June 8, 2021 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum”Public Topics Forum:How to Solve the Population Problem?” was held. What strategy should China adopt for population development? Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd. founder, chairman and CEO Chen Dongsheng, shared.

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  In Chen Dongsheng’s view, the data from the seventh census, There are three phenomena:the first is the aging of the Chinese population, the second is the population gathering in provincial capitals, and the third is the birth Rate dropped sharply.

  ” China’s aging is coming so fast and swiftly that people have never expected it. The aging is coming so fast, and the number of people over 60 years old has increased by 5.4%in the past 10 years, but 0 -14-year-old is 15-year-old, and it is also a little more than 1%, so this is the biggest trend and direction of aging.” Chen Dongsheng said.

   At the same time, Chen Dongsheng pointed out that in terms of population flow, the population gathers in provincial capitals.

  ” except for Harbin has negative growth, all provinces and cities have positive growth, Shenzhen has increased by 7 million in the past ten years, Guangzhou increased by 5 million, and Chengdu increased by 500 Million, and several provincial capital cities are the winners this time, such as Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, their population growth has exceeded my hometownWuhan, but Wuhan is still possible. Some time ago, we analyzed the provincial capital city GDP ranked the top 10, in fact, is completely related to the population.” Chen Dongsheng said.

   Chen Dongsheng introduced, China’s GDP’s top 10 cities, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”7495″ qid=”6605800894867019022″>Beijing, South2, North1, the rest is the Yangtze River Basin,North1 span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”11988369″ qid=”6549111317339313411″>Eastern RegionShanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan in the middle, Chengdu in the west and Chongqing .

  ”So today’s new round of economic growth, in addition to the traditional Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Deltafact, the economy of the Yangtze River is rising in the central and western regions. Needless to say, the biggest trend of the population this time is that the population is concentrating in the provincial capital cities." Chen Dongsheng said.

   Chen Dongsheng said that the third problem is the sharp decline in fertility. The seventh census made the whole society realize that people are the most fundamental problem. In his view, an irresistible logic is that women who can have children are unwilling to have children. This is the most fundamental.

  ”The biggest problem with human destiny is not that advances in medicine have reduced mortality. Longevity is prolonged. This is the age of longevity. This is the aging we are talking about. It is because of technological advancement. It’s easy to solve. The biggest problem is that fertile women are unwilling to have children, so the fertility rate continues to decline. This is a super challenge facing mankind.” Chen Dongsheng said.