As the saying goes, I don’t read”The Red Chamber” less, and I don’t read”Three Kingdoms” all the time. But despite this, men, women and children of all ages cannot stop being interested in”The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. So that everyone of every age group can say casually, the popular”Taoyuan Jurisdiction”, the heroic story of the three brothers Liu, Guan and Zhang, and the”white little face”Cao Cao‘s cunning and treacherous majesty in the world.

When talking about the past of the Three Kingdoms, it is undoubtedly a wave of waves. It seems that everyone can talk for days and nights. But in fact, this is mainly because The Three Kingdoms Story is quite familiar with the character and plot of the characters. So that everyone can find their own heart story.

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For example, when you talk about Guan Yu, everyone can think of his arrogant personality and unparalleled loyalty. When you talk about Liu Bei, everyone thinks that he has a world-renowned reputation. And Speaking of Zhuge Liang, it is undoubtedly a civil servant The representative representative of, he did his best and died after he died~

and Sima Yi, who has been criticized for being in the world, has become the best example of people’s longevity. So much so that Cao Cao, who has worked hard for most of his life, is still incapable of carrying his children in the underworld.

But then again, with Cao Cao’s location and strength at the time, he was able to dominate the world, why did he fail to dominate the world, and instead suffered the defeat of Chibi, Depressed? Silai is puzzling. In this regard, there are many different voices.

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A view of Liu Bei

As the saying goes, The one who knows you best is your enemy and adversary, as Cao Cao’s lifelong enemy and the opponent who has repeatedly fought against the wall, this is Liu Bei The Three Kingdoms is the strongest grassroots and has the most say.

In fact, Liu Bei was very dangerous in his early years and may be killed by Cao Cao at any time. According to the”Three Kingdoms” record:in 198 AD, Liu Bei, who had fouled with Lv Bu and was expelled from Xuzhou, although still staying in Xiao Pei, but his head is full of hatred for Lu Bu’s city. Several times and triples, I want to find a chance to comeback.

It just so happened that Lu Bu from Xuzhou, who had just acquired him, also wanted to expand his strength and sent people to Hanoi to buy war horses with a lot of money. Liu Bei, who had been planning for a long time, was excited.

Sure enough, Liu Bei ambushed Lu Bu’s men without saying a word, snatching away the horse and the remaining gold!

Seeing his subordinates go out for many days, the eagerly awaited Lu Bu was originally full of joy waiting for his newly purchased horse, but unexpectedly saw his desolate and dilapidated subordinate.

After listening to his narration, Lu Bu was furious in an instant, and immediately dispatched the fierce general Gao Shunhe Zhang Liao attacked Liu Bei and avenged him.

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Hu Luo Pingyang was deceived by a dog. The three of Liu, Guan, and Zhang were not bad at first, but Xiao Peicheng’s small grains were small but the soldiers were few. Zhang Liao and Gao Shun were both powerful generals. However, after a few days of fierce battle, Liu Bei and the three had to abandon the city and fled.

Where can the world go? After a little thought, Liu Bei and the three of them turned to Cao Cao, who was strong and strong.

Liu Bei is here to vote, Cao Cao’s counselors all know that they will hear about him tomorrow morning. We suggest that Cao Cao get rid of him immediately, so that he can dominate the world for himself in the future and eliminate a major problem. Cao Cao was tempted. In fact, he knew Liu Bei’s abilities well.

But he can’t do it, because he is notorious at this time! Before, there was the evil of Xuzhou massacre, and after that, there was the crime of killing celebrities in Yanzhou. Xuzhou fought against each other, and Yanzhou turned back. Chen Gong swept Yanzhou with Lu Bu, almost making Cao Cao a bereavement dog. The past calendar is vivid, and the lessons are not painful!

It can only be Liou Bei is secretly imprisoned, good wine and good food are served, after several trials, come to a green plum to cook wine, and tell each other the heroes!

But it was also this time that the symposium between the heroes allowed the two to find the monarchial spirit to govern one territory in the future!

When Liu Bei entered Xichuan, he summed up and compared Pang Tong, who used a trick, to compare his and Cao Cao’s attitudes when facing problems.

“Now Refers to those who are in conflict with me, Cao Cao also, to act with urgency, I with lenient; to act with violence, I with benevolence; to act with trepidation, I with loyalty; every time with the act, things can become ears.”

It can be seen that Liu Bei’s acquaintance with Cao Cao has reached a whole new level. Those who know others are wise and those who know themselves know, Cao Cao dominates the party with cruelty, brutality, and cunning. Then I, Liu Bei, turned the other way around, and still ruled the roost!

Liu Bei succeeded. He became the forerunner of the Shu Han and Emperor Zhaolie of the Han Dynasty. But at the same time, he didn’t succeed either, he was just a small court who was in peace and quiet for a while. Although they confronted Cao Cao with precise character and affairs, the two of them also failed to complete the unification of the world!

From the facts, although Liu Bei explained Pang Tong’s reasoning deeply, he did not substantively comprehend it. This prompted the two of them to have the power to dominate the world, just like the pros and cons of a coin. The reasons that can only separate one party, return with hatred.

Details determine success or failure, character determines fate, this is not a false statement.

Second Li Shimin’s Criticism of Cao Cao

If Cao Cao and Liu were limited by the vision of the times and did not achieve the ultimate achievement of unifying the world, then choose How about a character who has completed the unification of the world, and has a prosperous era in Wenzhi and martial arts, and who sings in the history and shakes the past and shines on the present?

