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The company’s main business includes life technology and medicine, display materials and chemicals, and medical technology products and services. The main products and services provided by the company include:production and sales of carbon monoxide, purified synthesis gas and other gas products, methanol, ethylene, butanol and other industrial chemical products, and mixed liquid crystal materials for display (TN type, STN type, TFT type) Series) and display glass products, D-ribose, á-arbutin, Libos, D-ribose granules and other biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical intermediate products, builders and other daily chemical products production and sales, and Related trade of chemical raw materials and medical and health services. In terms of TFT liquid crystal products, the company will make every effort to increase the TFT market share; in terms of OLED product development, establish OLED Material mass production line, and at the same time build a coating experiment line closer to the panel, and carry out material design and development according to market needs. Chengzhi Air Products Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture between the company and AP, has been established and related businesses have begun. The joint venture company is mainly engaged in hydrogen energy technology, Fuel cell technology development, hydrogen refueling infrastructure industry investment, research and development of new energy vehicles and their parts. The purity of the hydrogen produced by the company is 99.99%. After purification, the purity can reach 99.9999%, which can meet the requirements of hydrogen energy.Trolley car The demand for the use of batteries and related integrated circuit electronic products. In the future, the company will continue to make full use of the development opportunities of fuel cell and chemical industry, develop hydrogen energy, and cultivate new profits growth points, in order to form good economic benefits and social benefits. The company’s annual report discloses:the subsidiary Chengzhi Hanmeng strictly follows the pharmaceutical GMP standard and related specifications to design and buildIndustrial hemp mosaic refining and processing plant, planned to be put into operation in 2020, after the project is put into operation, Chengzhi Hanmeng will deal with the industry in the year With a capacity of 2,000 tons, hemp mosaic is currently the largest industrial hemp processing and extraction base and industrial hemp industrial complex in the world. The company can produce high-purity CBD crystals (above 99.5%), can also provide THC-free broad-spectrum oils, and master the core technology of large-scale extraction of more than a dozen high-value cannabinoids such as CBDV and CBC. In the field of medical and health services, the company holds a 60%stake in Dandong First Hospital, which is A tertiary general hospital, total construction area more than 75,000 square meters, with a total of 1,050 open beds There are currently 20 wards and 45 departments, including Dandong Eye Hospital, Dandong Cardiovascular Disease Hospital, Dandong Cancer Hospital and Dandong Diabetes Treatment Center. It has the only two provincial key points in Dandong City. Specialty:General Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, which is a national Standardized training for residents is the main base, which mainly provides medical services such as diagnosis and treatment. It is in the lead among local medical service institutions in terms of scale and medical technology. status. Chengzhi Hydrogen Energy, a joint venture established by the company and AP, signed an agreement with the government of Changshu High-tech Zone in Jiangsu Province to accelerate the construction of Changshu’s first hydrogen refueling station and regional investment operation center. The subsidiary will use Changshu’s regional advantages to accelerate the completion of a model hydrogen refueling Station to further promote related businesses and lay a solid foundation for the deployment of locations in Suzhou, Jiangsu, Wuxi, Tongling, Anhui, etc. . The official website of Chengzhi Life Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, shows the production of hyaluronic acid. The company is actively making continuous innovation attempts in energy transformation and upgrading, and now plans to introduce new carbon neutral technologies to reduce carbon emissions and promote the green development of the industry. UOP is the world’s leading petrochemical process technology company and the first developer of coal-to-liquid olefin technology. UOP has developed carbon neutral technologies to reduce carbon emissions. The two parties hope to cooperate in the field of carbon neutrality and realize carbon recycling and reduction in the Nanjing plant of Chengzhi Stock carbon emission. To this end, the company and UOP signed a”Memorandum” on carbon neutral strategic cooperation on May 26, 2021. At present, the company has developed its own intellectual property rights to be used in OLED materials such as holes, transmission and light emission. The technological innovation and industrialization of OLED materials and devices are also included in the key work of the strategic development plan. Subsidiary Chengzhi Life Technology is the company’s investment, research and development in the development of biotechnology and life and health high-tech fields The main subsidiary company of D-Ribose is committed to the development and market expansion of natural fermentation products such as D-ribose. It has formed a strong brand and quality advantage in the international market. After years of development, it has become the only company in the world that also has D- An innovative enterprise with complete intellectual property rights in the manufacturing and application of ribose products. Subsidiary company BLS of the United States is an international leader in the application and development of D-ribose products. It has a global sales network and is specialized in the subdivision of dietary supplements, nutrition and health, and food and health products. The market share is more than 50%. Subsidiary Chengzhi Bioengineering is committed to manufacturing new functional natural fermentation products with advanced bioengineering technology. The “D-ribose production project by fermentation method” developed by it has been listed in the National Innovation Plan, National Key New Product Plan, and National Key New Product Plan. Special project for biological structure adjustment and industrial upgrading. The main products of subsidiary Baolong Environmental Protection are mobile and fixed horizontal telemetry systems, which are subdivided into integrated gasoline and diesel detection, single diesel detection, and opaque smoke detection, etc.; vertical telemetry equipment can realize multi-lane three-dimensional monitoring ; Diesel vehicle monitoring system, which is a diesel vehicle optical telemetry and video capture system, which can effectively prevent black smoke Snapshots of vehicles. Baolong’s environmental protection series telemetry products can efficiently detect vehicles and quickly screen high-emission vehicles without affecting the normal driving of the vehicle. Subsidiary Nanjing Chengzhi is the company’s main operating carrier for its clean energy business. It has been committed to becoming a leading domestic integrated operator of industrial gases and basic chemical raw materials. Its operating model is based on industrial parks and mainly provides comprehensive basic chemical raw materials for large downstream customers. The main products are industrial gas products (including synthesis gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, etc.), and basic chemical raw material products such as ethylene and butanol. Among them, industrial gas products and ethylene are mainly sold to other downstream manufacturers in Nanjing Jiangbei New Material Technology Park. Butanol and part of ethylene are sold to other downstream customers in the Yangtze River Delta outside the park. The main customers are relatively stable and have a strong presence in the industry. Competitive advantage.

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