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[Global Web Reporting Trainee Bian Zihao] Russia Today (RT) It is reported that on the 22nd local time, the founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates received the first dose of the new crown vaccine.

In a tweet on the 22nd, Bill Gates announced that he had received his first dose of the new crown vaccine. He said he”feels great.””One of the benefits of being a 65-year-old (elderly) is to be eligible for the new crown vaccine. I received the first dose of the vaccine this week and I feel great.” Then, he thanked all the scientists and trials involved in the vaccine work. And frontline medical workers.

getUrls?link=e348061ecd450243ab106bfcf1a0f136 - Bill Gates received the first dose of the new crown vaccine and tweeted:"I feel great"

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RT says, Bill Gates The foundation provided large sums of money for the research and distribution of the vaccine, but he encountered some conspiracy theories in this move. One of them was that someone claimed that he had”implanted a chip” in the vaccine to track the vaccinated population. In response, Bill Gates himself once responded, calling such conspiracy theories”strange”.

After the media reported that”Bill Gates was vaccinated against the new crown” news, some netizens took advantage of the previous conspiracy theory and joked that he can now”know where he is anytime”↓

getUrls?link=4551c77b05d872b585fa307503128071 - Bill Gates received the first dose of the new crown vaccine and tweeted:"I feel great"

“Bill Gates can now know where Bill Gates is anytime.”

getUrls?link=03e77360d969db718ab45cdb8eb3ae34 - Bill Gates received the first dose of the new crown vaccine and tweeted:"I feel great"

“He (Bill Gates) had better be careful, otherwise Bill Gates’ vaccine A Bill Gates chip will be implanted in Bill Gates so that Bill Gates can track Bill Gates!”

In fact, regarding conspiracy theories, Bill Gates last year In an interview with Bai Yansong, host of CCTV’s”News 1+1“, I was asked what kind of mentality he would respond with, Bill Gates replied at the time:”I think this is ironic, especially for those who do their best in the world and prepare for the epidemic. I have donated more than one billion US dollars to fund research and development to deal with the epidemic. We will try our best to solve the problem of infectious diseases globally, including those that may cause a pandemic. However, the situation is a bit crazy now, and it will inevitably produce many incredible rumors. This epidemic shows that whether it is between individuals or countries They are all interdependent. In order to curb the spread of the global epidemic, we need to find the most capable personnel, the most effective vaccines, and the most effective drugs. We must not only serve a certain country, but for the whole world. Including those countries that lack resources for vaccine research and development and production, we should focus on helping these countries in our actual work. Although there are many voices attacking each other, in general, people’s attitudes are still very positive.” He mentioned that Jean Reaching everyone in the world with vaccines is one of the most important tasks of the Gates Foundation.