Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 21 (Reporter Wang Lu) The coal market operation conference will be held on January 20, 2021. The China Coal Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as”China Coal Association”) predicts that the economy will continue to recover in the first quarter Under the combined influence of various factors such as the gradual rise in temperature and the Spring Festival holiday, my country’s coal demand is expected to increase first and then decrease, coal supply will generally remain stable, and coal prices will be high. As the temperature gradually rises in the later period, the tight supply and demand situation in the coal market will gradually ease.

“At present, coal stocks have rebounded, power plants’ full load conditions have eased, and prices have shown a downward trend,” said Zhang Hong, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and spokesperson of the China Coal Association, at the meeting.

Since the winter of last year, coal supply and demand have been tight in some areas, and coal market prices have risen sharply. Under the influence of cold wave weather and economic recovery, this trend has continued this year. Domestic coal demand has grown more than expected, coal inventories have continued to fall, and coal supply and demand have been relatively tight.

Data shows that from January 1 to 18, the China Coal Association will focus on monitoring coal enterprises’ daily average coal sales of 7.21 million tons, an increase of 170,000 tons or 2.4%from December 2020. Daily sales reached 8.31 million tons, the highest level in history. Compared with the end of December 2020, the coal stocks in the key monitoring coal companies and major ports across the country have been declining on January 18.

“my country’s coal production is expected to remain at a relatively high level, and the national coal supply will be generally stable.” Shi Ying, vice chairman of the China Coal Transportation and Marketing Association, analyzed that in the first quarter, during the Spring Festival holiday factors and the temperature gradually rose Under the influence, the demand for industrial electricity and heating coal will fall from a high level, and the demand for electricity coal will first increase and then decrease. Based on comprehensive judgment, the tight supply and demand situation in the coal market will gradually ease in the later stage. (End)