Every winter, the stalk of”Cherry Freedom” comes along. Because cherries are expensive, they cost hundreds of yuan per catty, which often leads to complaints about when to realize”cherry freedom.” Unexpectedly, at the end of a rather difficult 2020, at the beginning of 2021, the price of cherries was”cut in half.” Many people were pleasantly surprised to find that”cherry freedom” came so suddenly.

Recently, when Ms. Han saw the news about the price reduction of cherries, she went to the supermarket and bought 10 catties very proudly. 1 catty is less than 30 yuan, and she eats 5 catties and gives her parents 5 catties. Finally eating cherries no longer hurts.

“This year’s purchase price has dropped by 20%to 30%compared to previous years.” The relevant person in charge of Daily Fresh Food told the reporter of”Securities Daily”:”Mainly due to the bumper harvest of Chilean cherries and good output. At the same time, new platforms such as community group buying have a large purchase volume, resulting in a price drop. In addition, many platforms will have some discounts.”

The increase in supply leads to a drop in prices

The reporter of Securities Daily compared the prices of cherries on major e-commerce platforms. There are platform J-level cherries The price per catty is 26.9 yuan.

The relevant person of Dingdong Shopping told the reporter of Securities Daily that the price of cherries has indeed fallen recently, but the price of good goods has not dropped significantly. The price reduction is mainly due to lower specifications and comparison of sizes. Small product. Compared with the same period last year, the price of large fruits has risen, and the price of small fruits is about 20%cheaper per box. The Chilean production area has a high production this year, and the total output is expected to exceed 30%. The volume sent to China this year is expected to reach 18,000 containers, an increase of 38%compared to last year. Also, due to the reduction of air freight, a large amount of cargo was concentrated in January, resulting in a backlog of cargo. , The price has dropped. At the same time, it currently takes 23 days for the Chilean cherries to ship to the domestic clippers, and the whole process is smooth.

At the end of December 2020, the latest report of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association’s Cherries Association shows that the export volume of Chilean Cherries will increase by 38%in the 2020/2021 season, a large part of which Will supply China. The Chilean Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker, estimates that about 500,000 tons of cherries will enter the Chinese market. Currently, nearly 90%of the cherries on the Chinese market are produced in Chile.

Zhu Danpeng, a senior researcher at the China Brand Research Institute, told the”Securities Daily” reporter that changes in the price of cherries are determined by two factors. On the one hand, the cherries producing countries ushered in a bumper harvest of cherries; on the other hand, the transportation of cherries this year is shifting from air to sea, and the cost is decreasing; in addition, under the influence of the epidemic, consumers are becoming more inclined to import products. Being cautious also pushed the price of cherries down.

On January 18th, Liu Aihua, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics, visited a supermarket in Beijing and found that currently some varieties of Chilean cherries are selling for 23.8 yuan/kg. Liu Aihua said that the price of cherries was”halved” mainly because of the increase in supply. Compared with the previous two years, the”freedom of cherries” is now easier to achieve.

E-commerce”price wars” promote price reductions

In recent years, cherries, as the best online celebrities, are prepared every winter Popularity has also led to major e-commerce platforms to stock up in advance and continue to optimize and integrate the industrial chain to achieve low prices.

“E-commerce platforms are also playing a role in driving down the prices of some internet celebrities.” Zhu Danpeng told a reporter from the Securities Daily,”E-commerce platforms have always been’price butchers’. As the cost of cherries has fallen, e-commerce companies may promote sales of other product categories through promotional activities such as cherries and other online celebrity fruit categories.”

In fact, compared with previous years, although consumers have achieved”cherry freedom”, the domestic sales of imported fruits have been affected to a certain extent because the overseas epidemic has not ended.

The person in charge of Daily Youxian said frankly that although the price of cherries has declined, given that consumers are still cautious about imported food, it is expected that the overall sales of cherries this year will not compare with previous years. There will be substantial growth.

The person in charge also emphasized that the Spring Festival is approaching, and the sales of cherries during the Spring Festival are expected to increase.

“It is conservatively estimated that the sales of cherries this year can increase by about 30%compared with previous years.” Zhu Danpeng said.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, due to the active layout of major fresh food e-commerce platforms, it seems that cherries are no longer a”luxury”.

With the efforts of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association Cherry Committee, e-commerce platforms, and platform merchants, Chilean imported cherries have gradually formed the shortest supply chain with direct supply from the Chilean origin and direct delivery from distributors and ports. The model has greatly reduced the sales cost of cherries.

At the same time, many e-commerce platforms have also launched tens of billions of subsidies to promote the sales of cherries.

An e-commerce person in charge told the”Securities Daily” reporter that it is normal for e-commerce platforms to attract traffic through”price wars” during the cherry sales season. Everyone’s previous layout in the supply chain is relatively complete, and the rest is the price.

Speaking of the long-term trend of cherries prices, Zhu Danpeng said that the prices of agricultural products are determined by the relationship between supply and demand and are greatly affected by the climate.”But what is certain is that with the shipping of air cargo, the transportation cost of cherries may continue to be lower than previous years.”

In Zhu Danpeng’s view, the realization of”cherry freedom” means that the confidence of Chinese consumers is gradually recovering. In the near term, the performance of many fast-moving consumer industries is turning from negative to positive, reflecting the strong recovery of my country’s economy. (Reporter Lichun Lian Li Qiaoyu)

Author:Lichun Lian Li Qiaoyu

Source:Securities Daily