Source:Securities Daily

Our reporter Li Wen, trainee reporter Yu Junyi

For public funds, the past year is undoubtedly the most The existence of”bright eyes”. According to Wind Information, a reporter from Securities Daily found that in 2020, the annual sales of public funds exceeded 3 trillion yuan, a record high. As one of the fund agency agencies, the banking industry has also tasted the”sweetness”.

The”Securities Daily” reporter visited a number of bank outlets as an investor, and found that bank wealth managers are strongly recommending funds, and said that some new fund shares need to be”snap-up”.

At the same time, the reporter discovered in the process of communicating with many investors that some investors regard the fund as a low-risk, stable return”lazy” product. However, experts suggest that investors also need to be alert to the investment risks of the fund and avoid blindly following the trend of investment.

Fund sales in the beginning of the year are hot

The hot and eye-catching performance of fund sales last year has won the favor of many investors. Since the beginning of the year, fund issuance has continued to maintain the hot momentum of last year, and a number of”sunlight funds” were born in just half a month.

Recently, the single-day fundraising scale of the publicly funded new fund market has once again set a historical record. The new fund E Fund’s competitive advantage corporate fund exceeded 230 billion yuan in one day. Investors’ enthusiasm for fund purchases is evident.

“Before my investment habit was to put funds in the stock market. Although I have gained some income, I need to keep an eye on the stock market every day. It is also difficult to grasp the rise and fall of individual stocks. In addition to risks, I will waste A lot of time and energy.” A certain Ms. Pan, who switched from the stock market to investment funds, told a reporter from the Securities Daily,”The income of investment funds is relatively stable and does not require much effort.”

“Securities Daily” reporters communicated with many working-class investors and found that some investors believe that fund investment is a”lazy investment” method. And these investors agree that the fund is a low-risk, guaranteed return investment product that does not require time.

It is worth noting that these investors tend to buy funds through bank agency sales channels.”There are too many types of fund products, and the products recommended by the bank manager should be more credible. After all, such a big bank cannot run away.” Investor Mr. Tian told reporters.

The reporter observed that intermediary businesses such as agency sales funds are gradually becoming one of the important sources of bank revenue growth. According to data from the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Annual Report (2020) compiled by the China Fund Industry Association, at the end of 2019, the proportion of funds from individual investors in public funds accounted for 48.31%, and funds from banks accounted for the entire source of funds for public funds. 30.55%. From the perspective of fund sales channel subscription and subscription amount, the subscription and subscription amount of commercial bank channels accounted for 24.6%of the total, which has been 4 consecutive years rising. From the perspective of commercial banks’s sales revenue, subscription fee revenue accounted for 18.09%, and subscription fee accounted for 37.03%.

According to the reporter’s observation, the bank’s financial managers are very keen to promote funds. When the reporter enters the bank branch and expresses that he wants to buy the fund, the wealth management manager warmly welcomes and displays the introduction of the newly issued fund, and can refer to the fund’s past performance and income.

The manager also said that at the end of last year, customers were notified to buy new funds this year. Many customers were prepared but did not grab enough shares.”Fund sales are really hot, and many customers don’t need to be notified.”

Reporters visited bank branches and asked about fund risks

When span>, a bank wealth management manager told reporters:“Our banks generally pursue balance and are unwilling to give customers particularly high risks. Generally, products with lower risks have yielded around 10%-20%last year. High-risk fund products may not be acceptable to stable clients. We also need to make risk ratings and remind clients.”

Still beware of risks

Wu Hao, the chief special researcher of the private equity fund Zhonghui Runsheng, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that the popularity of fund issuance stems from the need for investors to allocate equity assets in the medium and long term, on the other hand, it is also a boost to the secondary market. .

But is the fund really a low-risk, stable return”lazy” investment, as some investors imagine? A senior fund practitioner told the”Securities Daily” reporter that with the continuous development of the capital market and the improvement of the system, investors’ investment sentiment in the capital market will become more and more heated, and their understanding of the market will continue to deepen. However, the past performance of the fund does not represent the future income. Investors need to further understand the investment risk of the fund.”For example, the overall performance of fund income last year was relatively good. This year, investors may need to lower their income expectations.”

Pangu Think Tank Senior researcher Jiang Han told the”Securities Daily” reporter that the core reason for the hot fund sales this year is that everyone’s recognition of funds has increased. At the same time, investors are gradually discovering that finance is a professional thing, and professional work should be delegated to professional people.

But at the same time, investors should realize that there is no”rigid redemption” in funds, and there are risks in investment funds.