Central Broadcasting Network, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Lv Hongqiao) According to a report by China Central Radio and Television Economics”Tianxia Finance”, at 24:00 on June 11, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window will open. Calculated to 92 gasoline and 0 diesel, each liter is increased by 1 cent. After the price adjustment, the 92 gasoline price in some places will return to the 7 yuan range. Affected by the successive rises in oil prices, the wholesale market for refined oil products has begun to weaken.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the price adjustment window in this round of domestic gasoline and diesel prices will increase by 175 yuan and 170 yuan per ton respectively. Calculated to 92 gasoline and 0 diesel, each liter is increased by 1 cent. This is the eighth increase in the retail price limit of domestic refined oil products during the year. After the price adjustment was implemented, the 92 gasoline price in certain areas re-entered the range of 7 yuan after a lapse of one and a half years.

Zhuo Chuang Information analyst Xu Na estimates that after the implementation of the upward adjustment policy, it will cost about 7 yuan to fill a box of 50 liters of 92 gasoline. For a private car with a monthly run of 2000 kilometers, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 8L, the price adjustment as of June 28 In the next half month before the window, travel costs increased by about 12.7 yuan. In the logistics industry, a heavy truck with a monthly run of 10,000 kilometers and a fuel consumption of 38L per 100 kilometers will cost the trip in the next half month An increase of about 300 yuan.

Currently, international oil prices have been rising for three consecutive weeks. Regarding the next trend, the institutions have different views. Some organizations have observed that the number of oil wells in the United States is increasing, and crude oil production is expected to rise, coupled with the gradual increase in OPEC+ production , There is a risk of oversupply of crude oil, and the price may weaken. Some institutions also predict that after the arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, international oil prices will further rise to US$80 per barrel. High position. Xu Na believes that the recent oil price may be high consolidation.

Xu Na analyzed that as inflation in the United States rises, the market expects that the Fed will tighten monetary policy, under the anticipation of interest rate hikes, the US dollar strengthens, and commodities are mainly under pressure. However, the summer oil consumption peak in the United States is coming, and the market demand is expected to maintain a good momentum. Crude oil prices are expected to consolidate at a high level in the next cycle, waiting for new drivers and direction choices.

In the refined oil wholesale market, domestic gasoline and diesel wholesale prices have recently risen again , Especially the frequent price adjustments of Shandong Refinery have greatly boosted market confidence, and the shipments of main refineries have also improved significantly. However, Jin Lianchuang analyst Wang Yanting said that as wholesale prices continue to rise, the market purchase and sales atmosphere has turned around. Faint signs.

Wang Yanting said that domestic gasoline and diesel prices have increased. Later, although the news remained positive and supported, due to the current high domestic oil prices, the downstream resistance gradually increased, market pricesclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="20163888" qid="6595526494720627981">market priceclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="20163888" qid="6595526494720627981">market priceclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="20163888" qid="6595526494720627981"> span> Lack of transaction support, rising resistance gradually increases. In addition, there are occasional sales promotion operations, and the difficulty of buying and selling in the market is also increasing.

From the perspective of supply in the wholesale market, the main refineries are currently operating relatively smoothly, and local refineries are The operating rate is also climbing. In addition, industry sources revealed that the export quota for the second batch of refined oil products this year may be significantly reduced, which means that resources for exporting to domestic sales will increase significantly, and competition in the domestic refined oil wholesale market may escalate.

Wang Yanting introduced:“In terms of demand, the domestic summer harvest will gradually come to an end, and the rainy weather may become more frequent. The demand for diesel is intertwined, and the overall demand or performance is average. And the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, coupled with the hot weather. As a result, gasoline sales consumption is still guaranteed. On the whole, it is expected that the refined oil market may be adjusted within a narrow range, and there are many units that promote sales in order to impact sales.”