CCTV News:The”14th Five-Year Plan” clearly states that the domestic cycle must be unblocked, in which production, distribution, circulation, and consumption are linked to the establishment of a modern supply chain system. At present, the world is still facing uncertainty. Strong supply chain support is an important guarantee for smoothing domestic circulation and connecting and participating in international circulation.

Jiang Chunfa runs a warp knitting textile company in Haining in Zhejiang Province, where polyester fully drawn yarn is his factory An important raw material for production. Affected by the global economic situation, the price of this raw material changes frequently. In order to maintain the stability of the supply chain and reduce costs, Jiang Chunfa, with limited cash flow, chose a professional supply chain integration service provider to help him.

Jiang Chunfa, the person in charge of a textile enterprise in Haining City, Zhejiang Province:Through the supply chain, professional supply chain companies help me advance the funds. As long as I pay a deposit, they can lock in more than 3,000 for me when the price is low. Tons of raw materials. I do the calculations, and about 3 million yuan can be saved this month.

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Next to the Jiang Chunfa factory, Wu Chenghua’s textile factory has launched a full set of intelligent management systems. One screen can clearly see the operation of the entire factory, and he can grasp the operating rate and production efficiency of the machine in real time, while reducing the error rate of the production process and improving the quality of the product.

Wu Chenghua, person in charge of a textile company in Haining City, Zhejiang Province:Our order volume increased by about 15%, and the error rate was directly controlled to zero. In the first year, our output value was 10 million, and by the end of December 2020, our output value reached 50 million.

Experts said that the modern supply chain is gradually penetrating into all aspects of the Chinese economy and becoming an important driving force for the high-quality development of the Chinese economy. At the same time, my country has actively integrated into the global supply chain system, and has gradually developed from a participant in the global supply chain to a promoter of the global supply chain.

Wang Tingge, chairman of a supply chain integration service group:For the upstream and downstream of the industry, all manufacturing, circulation, logistics, and accounting are very expert, this is an excellent Supply Chain Management company. If this kind of company participates in the domestic large-scale cycle management, it has a competitive advantage.

Lin Meng, director of the Institute of Modern Supply Chain, Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce:On the one hand, it will help promote the smooth flow of the domestic big cycle, optimize the network structure of the domestic supply chain, and effectively promote collaborative integration. Effectively improve the operating efficiency of the supply chain, and further enlarge and expand the scale of the domestic cycle, which is also conducive to the market advantage of the domestic large cycle.