and continue to attract financial flows to small and micro businesses. Practical actions implement the national strategy, serve the real economy, and promote inclusive people’s livelihood.