“Australian Financial Review” January 20 article, original title:Frist said that China’s help to us during the epidemic is commendableMining billionaire Andrew · Frist said that he will visit China again soon. In the previous four months, due to the tense relationship between Canberra and Beijing, his overseas trips did not include China.

For a long time, the richest man in Australia has supported the establishment of closer relations with China. But since April, he has avoided commenting publicly on Australia-China relations due to his decision to invite senior Chinese diplomats to speak at a press conference of Australian Health Minister Gregg Hunter. Before that press conference, the Minde Road Foundation, the charity of the Frist family, persuaded China to send enough virus test kits for COVID-19 testing-at a time when there was a severe shortage of reagents and swabs globally.

Now he breaks his silence and expresses that he maintains a strong relationship in China. In the past year, the demand for iron ore by Chinese steel companies has pushed the share price of his Fortis Hill Metals Group up 135%. He said that the Morrison government asked him to use his contacts in China to obtain medical supplies, and China has spared no effort to help Australia. He said:”Even though we are mean to China, they are willing to accommodation and allow our aircraft to carry inspection equipment.” You can’t get a qPCR (Fluorescence Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) machine for how much money. It is China that gives us everything we want.” (Author Brad Thompson)

Hong Kong”South China Morning Post” article on January 20, original title:Chinese New Year is approaching, some Chinese importers are estrangedTasmania span>cherries At the Jiangnan wholesale market in Guangzhou, China, a batch of Tasmanian cherries shipped from Australia last week was in poor condition, with many cracks and swelling. The importer claimed that rain in Tasmania destroyed some cherries. The timing couldn’t be worse. Considering the trade risks caused by China-Australia geopolitical tensions and the huge increase in the supply of Chilean cherries, some Chinese importers have decided to stay away from Australian fruits this season. Mr. De, an agent of the Australian exporter, said:”Now (China) many importers are supporting Chile cherries. Interest.”

The dispute between Australia and China has caused serious losses to trade. Australia’s coal, cotton, lobster and logs have been unofficially banned. Chinese importers have been warned that some Australian imports may be stranded in ports and airports. As we all know, China does not often initiate anti-dumping investigations, but it actually imposes anti-dumping duties on cheap barley and wine imported from Australia.

A Queensland exporter said:”What happened in the past six months, such as the Customs clearance was delayed by the Chinese customs, resulting in some goods being discarded, causing Australian exporters to be very nervous about exporting perishable fruits to China.” (Author Su-Lin Tan Etc., translated by Qiao Heng)

Source:World Wide Web