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“Ju Tang” achiever Li Shimin once commented on Cao Cao:

In the face of danger, make changes, anticipate the enemy and set surprises, one general is more than wise, but ten thousand is not enough!

As soon as this remark came out, Li Shimin instantly lowered the level of Cao Cao’s inexorable hero and powerful minister. From the level of the king of a country to the level of leading and leading troops.

Obviously, Li Shimin used his own achievements to measure the merits and demerits of this predecessor. Even if Cao Cao conquered Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, Liu Biao, Tao Qian, Ma Teng, Han Sui, Gongsun Du, etc.Princes /span>The forces have crushed Liu Bei and Sun Quan in the situation, and have always maintained their advantages in national power.

In the eyes of Li Shimin, these achievements turned out to be a performance of not being an emperor. Compare them with famous figures such as Li Jing, Su Dingfang, and Wang Xuance. Directly pull him down from the status of the structure.

Want to comeCao Cao In his lifetime battles, his era is magnificent, and his opponents are all heroes. This made him dare not take it lightly every time he faced the enemy, he could only lead the army to make sure that he was safe. Even so, Cao Cao still failed several times. Such a result is naturally not enough to be seen by the sweeping heroes Li Shimin.

Secondly, At the end of the Han Dynasty, the princes were separated, and the family was the real promoter. Cao Cao was born as an eunuch, and he was called the”supplementary castration”. How does he dare to give up his military power? Naturally, be extra cautious about military power. And this, the five surnames in the Sui and Tang dynasties have a point of view, Li Shimin should also be deeply impressed.

So much so that Li Shimin sighed:I am curious, there are more than a hundred surnames in the world, only Cui, Lu, Li, Zheng, what kind of arrogant is there in this four surnames? Is it more noble than my surname Li? Although Li Shimin lamented this, he still couldn’t change the views of the people.

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“Book of Tang”:”I don’t understand the four surnames in Shandong , Why is it self-sufficient, and why is the world important?”

In general, Tai Zong the emperor’s evaluation is suspicion of raising himself and being biased~

Chairman Mao:Two fatal problems of Meng De

Since since the Southern Song Dynasty, the influence of Cao Cao has been deliberately portrayed by the feudal rulers as a white-faced traitor.The image of a chaotic maniac. As the”Romance of the Three Kingdoms” became a household name, this concept is even more deeply ingrained. It completely obliterates Cao Cao’s true contribution to history.

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but A historical injustice was reversed by Chairman Mao. According to the narrative of”Charming Mao Zedong”, Chairman Mao has repeatedly criticized Cao Cao’s evaluation in history books.

For example, in There is a sentence in”The Legend of Three Kingdoms Liu Biao”:(Liu Biao) sent people to lure the thieves, and if there were fifty-five people, all would be killed.”

After Chairman Mao read it, he drew a curve next to”All Cut” to show his suspicion, and even commented on the sky :”Kill drop Ominous, what Meng De (Cao Cao) did not do.”It is undoubtedly a great evaluation of Cao Cao’s personality.

In 1958, when there was a scholar, he aimed at Cao Cao’s”Let the County Know”The Order of the Book”, and when he was habitually criticizing Cao Cao, after reading it, Chairman Mao simply retorted it with a poem by Li Bai, remarks:If you want to add a crime, there is nothing wrong with it; Mrs. LiBaiyun:Wei Diying Baji, Yi Guanyi Mi Heng . This is close. The praise and admiration of Cao Cao can be seen in general!

Li Bai’s two poems mean:When Cao Cao governed the world in all directions and wiped out countless heroes, Mi Heng commented that Cao Cao was an ant. It was ridiculous and unpredictable.

Chairman Mao’s esteem and attention to Cao Cao and meticulous research finally allowed Cao Cao to wash away his grievances that had been stigmatized in history. At the same time, Chairman Mao’s The shortcomings are also very clear. In March 1966, HangzhouIn a conference conversation, Chairman Mao precisely pointed out that Cao Cao had two fatal shortcomings when facing the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms and fighting the world. In the end, he always failed at major hurdles and was unable to unify the world!

One is, sometimes indecision.

After Cao Cao played Zhang Lu, he should continue Attack the land of Longxing in Yizhou while the army is in full swing. Liu Ye and Sima Yi suggested that he fight. Cao Cao refused to go, and regretted it after a few weeks.

Secondly, It was during the imprisonment of Liu Bei, but Liu Bei was spared because of a false name, and he eventually left a stumbling block to unify the world.

Secondly, you cannot be strict with yourself.

In the”Three Kingdoms:Wu Di Ji” once explained Cao Cao:

“It orders the generals to go on the march, the defeated will be punished, and the losers will be exempted from officials”

After reading, Chairman Mao gave instructions on the title page“Who will be blamed for the defeat of Chibi?” Directly criticizing Cao Cao for being strict and lenient to others, it can be described as love Deep and responsible.

Chibi also stabbed Liu Fu to death while drunk. Just a few words of self-blame after waking up. Let the civil and military secretly chill, and eventually lead to the defeat of Chibi, and there is no more chance for the army to be difficult to get off.

The vision of the great man is so vicious, and a few simple sentences show the weakness of Cao Cao’s human nature. It can be said to hit the nail on the head!

It can be seen from this, but the people who make great things and make great achievements are all people who are hard and soft, and speak with the law. Not only can he grasp the details of the situation and have a foresight, but he can also make up for his own character, and eventually become a super hero.

To understand the past without admonition, the one who knows the coming can be pursued. The purpose of reading history is to keep us alert at all times and avoid reentering the shackles.