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iOS 15 overall interface design There is no change, and there is no obvious visual change in the App resource library.

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Open the setting interface, you can see some changes, the border of the setting options has become smoother, and the overall visual update is more comfortable.

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From the settings page, you can see that the previous”Do Not Disturb Mode” option has become”Focus“.

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In Control Center, the previous”Do Not Disturb Mode” and the position of the screen mirroring have been swapped, and the”Do Not Disturb Mode” has also been replaced by”Focus”.

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The”Focus” function is a major change in the iOS 15 system. The”Focus” mode is a few more than the previous”Do not disturb mode” Selectable status, users can set different notification types according to their existing status.

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The user can select the current concentration mode needed in the control center. The system has given three types of states:sleep, personal, and work. The settings page can also find four types of status, such as fitness, games, reading, and driving. At the same time, users can also customize them according to their personal needs. Each focus mode can customize content, such as which contacts are allowed to notify, which App messages are received, and so on.

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NotificationsIt is also a major change in the iOS 15 system. The notification bar interface is redesigned. The information notification can display the contact’s avatar, and the application notification also has larger icons.

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New“Notification Summary”The function is also good, open”Settings> Notifications> Scheduled Push Summary”, Follow the prompts to select the app, set the time and frequency, it can send a group of notifications in batches at the specified time, and intelligently arrange them in order. No longer be disturbed by frequent notifications.

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At the same time, don’t worry about missing important information. WeChat messages, short messages and other highly time-sensitive information will be delivered immediately and improved To the top.

And swipe the notification on the notification bar interface to the left, click on the option, you can quickly mute the application’s notifications for one hour or no more today remind.

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Live TextIt can be said to be the most practical function of iOS 15. Whether it is the picture being taken by the camera, the photo that has been taken, the screenshot, the webpage picture, the information can be extracted, and copying is supported. , Paste, search and translate. At the same time, you can also directly call the phone number on the photo.

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This feature is really good, but unfortunately, Live Text only supports iPhones with A12 and above chips, namely iPhone XR, XS Series and above models can be used.

Find APP Added support for the search function of AirPodsPro and AirPodsMax. In the search APP, the user can roughly see the location information of the earphones, and the two earphones of AirPods Pro can emit sounds separately. If one of your earphones is lost, it can be easily retrieved.

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But the sound of AirPods Pro is still too weak, and you need to be close to the earphones to hear the sound.

Safari This time the change is also very big. Apple moved the address bar to the screen Below, a new label group has been added at the same time, which makes switching more convenient and supports cross-device synchronization.

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The address bar at the bottom of the screen can also slide left and right to switch between different web pages, which is very convenient.

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Weather APP The content is richer and the interface is more beautiful, including the graphic display of weather data and the beautifully redesigned animation background, as well as More detailed weather data such as precipitation, air quality, and temperature maps.

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Walletsupports access control cards, digital ID cards, badges, etc., many small The functions of the access control card that the partners are looking forward to are finally here, but unfortunately these functions seem to be unavailable at present.

When typing, the input method fuzzy sound recognition preference also adds a box design, which is convenient for quickly finding what the user wants to input Words.

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Alarm clockThe time setting scroll bar returns.

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Bug In terms of feedback from netizens who have updated the iOS 15 system, I summarized a few bugs encountered:WeChat Moments cannot send videos; Netease Cloud Music, Pocket Life and other applications crashed; the air of the weather application The quality map is displayed abnormally; part of the system setting interface is incomplete.

In general, iOS 15 has brought many new features, and more of it is an upgrade in experience and convenience.

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But because this version still belongs to the original Beta version, it is inevitable that there are bugs, so users who have not yet upgraded should be careful, and it is not recommended to update the main machine. It is recommended that users who want to try iOS15 may wish to wait for a few more beta versions. The beta version will be public in July, officially The version will be released with the new machine until this fall.